In our Chakra system, all Chakras have their own tasks, they are the centres of our emotions. The Chakras are the energies we need, and understanding them, getting to know them, healing them, activating them, and all that is associated with them, is a valuable piece of knowledge that we should apply to ourselves.

The root chakra or Muladhara is the first chakra in the chakra system that is responsible for the energy that is very important to us – our physical health, activity, power and strength. This is the main purpose and the main power of keeping your root chakra healthy and balanced. The healthy root chakra keeps you away from the disease, and, when it comes to disease, any disease. 

In the body where the disease is, the root chakra is wounded, it does not work properly and there are blockages that prevent the root chakra from working. Such chakra expresses itself as a physical illness or mental strain that takes the form of a phantom disease. The phantom disease manifests itself with very clear symptoms - pain in a particular part of the body or organ, but examination on these pain sites does not reveal physical evidence of the disease. This does not mean that the disease does not exist; it does mean that the disease begins to take shape, it still exists in the root chakras energy level. It's like a cry for help from your body asking you to: "Treat me!", "Relieve yourself of stress!", "Stop this or that, or rather, you torture your body!" In that case, there is something you are doing, thinking or feeling wrong. The root chakra is a wonderful chakra whose power we must all be grateful for, it will warn you, and if you can hear the warnings, you will use your own power for the very right purpose. 

I want to let you know how the root chakra works so you can keep, heal, and stop sabotaging it. Spiritual awareness and the ability to handle the energy within itself is the ultimate wisdom. It's something to strive for – to use yourself as an instrument. I call it supreme wisdom. 

Most of the diseases that find a home in our bodies is man-made. The environment, as well as the defects in our DNA, play a major role in this. You can change the environment by creating a healthy atmosphere around you, DNA is something you cannot change. Because you can change the environment around you, in fact, a very large part of the power is carried by you – a power you can use to heal yourself and stay healthy. You're in control of yourself, create health for yourself, not a disease. 

The root chakra is our base, our foundation, the body's physical body, and it must be taken care of. If not, what happens? Happens that our backbone breaks down and the body cannot hold itself together. It's that simple. The root chakra breaks down and results in disease. Is your root chakra healthy today? You can answer it yourself. Do you feel healthy, viable? Or are you suffering from some disease or symptom? If you know your root chakra is not healthy, start healing it today and continue until you find a balance. If you feel that your Root Chakra is healthy or almost healthy, then prevent it from becoming ill. There is always a need to heal the chakra, whether ill or not. In order to maintain the highest balance. 

One of the ways in which a person breaks, corrupts, and destroys his root chakra is to fear disease. Yes, people are afraid of getting sick to one disease or another. For example, if someone in your acquaintanceship becomes ill with, for example, breast cancer or even anaemia, they start to fear the same disease. Have you experienced it? Fear that "maybe me too", "maybe it happens this way or that way”. If you are, you are weakening your root chakra at that very moment. I see it a lot in my work and I can safely say that every month there are more people I talk to on this topic than I have fingers. 

When I see a person coming to me, suspecting something in himself, I tell him what I see. I'll tell you if I see this disease or not. Generally, I am not asked about this fear, I speak about it myself. Man is made up of energy, and my job is to read your, his energies and improve them or enlighten you. When I find the fear that has no justification, that is, not a voice of intuition, I quickly erase that fear. Why am I doing this, even if I am not being asked for help on this issue? So that this energy cannot be deep-rooted in the root chakra. Of course, if there is a real and legitimate fear, I will help to find solutions to this disease. What I want to tell you is that if you are afraid of one disease or another, what happens to your root chakra – it can destroy the signal itself, and at exactly the level you are afraid of.. You are energy, avoid wasting your energy, it will one day be fatal to you. If the root chakra is constantly receiving signals like "Maybe I won't live long," "Maybe I have cancer" andI'm weak, " and I can't, I can't stand!”, then the root chakra will get sick. In that case, you are professional self-saboteur and your biggest enemy on this planet. Understand? 

Every time you think, feel and let it all spin the wheel in your head, you are sending a message to your body, "I don't want to live, I want to die". Every time you suspect you have cancer, you send a message to your body, "So, body cells, be good and stop being healthy."

It definitely makes you think, and that's my goal – to make you think. This is one of the greatest ways to help you – by opening you to help yourself. 

With food, the root chakra is either damaged or healed 

The root chakra consists of the energy that you direct into it, whether consciously or unknowingly. Of the energy you physically nourish yourself, or the energy of food. When you think healthy, you create healthy energy; if you eat healthily, you nourish your energies with healing power. Both of these are very important for the entire energy system, not just for the root chakra. 

The root chakra becomes weak and works to your disadvantage simply because you weaken it yourself. So, its power is in your hands only. If so, you are the only one who can heal or become ill. Get rid of the diseases you create yourself. Get rid of the fears in your mind, get rid of the despair and illusions that create disease. Get rid of foods that spoil the root chakra and replace them with food giving energy. 

Get rid of all animal products. Beef really contains proteins, fats and everything else, I don't deny it. However, your diet cannot be half good or half bad for your health. Animal food carries with it, on the spiritual level, the energy of death, the energy of suffering, the energy of fear, the power of torment, and much more. If your choice is to eat animal foods, including milk, cheese, curds, and everything else made from animal products, then your spiritual choice is to feed your root chakra with the energy of death. Your physical choice is to nourish your body with the protein and most of the other ingredients that are in their physical content. It is your diet and it always has physical and spiritual content, it cannot be denied. 

Your Root Chakra feeds on what you think and what you consume. By consuming the energy of death, you give the root chakra the keyword: "I want to die". Sounds very brutal, right, sounds like stupidity. But when you start getting into it, thinking about it, as well as trying to understand it, you understand what I want to tell you. 

The animal that goes to the slaughterhouse goes into a panic. His mind screams inside him, "What happens to me?", "Where am I?", "What will I become?", "I'm scared!", "I am frightened by it!", "I hurt", "I don't want to die! " and all the other emotions associated with fear, torture and ignorance. It is all stored in his flesh. Also, into cow's milk, because the cow's own choice is not to be a product for a man. If he had a chance, he would not be a product to a man. All these emotions are recorded, and when you eat beef or dairy products, you eat that recorded emotion. That way you will still get sick, without focusing on the desire to get sick. Perhaps your root chakra becomes ill because of your conscious fear and also because of the energy of fear. I gave an example of animal food as it is the most common way to weaken and get sick. 

Spinach, tomato and cucumber, or whatever plant or fruit does not produce fear energy, pain or hopelessness, they are packed with life energy. They don't scream when you take them on the field, they don't cry when you cut them into a salad. Plant energy can only be harmful if it is poisoned and then at its physical level. A plant suitable for human consumption is never harmful at the energy level, it is the value of these plants. By eating the animal, you are telling the root chakra that you want to be hopeless, full of fear, panic, and seek death. The truth is always easy, but not always easy to spot. 

Heal your root chakra 

Get rid of the illness you inflict on yourself with your thoughts and diet choices. If you want to be healthy, understand how diseases develop. Only by getting to the heart of the matter can you reach to a solution. 

For root chakra healing, I recommend you eat regularly, at least several times a month, pomegranate, black lentils, buckwheat, red potatoes, beets, rhubarb, red onions, peppers, raspberries, red grapes, watermelon, red cabbage, red apples, peaches, peppers, strawberries, cranberries, cowberries and grapefruit. Avoid animal products so that the plant power does not get distracted by the death energy to heal and restore you. 

Meditate with the root chakra crystals and carry some of the root chakra crystals with you for a long time. I recommend Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Jet, Almandine Matrix, Stromatolite, Lava, Chiastolite and other root chakra crystals. 

Clean your root chakra at least once a month with the root chakra incense. Read about how to use it, I've written it down all under the same incense. If there is no root chakra incense, burn the Sandalwood incense, which also has a root chakra healing effect. Apply Nutmeg and Sandalwood essential oil to your body at least a couple of times a month. Bring the following ritual to your life! 

Monthly healing ritual for the root chakra 

Nutmeg and Sandalwood essential oils have healing and activating effect on the root chakra. Apply these oils to your body a few times a month, either together or separately. To do this, mix 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (Jojoba oil recommended) with a total of 3 drops of Nutmeg and 3 drops of Sandalwood essential oil. Mix the oils properly and apply to your whole body (avoid getting into mucous membranes). Add more oils as needed, it is important that your whole body is covered. In this way, you will heal your root chakra, give it the vitality and energy it needs to function properly. 

Keep yourself healthy, strong and vibrant – it's all in your own hands!