Guardian angel is there to protect, guide, warn, advise and assist you. The more powerful bond you have made with your guardian angel, the faster, better and more efficient he will be for you. How strong your bond depends a lot on yourself. Whether you're interacting with him, looking for a contact, or giving him a chance to be in touch with you. There are ways to make that bond stronger and this magic will help improve its ability to protect you when you need it the most. Through magic, you will be able to activate the connection between yourself and him, with which you are asking him to protect you.

If you feel that you often have misfortune in your life, many problems that are difficult to overcome, or health that is often falling apart, then this is the time to do the magic. You can also do this magic simply to improve your bond with the guardian angel. 

When is the right time to do the magic?

This magic is done in the last quarter of the moon. This is the Moon phase, which is seven days immediately after the Full Moon. Each month there is the last quarter of the moon. The moon phase calendar can be found HERE, with the exact dates.

Last quarter of the Moon symbolizes the abandonment of bad energy, and during this time, it is useful to do a variety of protective magic to protect yourself from the bad. Specific magic will help the Guardian angel protect you from danger and adversity.

To do magic, first, gather all the magic items you need and decipher it for yourself so that it will all come naturally from within you.


1. Hypersthene

2. Opalite

3. Blue Quartz

4. Angelite

5. Lavender incense

6. Black bag

7. Incense holder and matches

8. Your photo/portrait photo

9. Pencil

10. Lavender ritual plant

# Crystals represented in magic help you connect with your Guardian angel and are a terrestrial tool for connecting you. In this magic, there are three crystals of connecting with the angels and one protective crystal that helps the magic function in its protective purpose. Hypersthene is a crystal that avoids misfortune and danger.

# Lavender helps to transmute desire into crystals, opens your mind while performing magic, and combines your prayers with crystals. Lavender cannot be replaced by another plant incense.

# The black bag is very important, its colour symbolizes protection and at the same time keeps the magic crystals intact from external energy.

# Once the magic is done, place the magic bag in a proper place for you. The magic bag must not be opened once the magic has been completed, it must be left closed. Opening the bag will undo the magic.

To send out the magic…

You can do magic anytime, anywhere. You can do it in your own home or even outdoors. Take the Lavender incense to start the magic. Set it on fire while uttering a magic phrase that says, "Let the guardian angel protect me". Repeat until you have gotten the incense to smoke. Then move on with magic.

2. Now take all four crystals in front of you. First, grab the Hypersthene, close your eyes and say exactly three times the magic phrase, "Let the guardian angel protect me". Then, take rest of the crystals in your hand one by one (the order of the crystals does not matter) and repeat the magic phrase with each crystal three times. When you have touched all the crystals and you have spoken magic phrase three times with every crystal, place them in a black bag with some Lavender plant dust in it. Then move on with magic.

3. Take your photo and write your full name and date of birth on the other blank side. In addition to these, draw the Rune in the picture. When everything is written down and Rune is drawn, take the picture and say three times the magic phrase: "Let the guardian angel protect me". Then place the photo inside a magic bag, between crystals and lavender. Close the bag and make a knot if possible. When making a knot, say the magic phrase: "Let the guardian angel protect me” three times in a row.

4. When all is done, leave the magic bag next to the incense tray until the Lavender incense has finished burning. When the incense is completely burned, the magic is complete. You can then remove the magic bag from there. You can carry the magic bag with you, place it on the altar for the Angels, or find any other suitable place.

5. After you cast the magic, you may begin to feel how the Angelic guard has increased and there are quick answers to your prayers.

Doing magic is one way we can attract the appropriate and desired energies. When doing magic, you need to be as focused and engaged with a heart so that magic can come true. The more intense your desire and the greater your will, the more likely it is that magic will come true!