Moon is Earth´s satellite and has a very big power over our lives. Following the lunar phase is very important to me, different phases of the Moon offer us different opportunities. The Moon affects our mood, energies, what´s around us, and brings fortune or misfortune in things. Every lunar phase has its strength and power, that exists despite which celestial body currently affects the Moon. In addition to this, of course, different Lunar phases have their own extra strength too, that comes from the effects of other celestial bodies and about what I write in weekly cosmic predictions. But there is always that little something, that the lunar phase offers and gives us anyway. I will give you good advice about, what to certainly do in the last quarter of the Moon, to make this phase very useful for you and to use the day, it´s in the sky.

I have written about this year's lunar phase calendar, where you can find all the dates for the phases of the Moon. This can be found from HERE.

The Last Quarter of the Moon is always between the Full Moon and the New Moon. This is a lunar phase, where the Moon comes out from the super-powerful phase and moves towards the power of the Sun. In the sky, the Last Quarter of the Moon looks like only half of the Moon is illuminated. The Last Quarter of the Moon offers you the opportunity to give up on something you don´t wish in your life any more, and to change yourself. These are the strongest energies from the Last Quarter of the Moon, that offer you support.

1. "Ordeal coming in the Last Quarter of the Moon needs to be solved"

A problem or a conflict may come up during the Last Quarter of the Moon, it comes into your life to change you or make your life better. This comes so that you'd solve it, and after that comes something that helps you to move on in life. Follow, what obsesses you, irritates you or what is a problem for you at this Lunar phase. This something is what the Last Quarter of the Moon has released for you. Anything could come forward, that needs to be resolved.

During the Last Quarter of the Moon analyse what surrounds you and your own feelings. What it is that irritates you? Find it and solve it. The Last Quarter of the Moon helps you to get free from old troubles and shackles.

2. "Change your eating and consumption habits"

You can do a proper spring cleaning in your eating and consumption habits at the Last Quarter of the Moon. During that time you are more open to healthy changes. For example, beginning from changing your menu at that lunar phase, then the probability of you following that road and not giving up for your bad habits gets higher. On this day give up on tobacco, alcohol or something else that won’t do good to your body.

It is very useful to wear at the Last Quarter of the Moon Apatite, White Howlite or Black Obsidian. These three crystals are for improving diets, eating and consumption habits.

Consuming a lot of unhealthy during that day raises your risk for a bigger addiction. You cannot consume anything you wish to leave as a habit to yourself exceedingly in that day.

3. "Free harmful emotions and memories in you"

The Last Quarter of the Moon gives you the possibility to cleanse your soul and let go of everything you don´t want to see in your life. This is the time to do a proper spiritual spring cleaning. For the spring cleaning, I share a little ritual with you, which is useful to do at this lunar phase.

Take a piece of paper and a pen, White candle and find a place where you can burn this paper later. Set the candle to burn in front of you and start to write the things you wish to give up on the paper. Write keywords and focus on what you wish to let go from your life. If you have written down your thoughts and wishes, then set the paper on fire from the same candle and throw the burning paper into a fireplace or into some other safe place.

This freeing ritual could be done at every Last Quarter of the Moon. You can write down your troubling thoughts on health, relationship problems or whatever, that hurts you and what you wish to let go.

4. "Forgive the past"

The Last Quarter of the Moon gives you the possibility to forgive to has happened in the past. Focus on things or people who have hurt you, and share forgiveness from yourself for everything. Forgiving and reconciliation opens spiritual cleaning and feeling good. Forgive yourself and end the subjects in your thoughts, that have haunted you, and what have once hurt you, and focus on the fact that everything is in the past and today you are moving on with your life. Thoughts like this and freeing the past will bring you a better future and one day will give you the knowledge about why this had to happen to you in the past. Every ordeal and experience has its own words of wisdom, that a person understands only when these hardships are forgiven and he has come to terms. So, if you wish to live more spiritually freely, use this lunar phase for healing you.

5. "Clean protective crystals and free the stress-energy from your home"

Cleaning crystals while following Lunar phases is very important and useful. It is most useful to clean the crystals you have brought to your life for protection, during the Last Quarter of the Moon.

If you have a set of protection crystal, then keep a Black candle beside it burning at that lunar phase or Sage incense/ritual plant. If you have crystal jewellery you brought into your life for protection, then keep them charging on an Agate or Hematite geode at the Last Quarter of the Moon, so they could get more strength and also clean them with Sage. At the Last Quarter of the Moon cleanse your home with Sage, if you feel like having a hard period in life or when you simply feel bad. During that Lunar phase helps Sage to release the stress-energy from your home very successfully.

In addition to Sage, it is useful to burn Lavender candle and incense, in your home, when you feel bad. Lavender helps to improve your mood and relieve your stress levels. Lavender has the ability to calm hectic energies when, for example, the Last Quarter of the Moon brings a conflict or a problem into your life to what you need to find a solution for, then Lavender helps to find a solution for all, in a way you won´t get hurt emotionally. Burning lavender during that lunar phase is very important.

6. "Meet only with people you wish to bring with you to the future"

The Last Quarter of the Moon gives you the possibility to place people into your life or to let go of them for a while. Consciously meet only with people you wish to bring into your future. If you plan on meeting someone, then you give a sign to your fate, that you wish to meet with that person again in the future. Avoid consciously meeting with people, you wish to break ties with or to keep distance with.

7. Understand your darker sides!

During the last quarter of the Moon, self-analysing is the number one thing to do when you wish to feel the full effect of this Moon phase. A proper analysis about your life, actions, feelings and everything around you is part of spiritual evolution. In this time look for answers about things in your mind, that follow or haunt you. You may get answers.

Place a plate under your bed in your bedroom with sea salt on it and put Juniper berry essential oil on salt. Let it stay there for the whole night. When you go to bed, ask for visions through sleep so your dreams could give you answers. Use the world of dreams for your own good, you can do it if you give it a try. Salt helps to root the cause of problems and Juniper stimulates dreams and visions.

8. Good time for meditation and self-healing.

During the last quarter of the Moon, your soul and body are open to rest. They need it. But having a rest is such a wide concept, I recommend everyone to take time for themselves on that day and spend even 15 minutes meditating. This can do you good to get you back to the right rhythm. Definitely meditate when you feel like past weeks have been fast or confusing for you. To avoid confusion, meditate.

Find yourself a nice and cosy place. Make yourself a cup of nice invigorating tea (mint is recommended), set Meditation or Reiki incense to smoke. Or, instead, you can burn Oregano or Niaouli essential oils. They will give you spiritual healing and cleansing.

When you have created a nice place for yourself, sit down, close your eyes, start breathing in and out deeply and allow meditation to heal you. Focus on things you wish to get rid of or heal in your life. This is the perfect time to let go and rejuvenate your energy. Focus on your health, relationships and everything you wish a better future for.

9. Let go of fears!

During the Last Quarter of the Moon, you can do a ritual to let go of your fears. You can do this while you meditate. Focus on the fear you wish to release. Make a wish for your fears to disappear if there is no justification for them. Fear can be an intuitive sign about danger, but mostly they are past traumas or illusions. During the Last Quarter of the moon, you can heal the traumatized part in you through meditation and praying. If it’s a fear with a cause, don’t deal with this one during meditation. You need time for this, you can do the same ritual during every Last Quarter of the Moon to release something bothering you.

In addition to these recommendations always read my weekly cosmic predictions and you will learn more about the power of the specific lunar phases coming. In addition to its main impact factor, every Lunar phase has extra factors, that occur thanks to the setting of planets or other celestial bodies.