Your date of birth is a powerful thing that rules over your fate, character, dreams and leads you subconsciously. Numerology, that is the spiritual science of numbers, gives clues about your task in life and about your positive and negative sides. Today I write about how your life path number affects your take on love and love luck. Every life path number has its own task it needs to share.

Problems that are linked to love, ordeals in a relationship or even a break up could appear into the soul when we are not working towards our task and not working hard to fulfil it.

Every life path number has its own positive sides we need to share with others, and negative sides we have to learn how to change. This is one part of the karma you have been given and when you know your path in this life, then it would be easier to free your karma and live happily and loved.

"Love is the secret of happiness, health and the whole life"

How to get your life path number:

Firstly, write down your birthday.


For example,  02.11.1990


* Firstly all the numbers are added together: 0 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 23 


* Then the new numbers are added together 2 + 3 = 5

A person’s life path number born on that day is 5.



People whose life path number is 1 are very active towards love. They need both physical and spiritual attention many times more than people with other life path numbers. They always need the relationship to be in evolvement and they really can’t exist alone that much. They constantly feel like they need someone to be by their side, and when they haven’t found the “one” yet, then often they like temporary attention from someone else who later ends up being pushed away. The feeling or need comes from subconsciousness and it’s very difficult to control it. Although the person born on the life path number 1 should do exactly this - create balance in their life.

KARMA: You need to learn to share yourself only to one person at the time, you need to learn to be faithful, you need to create a balanced and harmonized family for yourself. When this person won’t do this then he will never find your true peace and ends up being alone. The thing is, people born with this life path number will get several chances to find love before they are 30-40, but later, when they haven’t created a stable relationship, they will become lonely and that’s hard to fight with.

Their love crystals are: Rhodochrosite and Garnet

A LESSON FOR HIS PARTNER: Number ones are passionate, active, they like physical closeness and their task is to teach their partner the value of these qualities. They are very open about their feelings and don’t like playing a martyr. This is also an ability they need to teach to others and will do so.

Passing on lessons will always bring good luck in love with this number!


Let’s say it like this, people with a life path number 2 are the deepest lovers. They are created to love. They are very compassionate and they like, or, they even adore, romance and really need this for their life. When for other signs other aspects of life are also important, then it could even be said that they live from love. Although they are very sensitive, they can quickly withdraw in themselves and often they won’t show their emotions, especially those that are negative. Although to not allow negativity to grow in itself, one must show it to get rid of it.

KARMA: You have to learn to show your feelings and needs and express them. You must talk about your feelings when you love someone or when you no longer have the same feelings of love. Number twos often delude themselves or others with loving from sympathy. Karma is related to honesty, firstly for yourself. When number 2 is not honest with himself or his partner, then he ends up in a relationship where he is the prisoner of his own emotions.

Love crystals are: Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone

A LESSON FOR HIS PARTNER: Number twos are extremely lovable, they can appreciate the little things, words and people just being there. Their task is to teach that to their partner - to love unconditionally.

Sharing lessons always bring luck in love with this partner!


People whose life path number is 3 are born to this life with special karma that concerns love. In the sense that they actually have everything to share a lot of love out from themselves, but there is always something that stops it. They can often feel that there is an emotional blockage, especially one that is related to physical closeness. Although in his mind in their soul they can love as no one else could ever love someone. Number threes are detail-oriented, they remember and store everything that’s important for their loved ones. They can even remember things that were only mentioned when they first met - now that’s a talent.

KARMA: You need to learn to share your emotions physically, you have to learn to share your love so the other side could understand that. You can’t close up the feelings inside you and I this life you need to work a lot to open them up.

Love crystals are: Emerald and Rhodonite 

A LESSON FOR HIS PARTNER: Number threes are deep lovers, detail oriented and attentive and caring for their partner. Number threes are the ones who nurture others when they are sick and do everything for them. They have to teach their partner to take care of each other and be supportive.

Sharing lessons always bring luck in love with this partner!


Those whose life path number is 4 are born to this world to make things right and in love, their things always have to be clear. They don’t like loose ends, when there is a relationship, there is a relationship, when something has ended, then it’s over. They are very specific about their feelings and they prioritise love in physical form, not in its spiritual form. In the sense that they rather favour material security from their partner and really being present, not a relationship set with words that is an emotional expression of feelings.

KARMA: You have to learn to allow to be loved, they often block feelings and don’t want to accept emotions the other side tries to share. Their karma is to allow to be loved and be more emotional and sensitive.

Their love crystals are: Sugilite and Chaorite

A LESSON FOR HIS PARTNER: They offer physical security and can set their relationship so everything would always be in order and set right. Besides this being their wish or that they can do this, they have to learn to create a relationship so the other side would do equally enough for security. They organise everything themselves or complain constantly that the other side is not doing it. This is the place where balance is needed, it’s a good quality, but let others do the same. Generally, number fours are in a long-term relationship and don’t like breakups and won’t do that easily.

Sharing lessons always bring luck in love with this partner!


People whose life path number is five are very resourceful when it comes to love - they love constant challenges and wish to have a lot of romantic adventures in their emotional life. They can be quite restless and somewhat in the clouds and it’s sometimes quite hard for others to understand their real feelings. One day you may feel that you want ten kids, on other days you want to be a single career person or adventurer. These adventurous souls teach a lot to other souls - they teach to live so one would take each day as a blessing. They fall in love easily, not always into a new person but they can also fall in love with their husband, life partner or partner.

KARMA: You have to learn to live a stable life, create a home for yourself and fulfil your dreams with your family, not alone. Constant adventures and repeating "One day I will have a family" will lead to sadness. Life path number 5 is linked to settling down and, at the same time, harmonizing your adventurous spirit. Number fives need to direct their adventurous mind to work, hobby or to some other aspect.

Their love crystals are: Rose Quartz and Kunzite

A LESSON FOR HIS PARTNER: They are very passionate and want innovation for their life, but to their partner, they need to teach to open themselves up for brave things. They should encourage their partner to travel with them, do different things together and to spend more time together. People who are born on the life path number 5 like company and they have to teach their partner that we have to take one another as a blessing. They also will teach their partner to fall in love again.

Sharing lessons always bring luck in love with this partner!


Those with a life path number 6 are the real creators of home, family, relationship and deep emotional connection. They are the souls whose heart’s desire is to fully commit to their loved partner and also to children. When you’re living with a number 6, then you can be sure that your home Feng Shui is set in place, children are welcome and you have someone at home who takes care of you. They also have their negative side, they tend to be too family loving and can forget what passion or romance is.

KARMA: You have to learn to love as you would love yourself or to allow yourself to be loved both spiritually and physically. They often can sacrifice themselves for others or for serving children, that is living for them. Number six has to learn that they are also worth loving. They will become unhappy when they won’t let themselves to be loved.

Their love crystals are: Amber and Amethyst

A LESSON FOR HIS PARTNER: Number six has to teach his partner to respect their family, be supportive and the real value of the home. Number sixes have to teach to love so that you would live for someone like that person is made for you to be loved.

Sharing lessons always bring luck in love with this partner!


People with a life path number 7 can often be withdrawn in themselves or very sceptical about love. One way, it’s always good to be careful and think about who you share your feelings with. On the other hand, number sevens have a very mystical nature and they can be very interesting for their partner. The thing is usually that they charm others with their strange energy that attracts people to get to know them. Well, they are enlightening to others and the so-called karma movers because they always have something to tell and the ability to spark conversations. Spark conversations about other things, not about sharing feelings because this is something people usually can’t do. The thing with number sevens is that when they finally find the “one”, then they can never release him from their soul because they will love forever.

KARMA: You need to learn to trust love, you must not constantly doubt in that, trust life, trust your partner, trust that one day love will come to you, do not put emotional blockages on yourself. Number 7 may often not notice the “one” by his side, because they create a large picture about their dream love, but actually, they should trust life and allow life itself to do corrections. Another way they may end up in search of love.

Their love crystals are: Aquamarine and Amazonite

A LESSON FOR HIS PARTNER: They have to teach their partner that a relationship has a lot of communication in it, sharing experiences and talking to each other is part of the real love. They have to help their partner to see their worst qualities so they could direct him to heal without pushing him!

Sharing lessons always brings luck in love for this partner!


Those whose life path number is 8 are lovers, they create harmony and respect their home, but they also have a lot of materialism that prevents from loving their partner unconditionally. Number eights can love as deeply their family as a number six does, be as committed as twos and create a secure life number like fours, but only when their financial state is satisfactory. When they feel like their are not satisfied with what they physically have, then they can constantly sway from one person to another with their feelings. They can start to look for “something” that they actually won’t need.

KARMA: You have to learn to love so you wouldn’t think about how your house looks, who earns how much money and how you can manage in the future. You have to learn to love with your heart and take everything as all the things in this world can be changed. Nothing is permanent and nothings has to be final. You have to learn to love with your heart’s desire first. Otherwise, number 8 won’t find a real partner by his side with whom he could have deeper feelings with.

Their love crystals are: Malachite and Mookaite

A LESSON FOR HIS PARTNER: They have to teach their partner that love is made up with different sides - feelings, home, finding your profession or path, communication and time spent together. They are very good at creating harmony and can teach others that.

Sharing lessons always brings luck in love for this partner!


People with life path number 9 are real social souls who like to communicate, open themselves up, joke and be the person to others that makes them always feel good. But, they can often forget themselves or even forget that they should not only love with laughter and fun, but you have to do this with your whole soul. They are open to every other life path, they are who they want to be so that others would feel good and they like to hear how well other’s are doing. But, number 9 has to remember that he himself has to feel good and his partner deserves deep feelings not that you give a little from your love to everyone.

KARMA: You have to learn to love with deep feelings for one specific person and you have to learn to prove your feelings for him. They often take the other person self-evidently, they may not even notice that the soul by their side needs attention. Shallow love can lead to loneliness and only created friends around you, but not love.

Their love crystals are: Larimar and Turquoise

A LESSON FOR HIS PARTNER: He teaches his parter to see the humour in life, take things easier and also to teach to not pay attention to small details that much. They can live more carefree and can also take life more lightly. They have to teach their partner to see beauty in everything life has been offered.

Sharing lessons always brings luck in love for this partner!



Character coming from life path number should be taken as guidelines on how to understand the other person better.