I believe there are a number of people who are dreaming about meeting with their soulmate or about a relationship with one. This is a really good and right inner voice wishing it. This is due to the fact that a soulmate is the one we can have a deeper romantic relationship with. There are many different types of soulmates but they are all potentially offering us their deep love. But, it’s not that easy to meet one and start a relationship. There could be obstacles on your path of life that prevents you two from meeting and having a relationship. I’m telling you about the main reasons that could block your path and lead you two away from each other. I’m often asked for advice about this and not many will understand how to find a way to a soulmate. As it’s such a frequent question I decided to share my thoughts with everyone who have had exactly the same question and who I haven’t had the chance to meet in person.


To meet with your soulmate in this life is really simple and, on the contrary, it may be really hard to find a contact with him. All of this has a reason. The question is, are you truly ready for him? You may think you are but are you really? What makes meeting him hard is the part you still have to learn that could be the thing creating the blockage. Who finds her soulmate early on was definitely ready to meet him.


The events on our path will come up according to our attitude on life, that is according to what we attract. Everything follows the law of Karma and attraction. It’s really important to understand and notice this when you eventually wish to meet your soulmate.


When you read this article and to get something from it, please, be nice, and analyse yourself really honestly. Let this be your intimate reflection, this way my thoughts and commitment will be worth something. Read my thoughts and analyse what is the false way you think or behave that could keep your soulmate away. When you find these things, then change the course and the love luck will show its face. Have a wonderful self-discovery!




You may feel how you’re ready to meet your soulmate but you actually may not be ready for him mentally. When you’re not ready then it could show, for example, in a feeling of not wanting to be alone. Loneliness is something not many want that often and that’s why they are looking for their soulmate. A soulmate won’t come when you want to fill the void in you with someone’s love. The fear of loneliness, a wish or sometimes the demand for someone would fill the void in you that blocks the soulmate coming to your life. I completely understand why people think this way, but it’s contradictory to the law of Karma. What you demand is not what you get. Unconditional love is what attracts a soulmate. Instead of fearing loneliness and wishing for this feeling to appear, think differently about what you want. Think about how you’re ready for him and he wants you to accept him to your life. Give your fate a chance but don’t demand this. When you can do this, then you don’t have to wait for long anymore. In addition, the fear of loneliness is what grows even bigger mental problems in the human soul, this causes anxiety and even depression. I believe no one wants this, therefore it would be reasonable to redefine what you wish.


Larimar crystals help you to meet with your soulmate. Larimar teaches to love unconditionally and launch your love wishes so they would go along with the law of Karma and attraction. Wear a piece of Larimar with you daily when you’re looking for a soulmate.


Before you meet with your soulmate, take steps to get rid of loneliness. Remember – this is the root of evil that stops you from meeting him. Socialise not for a romantic relationship but for fun and friendship. Show yourself to the world, find your friends, acquaintances, visit them and enjoy entertainment that would make you feel like you belong. Make new friends, accept people you meet with joy, talk to them and enjoy the time you spend together. When you can take your mind off of loneliness then your dream of meeting your soulmate is much closer.




The title probably frightened you but don’t let it bother you. I talk about things that could really but a pause to your journey of finding a soulmate. When it's not relevant to you, then it’s simply good for you. When this is something for you then be inspired and start seeing yourself from the side when you talk to someone and start to change yourself.


Often the search may be halted because of the person’s communication skills. Let’s remember that a soulmate wants unconditional love and acceptance. By knowing this there should not be anything unlike this in you when you’re with another person. For example, an arrogant attitude towards someone or something may block the journey. Arrogance is not accepting unconditionally. Analyse yourself and ask, is the position of someone else important for you or not. Is it important for you whether the person is rich, successful, educated, etc.? When yes, then this is not unconditional love for someone. These feelings and attitude in a person could be a great blockage for allowing a soulmate to enter your life.


In addition to all of this, the inability to be good to other people could halt your journey. Finding a soulmate one has to practice kindness, helpfulness, gratitude, accepting and taking other people into your life unconditionally a lot. This is something important we should remember and practice a lot so the soulmate could come to your life.


Why a soulmate won’t come when you’re dominating and arrogant? Because the connection between soulmates is already meant to be free of dominance and arrogance. He won’t come to an unfavourable environment.


Snowflake Obsidian is a very good crystal in finding a soulmate. This is a crystal that helps you to understand what you’re doing wrong that you’re not meeting with him. Snowflake Obsidian teaches the person to look into himself, make changes in him and be honest for himself. This should definitely be by your side when you’re waiting for your soulmate to come to you. Today you may not know what it is you’re doing subconsciously wrong by pushing the meeting away to the future.


I recommend you to practice kindness towards other people. Try to be kinder and take everyone you meet neutrally. Don’t classify people, accept them despite their financial status, level of education or even race. This is actually a part of practising unconditional love and this, in turn, releases the luck of love!




The perfectionist side in a person is, of course, good when we use it in the right places, like with our talent or work. But, this could bring out negative turns in situations where we should not use our controlling abilities. For example, with fate. We all need to allow fate to do its corrections the way it wants. The soulmates journey to you could be halted by your need to control everything or keep your life in a certain box. Actually, we may not fully know what’s the right and perfect things for you. My recommendation is that keep your life under control halfway and allow the other side to happen on its own. Don’t be afraid to trust your life, what comes, accept and work with it. Don’t be afraid of things not for you that could come to your life. We will get what we deserve, what we radiate and what’s good for us. When you control your life too much then you could actually miss a lot of beautiful things. Allow life to happen!


A soulmate can’t come to your life when you’re not allowing fate to correct your path. When you keep trying to control what’s happening in your life, then it could happen that you may not find room for your soulmate when he is ready to come to your life. You create laws in your head with this controlling that blocks things or people who want to enter your life. Let go, breathe deeply and allow life to happen.


Thulite is a crystal strongly linked to love luck. Thulite teaches you that life goes as it goes, teaching you to make love freely and trust your life. This crystal won’t let you create blockages that stop love coming to your life. Thulite increases luck energy that in turn helps the law of attraction to work better with you. Keep Thulite in your life when you want love to find a place in your fate.




Sometimes your soulmates path to you may be blocked because you have a false perfect picture of him. This is natural when one fantasises and creates an idea of a future lover. Firstly, it's right, because visualizing helps us to reach our wishes and dreams faster. At the same time, any kind of perceptions could lead us astray. However, in life, it could be that what’s beautiful and right could lead to a negative trap.


Wrong idealistic perception could block your soulmate when you want wrong things from him. This happens when your wishes are based on ego. Ego-based wish, for example, is to get a rich partner to make your own future easier. Ego-based wish could also be of a handsome partner or super talented partner. Actually, the heart won’t fall in love with what’s in the outside, it falls in love sensing what’s inside. When you visualise a soulmate then you should not ask for luxurious and shallow beauty, only inner beauty.


I don’t recommend you to stop dreaming and visualising. I rather recommend you to direct your visions to things he could be in his soul. Dream about character traits that are necessary for your own well-being. Dream about him being joyful when you tend to be pessimistic. Dream about loyalty, amicability, care, compassion or, rather, a motivating personality. These character traits have more value than a luxurious surface. Re-think your wishes to be spiritual, not material. We are dealing here with a spiritual connection, not with a business matter.


The law of Karma won’t allow love to come when you demand this through material things. The law of Karma allows love luck to come through when wishes are spiritual, not worldly.


Rhodonite is a very useful crystal in finding your soulmate and creating a path to him. Rhodonite is a crystal that opens your heart to love, teaches you to accept your love in the right way. Rhodonite stops you from demanding love and won’t let you establish conditions. This is a very good crystal that directs you to think and dream the right way when it comes to relationships. This is like a filter that sorts out the right and wrong thoughts, blocks you from doing the wrong step when your end wish is finding love. With this, Rhodonite teaches you to express love and is therefore good for the relationship. Rhodonite teaches you to love the soul not the exterior of the person and his worldly accomplishments.




A soulmate can’t get connected with you when there is still something in you that needs healing and that part in you can make the relationship between the two of you inappropriate. This something could be something the other side, that is your soulmate, needs from you and when you don’t have this thing before the two of you meet then this could break up the relationship quite fast. When you really want to meet him and fate hasn’t yet allowed you two together, then take the time to analyse yourself. Find the negative traits in you that could be hard and fateful for the other side when you're in a relationship. Of course, they are different in every person, therefore only you can give the best answer to yourself. Maybe you’re very insecure, you don’t love your body nor yourself. This is actually one of the biggest problems I have detected in people who have to search for their soulmate for a long time. When you can’t feel happy when you look into the mirror, you can’t find beauty in yourself, then how can you keep a relationship healthy? Actually, you can’t. This could constantly bring along self-critical moments and thanks to that you can’t even believe that the person by your side could sincerely love you. Always love yourself first before you let someone else love you, then you can accept love. Find what could break the relationship from your side, fix it, work with yourself and then allow love to come to your life. Snowflake Obsidian with Thulite, Rhodonite and Larimar helps you to heal yourself in any sense so your soulmate could finally find his path to you.


When you feel like you want to let these crystals work with you and reach the final outcome of this journey then let them help you. La Tene crystal set "THE PATH TO SOULMATE" with all these crystals may interest you. You can find this from HERE.


Ylang Ylang is a love plant and its essential oil is good to amplify love energy. Use Ylang Ylang essential oil on body care so its power could activate the love luck in your Aura. This is an essential oil that makes you more sensual, loving, passionate and it helps love to find its way to you. Burn this essential oil in your home in an oil lamp and do love therapy for yourself through that.


Finding a soulmate is a path to follow. Still, this is a person who is made to match with you and to whom you can give your heart to. I recommend you to take this path upon because meeting with him means you’ll find your personal luck.


There is no such thing as an “accidental” encounter between souls. We will meet with everyone when we need to meet with them. Soulmates will meet when the time is right. But, we can create this time by ourselves, through the changes we make in ourselves.

Have a wonderful time meeting with your soulmate, open your soul and fate to him!