Love is the strongest power we can have. A power that can demolish all that’s bad, negative or difficult. Love is as necessary for our souls as is food for our bodies, it’s our soul food. Love is an emotion and energy we can and will make ourselves. You have to know how to do it. When you can’t then we’ll miss it and won’t have the magic we all have the right to have. Life’s purpose is to shape itself and the whole world into a more loving place, it’s all of ours joint purpose, but it’s something we don’t often think about or know how to acknowledge. We all have the purpose to learn how to love, share love, accept it and do all of it without conditions, that is without expecting anything for it. Love is such a valuable force and it’s what you as a parent can give to your child as a superpower. Make a hero of him, there can never be too much goodness and love in the world.


When you’re a parent, let it be to a five or seventeen years old, then I call upon you to teach love to the child to make him the most needed hero today. Take this challenge, this way you will also learn to understand love better, share it and accept it. This is something we have to pass on to our descendants because without it it’s very hard to manage independently in life. Everyone should be obliged to teach this to their children. This is as needed as learning to speak.


Break the chain many grown-ups today are stuck with. A chain where the ability to love wasn’t passed on from a childhood home that, in turn, creates very difficult adulthood. A grown-up who can’t keep his relationships, who by accident or consciously hurts others, who can’t accept himself, has low self-esteem and many other problems. All of this will begin when love wasn’t shared in his childhood home, he wasn’t taught to appreciate it, value, share or accept it. This won’t happen on its own – love I mean. It needs attention, practice, rehearsing, clarification, direction, commitment and acknowledging. Be the one who creates a better society today, here and now, and you’ll be the hero.


As a parent, direct your child to share goodness, not anger or negativity. Teach to see the positive side in every situation and understand why one or another situation has taken a negative turn. Teach blame-free attitude, and, instead, teach to analyse thoroughly every situation and not only from a negative point of new but from every aspect. The more we analyse these disturbing situations, moments, focus on them, try to understand, let go of them and move forward, the bigger our heart will get. The Heart Chakra will heal, get bigger and be activated thanks to that understanding. When we are not focusing, won't analyse nor try to understand what’s behind the situation, then negative events will channel to our subconsciousness that at one or another way will come back to haunt us. Remember! Negativity won't fly out of you when it’s not filtrated. Teach your child to release it, so in the future, as a grown-up, heavy emotions couldn’t come back to haunt him.


The world has a lot of evil, ill-will, ego-based, not spiritual view on life, and in the middle of it all, you cannot allow being carried away but, instead, be full of love and be the opposite of it. For that, one must learn love from a very young age to always be themselves. Give your child a chance to be the one in the society who shares the love.


First, you have to tell your child how long-awaited they were, how important he is to you and that he is truly loved. Only when the child understands that he is loved in this world can he learn everything else needed in this life. First love and then everything else. A good example of how it works is that when you have felt or feel that you are loved then you’re unbeatable.


The world is full of insecure and broken souls who live themselves out on other people, draw strength from other healthier people to reduce their own poison. This happens in childhood, with youth and as a grown-up until the end. Do not allow broken souls to weaken your child, teach him confidence and dignity. How to do this? Tell him how wonderful, beautiful and good he is. When he has made a picture for you, then praise him and let him know how much you value that picture. When he has competed somewhere and not made it to the podium, then tell him that an award is not important, it’s important to participate and work together. When he sings you a song but does it not that good, then tell how unique and beautiful his voice is, your favourite voice, the best in the world. When you’re not telling your child that he is worth it, then who should? When he hears it at home, from you, then in the future he can motivate and inspire himself. He will become a strong person who can’t be broken that easily.


Every child deserves love in its utmost way. There is no such thing as too much love nor spoiling with love. Tell me, can you tell yourself: "That’s enough, there is too much love, you can stop now?" You can never say something like this, it’s ridiculous. Just as ridiculous is to think that you could spoil your child with love. Love is the food for the soul, every child uses this love to make themselves stronger and shape themselves. You can spoil with money or with things, but never with positive emotions. Therefore, fill your child’s life with love. Love is never about things. Love is words, sharing feelings, hugging, caressing, encouraging and motivating You should also understand what love is. Love is an invisible force not an object with material value.


Communicate with your child, talk to him. He really won’t need posh and expensive toys. What he really needs is communicating and sharing thoughts. Teach your child how to talk about feelings, your ideas, wishes, dreams, favourite things, interests and ask him what interests him. Find out about his hears, offer him support when he is scared and explain why it’s not necessary to be afraid of that something. Don’t tell him: "What!" or "Stop it!", "Be reasonable!". Instead, tell him"Is this really scary?", "Let’s find a solution!", "I understand!" Learn to talk to him as a soul who is fragile, sensitive and easily breakable. Remember, he deserves the most beautiful words, most cautious sentences. This teaches him to communicate with words full of love in the future and use his words to spread love, not as a knife that can shatter all that’s beautiful. Learn to be a better person through him.


When you’ve been unfair to your child, too harsh, strict, insulted him somehow or been arrogant, then ask for his forgiveness. Apologize for not expressing your love. Explain why you did it, and promise him you try not to repeat it and wish to make it right. Ask, is he ready to give you a new opportunity and forgive. It is very important to do so. This teaches him to give other people in future opportunities, forgive and understand the situations. When you're not giving him the chance to understand why you’re behaving badly then he will never understand. These question marks will start to follow him for the rest of his life, just like many grown-ups today experience.


Hugs are necessary, they heal the soul, body and Aura field. Especially when the hug comes from someone we love. Your child loves you unconditionally, this is a connection that won't break that easily. When you hug him, you’ll wipe away everything that’s difficult. Hug him as much as possible, there doesn’t have to be a reason or an explanation for it. Hugs are always welcome. Kids really need it. When you don’t know how or haven’t been hugged that much in your life, then fill that void with your child and you’ll heal something in you that’s actually missing. Physical closeness with your child is very important. When you hug your child, then he’ll learn to continue and give this part of himself to his family in the future.


Being a parent is the only opportunity for many to be a spiritual guide. Every parent has this chance, the way they use it is their own decision. When you wish to be a teacher, then as a parent you already are. You have the chance to teach your child everything you feel one needs to know in life. You’re his guru, he is your student and the other way around. 


Never look at your child as someone lower than you. There are no positions like this in love. Unconditional love means that we don’t think we are better than anyone else. Your child does not have the knowledge existing in this world today. But, he is a spirit travelled to this new body, he possesses another kind of wisdom that comes from different times and moments. Pass everything on to him he needs to know, but never be higher than he is. Equality has to exist in a relationship. When you teach your child to be lower, then he’ll be that in the future. When you let yourself be lower than he is, then you’ll allow his ego to grow. Equality must be taught, this way he doesn’t think of him as better than others nor allow no one to push him down. The ability to love oneself means not being above anyone else and respecting other people.


Teach your child to share his experiences, let them be good or bad. Believe what he tells you about and take it seriously. Do not block his feelings or experiences. Don’t think that something is overstated. If you do so, then he’ll close himself off and won’t open himself anymore. Later in the future, he can open himself even less in a possible relationship. Have respect for him, believe him and offer solutions and support. The more your child sees and feels that his feelings matter, the more he shares them. Expressing feelings helps to feel love more deeply and very intensely. The more we focus on feelings, the more powerful they’ll get – this is activating the Heart Chakra.


You’re the god or goddess for your child. Every child sees his mother as a goddess and father as a god. What kind of goddess or god do you wish to be? Good, loving, kind, dream-fulfilling and a standard of goodness or the goddess/god of evil filled with anger, stress, unexpectedness, insecurity and cruelty. The choice is yours. Choose your character your child unconditionally goes to!


Practice gratitude with your child and direct it towards him. Look him in the eyes and tell how sincerely happy you are that he was sent to your life. Tell him that he has filled your heart with love and you’re grateful that fate brought you together. When you want your child to know how to be grateful then teach him to be that at the right time. The biggest gratitude can be when someone loves us unconditionally. Your child came to this world to love you entirely, be grateful for that. This is the best knowledge a child can ask from his parents – that he was long awaited and warms your heart.


Never punish him, bicker with him or express your frustration for a child who is honest with you. When you do so, then you’ll teach him to lie and hide. When your child is honest about something that could bring out a negative reaction in you, then thank him for being honest, clarify things so something like this would never happen again and ask him to be honest with you in the future. Don’t punish him, teach him to act differently! When he lies, then only from the fear you’ve planted in him.


To a girl teach, in addition to consideration, tactfulness, femininity, also independence, bravery and enthusiasm. To a boy teach, in addition to confidence, self-fulfilment, strength, also sharing, noticing and tolerance. With this I wish to say that you have to teach everything to your child, there are not strong and good character traits only girls or boys should know or have. Despite our genders, we all need everything.


Mango Calcite and Blue Lace Agate are two crystals that can link a mother/father and a child together and improve their relationship. Mango Calcite helps the mother or father feel love and share it, Blue Lace Agate has the same effect on a father and son. 


A whole life could be spent on something negative one experienced in childhood for a moment. Therefore it’s very important to discuss hardships with a child and heal them. Give love, hope, trust and support on things the child keeps negatively remembering. Heal that part in him until he stops talking about it, he won't remember it anymore and he has finally let go of it. When he flies out of the home, don’t let him take baggage with him that could burden his wings. Heal these places and wounds in him by using love. This will also teach him to fill voids with love in later life.


Your child knows only the love you teach him. The more you invest your time and work on teaching him, the stronger the person filled with love he’ll become. Be sustainable, determined and consistent. Constantly feeling the love, practising and sensing it will implement something valuable into every child's soul that helps him to manage in life.


Today I have to work so much with grown-ups who have deep emotional wounds, problems and sadness in them, that actually is rooted in childhood.


Kindness, love and consideration are sun rays we can share to our child daily, despite the weather outside!