Different companion soulmates, soul healers, guides come to our path and different soulmates may stay in our lives, but soul teachers are sure to visit our lives as well. There are many soul teachers, they come into your life to teach you, and this is completely subconscious, that is, it is not their conscious intention.

I can say that there have been soul teachers in everyone's life and they may come in the future. Now, in retrospect, it is exciting to think of people who have moved on from our lives. Could any of them have been your soul teacher? I'll help you put this puzzle together.

If someone has more to offer you than just a hello and goodbye or knowledge of what their name is and what they look like, they may have a greater reason to exist in your life.

We are born to the world with a great purpose - to fulfil our tasks. In addition to this, we also have a lot of responsibilities for other people. Subconsciously, intuitively, we move into the lives of these people and they accept us intuitively because, in fact, we know that we both need that experience.

When you get to know someone and feel that you want to exist in their lives (even for a moment), then listen to your gut feeling. This may be a sign that you are connected by a task. I can only say exactly what task when I meet you individually, for example in my private seance. But I will give you some tips on who this soul teacher is and how to recognize that person in your own life.

As simple as the name of this type of soul is, is also its task - this soul comes to your life to teach one or many things!

A soul teacher is a person who inadvertently puts you to the test, gives you the pressure to overcome or make yourself stronger. The challenge doesn't necessarily have to be negative, it can also be exciting and full of inspiration.

Soul teachers are divided into two. One is the one who hurts, pushes you into a corner, and makes you scramble out of the comfort zone, ultimately making you somewhat stronger and more skilled. The second is who you want to change for – you want to be more like that person, grab the inspiration soul teacher has and reshape your weakness.

Soul teachers can be your family members, friends, enemies, rivals, some old flame, and more.

You invite soul teachers into your life when you need to learn something from them. This lesson can be difficult, but it can also be very beautiful. You cannot choose these lessons yourself, they will come your way by themselves. What you can choose is how long the lesson will last. Can you get through on your own why someone is in your life? If something repeats, repeats, and circles in a vicious circle, you obviously have not yet learned the lesson that the other side came to teach you.

For example, a soul teacher can teach you a healthy lifestyle. There may be a friend or family member next to you today who is constantly putting your attention to the truth that you are not behaving healthily with your body, constantly stressing you as that person picks on that part of you. This may be your soul teacher, directing you to take care of yourself because you can't do it yourself.

A soul teacher can teach your patience. Your loved one is patient, able to tolerate your reproaches, dramatic behaviour or even jealousy. He is in these situations the old peace itself. You ask yourself, why doesn't he quarrel with you? The answer is simple – it will teach you patience. At the same time, soulmates are soul teachers and supreme lovers. A soul teacher can have other purposes in your life, he doesn't just have to be a soul teacher.

Your soul teacher can give you a lesson about
moving forward with life. Suddenly, during a difficult period, you get to know a person who is motivated to live. He has so much thirst for life that it is embarrassing to compare himself to him at that moment. He keeps guiding you out of the comfort zone, inviting you with him, and so on. He may be the one who teaches you how to move forward with life.

He can teach that suppressing yourself is not the answer. You meet someone you fall in love with and are fascinated by, but suddenly he becomes dominant, oppressive, mentally harassing or even violent. It will torment you until you learn that suppression is not the answer. Finally, by escaping this relationship through your own efforts, you will feel free and realize that you will no longer let anyone else suppress you. He came to teach you your worth and freedom but in a horrible way.

With these examples, I want to tell you that a soul teacher can teach you anything. He can do it in a whimsical, motivating way, being calm, violently, or in any other way.

In conclusion, I want to tell you that as long as a person exists in your life, he has something to teach you and vice versa, you have to teach him. Look deep into the relationships where you are at, ask yourself what bothers you, what scares you, what tortures you, or what makes you look up? You have something useful to get from everyone. The better we can understand life, the easier it will be for us to live.

Prehnite is a crystal that helps you understand why someone is in your life, what the person's goal is, and how to learn what they came to teach. Wear a Prehnite at a time when you want clarity in all the relationships you are involved in.

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