Being a vegan means a lot of debates and questions about vegans reach me. People explore and ask a lot, whether to familiarise themselves with veganism or to gain confirmation to the scepticism in them that’s widespread everywhere. There are typical questions that come to me and I’m sure almost all vegans will recognize themselves here who have been asked about veganism. I’m writing these questions down with my simple and conclusive answers. To decipher these questions to everyone who wants to become a vegan and to show what I think about veganism. Let this article be an inspiration to everyone who wants to become a vegan and to those who can’t yet make their stand. Maybe you have had these questions in your head and you have wanted answers to these questions. Actually, things are quite simple – it’s really easy to be vegan, also in the emotional sense when you know why you’re doing it.


Isn’t it hard to be vegan?


It’s a lot easier than people think. Why do people ask this? Because most people in today’s society have grown up with a menu with meat, fish, chicken, eggs and animal milk products in it. It seems quite hard to remove these elements from your diet, it seems unreal and undoable, it makes you feel like something would be missing like this. I understand what’s behind this, but when you concentrate on the subject then you can understand how easy it actually is.


Our menu is actually made of very many different food items. There are a lot of different plants in many different forms – dried, fresh, etc. You only need to remove meat, fish, eggs and animal-based milk products. This is only a tiny part of your menu you have become used eating. They can be replaced with plant-based alternatives that give you the same flavour as animal-based foods have offered you. I personally don’t miss meat, as I have never been a meat eater. An egg is something I didn’t love even before I become a vegan and milk products were also quite easy to be replaced with alternatives. I personally haven’t lost anything but gained a lot.


You can make meat replacement from soy on your own or buy it from the stores. Plant-based milk can be used to make cheeses, spreads, creams, ice creams, glazed curd bars, yoghurt and many other usual things. They are all there in the stores, just go and find them.


It’s really simple to replace some of these animal-based products with plant-based alternatives or give them up. You simply have to be sure and know why you’re doing it and how much you’re actually personally gaining from this.


I inspire you to become vegan for your own health, well-being and also for the animals and the whole world!


* Buy at least 10 different vegan products from the store you have never tried before. Use them as your usual animal-based foods. For sweet teeth I recommend vegan ice cream, definitely, tofu, replace cow’s milk with almond milk and instead of poultry use “meat” made from soy.


* Buy a vegan cookbook when you’re not that creative in the kitchen and creating recipes is not your thing. When you’re good at the kitchen then start to test out and think something good out. Culinary art is not a talent a lot possess and that’s why it would be quite reasonable to use a cookbook.


* Remember, even when you’re not vegan you’re constantly eating vegan foods. Therefore it’s not that hard to find vegan dishes from your current menu. You’re definitely loving pasta, buckwheat, different herbal teas, strawberries, bread, rice, baked potatoes, salads, baked vegetables and many more. They are all vegan!


I repeat – it’s all quite simple! The hardest part of becoming vegan for me is that you’re thinking this to be hard or impossible for yourself. When you create yourself a blockage then it’s of course hard. When you can come over yourself or the hard illusions society has created, then it’s all very simple.


The most important part does not create obstacles for yourself, motivate yourself to be vegan and practice it.


How can I get protein?


There are many myths going around about how vegans (people with no animal products in their menu or lifestyle) and vegetarians (who are not eating meat but may consume other animal products) can’t get enough protein from their food. This is a myth and extreme propaganda that takes your thoughts away from veganism. Everything is fine with my protein levels just like are the levels of those vegans who have a very versatile diet.


Protein can be found in very many different plants. Mostly from:


* Beans

* Nuts

* Quinoa

* Soy

* Spinach

* Broccoli

* Mushrooms

* Cabbages

* Cucumber

* Cauliflower

* Parsley

* Seeds


I could actually keep on counting them. They are very usual foods, readily available and can be added to different recipes easily. There is protein in so many different plants that it’s something no one should worry about. Just eat plants and enjoy!


I only eat eggs from free range chickens and buy meat only from farmers who love their animals – that’s fine, right?


It’s not about how and where the animal or bird has grown. The thing is that you’re vegan for yourself, animals and for the whole world. When you eat free-range chicken eggs then it won’t make into a person who harms animals less, just like when you’re eating meat directly from farmers won’t. All these animals will die anyway. The farmer’s animal will die through butchery just like they do in large farms. There is no difference between these two. You’re also a vegan to save animals from becoming a part of someone’s menu and also for what they have to suffer on this planet. Also, free-range chicken is not really what it seems to be. They are definitely not chickens living a better life.


Isn’t veganism expensive, won’t your grocery bills be too big?


I’m often asked whether vegan foods are expensive and people think that you can’t be a vegan because one can’t invest in this lifestyle. To be honest, my grocery bills have become smaller. This happens when you know what you eat, what you’re food is made of, etc. Of course, there are many vegan products that are made from high-quality products and this is where their high price comes from. You can choose what you consume.


I can’t become a vegan because I like meat so much that it makes it impossible. How can you do this?


The thing is that veganism is growing quite big in the world. Many food industries have taken it as their goal to make different vegan products because there is a market for them. Every vegan supports this market and therefore it’s a growing market. There are different vegan meats in the stores that replace the need for this flavour.


I have never liked meat, therefore this is not something I’m looking for. But, you can find products with the exact same flavour from the stores, and, even more in the future. Maybe you have noticed the V-sign on products and that there is more and more vegan stuff available? Think about how this wasn’t the case a few years ago. Actually, the availability of vegan ready-to-go meals gets better and better.


You may like meat, but it actually doesn’t have the taste you know it has. Meat without seasoning, herbs and oils won’t taste the same, meat is made to taste good. Actually, you can make anything taste good. It’s all about the herbs, salts and oils. There are three of the later ones they use to flavour meat, all of them are vegan. The idea is that meat is made to taste good, it’s not naturally good tasting. But, for example, take a carrot – you pick it from the ground and can eat it. It tastes good straight from the ground. I hardly think you can eat meat without processing it.


Aren’t we carnivores?


Actually, the question should not be that is a person used to consume meat over the times, or should or could we follow the traditions. But rather, the question should be can a person gain something from eating meat and how it affects us. There have been a lot of things in human history we today can’t fully accept. There are many things people today look at and ask: "How can it be that there has been so much evil in the past?". People have been slaved, which is actually done even today, but a very big part of the world today knows that it’s wrong and extreme cruelty. Women have been suppressed, humiliated and considered secondary. This is also done today, but a great part of the world understand how wrong it is and the gender you’re born it won’t make you higher than others. This is exactly what is done to animals today. A great part of the world believes that eating animals and consuming products made from them is normal and beneficial. Today the part of the world who sees its cruelty and thinks that its unnecessary is a minority. I predict that the future society will see eating animals and the violence they endure just the way we today can’t accept slavery and degrading women.


Vegans often hear that "You used to..." This is not an argument. The point of people’s path of life is in development and when you’re born in an environment where you’re taught to act in a certain way then this is what you’ll do. When a person matures and starts making his own decisions, then this is where changes are being made. There is no matter what you’ve done, what matters is what you do today and what not.


It is said that a lot of animals kill other animals, why we should not do it. There is a very big difference between animals and people who kill for food. Animals live on instincts and eat animals when there is a need for it. People have been gifted with the ability to think, decide, analyse and direct themselves. People have empathy for other creatures which is the supreme sign about helping animals and nature but not destroy them. Isn’t this the reason why people have been given this magnificent brain? Young children are real examples of the real direction people have. Small kids love animals, they light up when they see a calf, chicks, dogs, cats, everyone! Our eyes should not spark when we are little, our hearts should not shine or love grows when we are meant to kill those same sweet creatures. Society itself regulates our feelings to contradict who we really are. Many can love dogs and cats so much that violence against these animals is heartbreaking. This is true. For a vegan what, for example, happens with cows is as heartbreaking. What’s the difference who we love and who we don’t love. They all deserve to be loved.


I’ll write a little something conclusive why we, humans, are not actually meant to be eating meat. Firstly, our intestine is very long which is a prerequisite to digest plants. Carnivores don’t have intestines like this. In addition, we have teeth that can’t consume animal meat without processing it first like predators do when they hunt down their prey. However, a human body can digest processed meat but our bodies are not meant to do that. Once meat came to people’s menus through hunting and the per cent of meat was still very low. Today the amount of meat in a diet is massive, something society has never seen before.


When we are not eating animals then there will be too many of them, shouldn’t we regulate that?


To be completely honest, the only reason why there are so many animals, cows, pigs, chickens and other animals people eat is that we raise them. People breed animals, like cows, and in farms, they work on having many more. People themselves massively raise animals and when they live freely in nature there wouldn’t be that many. Animals we ourselves breed so massively are part of our diets. Therefore when a person himself wouldn't be part of the process of birth then we should not be part of the death.


We don’t have to kill animals to get milk, therefore why vegans don’t like animal-based milk products?


The difference between animal meat, eggs and milk is that meat comes from a killed animal and the others come from animals who are soon to be killed. It is guaranteed that the animals bringing you milk made into butter, sour cream and many more will be killed. Therefore, they all will be killed, unless they die from a disease before. In addition, animal milk comes from a cow who should give its milk to his calf. A cow produces milk to feed its calf not people. We are not cows off-springs, we all have our own mothers who give us milk when we’re babies and need it. Today, as grown-ups we don’t need our mother’s milk or milk from someone else. I’m often asked: "But cows need to be milked, aren’t we doing a favour for them with this?" Actually, they don’t when she has a calf to feed. When a human takes that calf away then we don’t need to milk that animal. When people would stop inseminating cows again and again then we really shouldn’t do it. When a mother stops feeding his child breast milk, then the milk will go away, the same happens to a cow. When you start thinking about it then it’s repulsing, but the reality is not always nice. Eggs are foetuses you’re eating. Knowing that you’re eating someone's (chickens) unborn children is not something my heart desires to do.


These dark shadows and reality are devastating, but we shouldn’t shut our eyes. Open your eyes and simply accept the reality and make your choices when you’re aware of how food exactly comes to your table.


What it gives to be a vegan, you can’t save the world on your own?


Being a vegan does not mean that you’re saving your health or keeping cardiovascular diseases away, in every moment you’re saving animals and birds who don’t have to suffer anymore because of you. In addition, you’re giving a lot for the well-being of the whole world. Meat industry harms the environment, it cuts down trees, causes erosion, water pollution and increases the levels of greenhouse gases. When you’re a vegan then you’re consciously helping to create a cleaner, healthier and a better planet to live on. Besides, the meat industry is a very insufficient way to produce food because it uses too many resources what could go and should go to people themselves. In developing countries, larger and larger areas are turned to grow animal feed to export it to rich countries instead using this land to feed local people. It’s ironical – there is hunger where the food for us, rich countries, is grown. In the end, veganism improves the well being of your own health and the whole world.


Empathy towards animals does not compete with empathy for people. Veganism is a choice for every person with what you can improve the lives of animals and people. I believe that vegans firstly improve the lives of very many other people and that’s why we should not behave contemplative with them. Every vegan helps you to live in a better and healthier society.


I didn’t write this article to hurt anyone’s feelings, but let this article be an eye opener and a heart moving inspiration. When you feel like this motivates you to have greater interest towards veganism then I’m happy for you. When you feel that I have hurt your feelings then, rather, think how my honesty and truth is only there to wish you well.


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