Food poisoning is the cause of most diseases that afflict people. Food poisoning causes arthritis, high cholesterol, vascular disease, stress, acne, sleep disorders, joint pain, abdominal pain, indigestion and all the other problems that are all too active today. Do you feel well and alive today? Answer yourself honestly. Are you easily irritated? Are you suffering from chronic pain or discomfort in your body? Are you sick or feeling sick? If something in you says that you should actually answer these questions in the affirmative, then you too could be the one who suffers from food poisoning.

The question arises as to how you are poisoned if you do not vomit and do not have the symptoms of food poisoning. Food poisoning is not just what you are used to imagining. The food poisoning to which your thoughts move is the most active version of food poisoning. There are more unnoticeable versions than what you know as vomiting viruses. 

There are a few people who come to me without health complaints. If in the early years of my work there were more middle-aged and older people who came to me because of health problems, now they are younger than me with even bigger problems. Why? Food poisoning.

Eating something that our bodies do not need and that only the taste buds want creates food poisoning. Everything on the shelves is not food. Honestly not. Avoid the majority of it and broaden your field of vision and make yourself aware of what is food and what is not.

When alcohol, tobacco or drugs are consumed as poison, even more, widespread poisoning takes place in society through food. You may be addicted to something that doesn't do you any good, but unknowingly call as your favourite food.

If you have a health problem or are constantly feeling unwell, it could be a sign of poisoning. You can recover very quickly by removing this poison from your diet. Your body has the strength to recover if you do not feed it with a pathogen.

You must be interested in what these poisoners are in grocery stores and on people's food tables? I'll share with you the main secret and less visible poisoners.

Soft drinks and all high sugar beverages. Stop drinking them. And do not give them to your children, this is the most terrible thing you can do as a mother or father. Why shouldn't they be drunk? They have an insane amount of sugar. We were not born to this world to consume the amount of sugar as the various so-called foods prepared on store shelves today. It's toxic. Excessive sugar intake will make your liver sick and increase your weight. Run, exercise as much as you like and eat little, but if you drink soft drinks, your weight will increase. In young children, it increases more slowly, their metabolism is faster, but it damages them for life. Just because you can't see in your own or your child's body doesn't mean soft drinks don't do harm. So delete it from your menu. ext time when you want to drink, drink water or tea, and if you go out to eat with your family, order lemon water, to the table, not sparkling soft drinks for everyone.

If I feel too harsh, forgive me, but I have a desire to help you, and change cannot be made by lying, but by opening your eyes to the truth. This cannot be said through flowers, but directly and clearly explained. I want to help you for your own sake.

Wheat and gluten, you have all heard of these two. You still eat, it's so delicious. Of course, it's delicious, I wouldn't give up the taste of wheat either. However, just because something is delicious doesn't mean it's healthy. Soft drinks are also delicious for many. Good taste does not always equal health, it is a myth. So why should you consume as little wheat and gluten as possible? They raise your blood sugar and very quickly. This, in turn, is very debilitating and unhealthy for the body. When eating wheat, the healthiest alternative to it is bulgur. If you have problems with weight, mood swings, joint pain or acne, remove all wheat and gluten from your menu.

If we eat something regularly that does too much harm to our body, diseases will develop. The body cannot fight and the disease appears. When you give up the pathogen, the body takes control and restores the affected area. Believe me, your body wants to survive. As long as your heart beats, your body will do its best to survive in the environment you have created with your choices.

The biggest poisoners are animal foods, i.e. meat and dairy products. I know there are those who say, "We've eaten meat and dairy products our whole lives, our ancestors ate it." To that I think that our ancestors enslaved the dark-skinned, our ancestors enslaved women, our ancestors did many things. Just because something has been done does not mean that it has all been right, and we should continue to do so. Isn't the evolution of our goal?

So why not eat meat and dairy products? Including eggs? They clog blood vessels and create heart disease. High cholesterol = eating animal food. Plants do not cause cholesterol problems, animal foods do. Heart disease, all vascular diseases, start with these foods. Years or lifetime of poisoning is the result. With each year, your metabolism becomes slower, and at some point, due to the animal products, you may run into such problems.

If it seems like a nonsense what I'm talking to you, ask yourself, why am I saying this? What benefit should I get from this? My only benefit is that I can help you.

Many of the people I have talked to about giving up animal food have told me,  "Please don't take cheese from me, I love it.". But I have replied, "This is one-sided love, it is harmful to you." Cheese doesn't love you, it hurts you. Cheese doesn't do you any good, it's your mind that says you want it and that it tastes good to you. Your body will be damaged, your blood vessels will clog, obesity is guaranteed. Cheese is one of the top ten food poisoning candidates.

One of the reasons I am vegan is that I want to stay healthy, strong, vibrant and youthful. Vegan does not always mean being a healthy dieter, referring to plant nutrition. But as a vegan, you can also have very healthy food choices that allow you to stay away from food poisoning.

After I suggest that you exclude soft drinks and sugary sweets, meat (all meats, including pork, beef, chicken and fish), eggs, dairy products and, of course, cheese from your menu, the question arises: "What do I eat then? "I'm going to starve!" Believe me, you will not starve!   The only things that go hungry are your illnesses.

Food is not what you might think it is. As I mentioned above, most products on grocery stores are non-food products. Yes, food for your illnesses, not your health.

If you want to be healthy and disease-free, eat real plants. Eat plants grown in the healthiest way possible and use them to make wonderful dishes for your body. Hence the next imaginary block: "Tene, I can't cook with plants!" Do not create blocks. Here comes the karma law of the game -"instead of seeing obstacles, try to see ways to move forward".

Can you make baked potatoes, make buckwheat porridge, boil rice, chop a fresh salad, make a fruit smoothie? Can you make cabbage soup? Most of you can cook them all. So what's the question, it's not complicated? You can make cabbage soup and you can leave the meat out of it completely for your health. Just add more onions and it's delicious. Instead of putting sour cream in the cabbage soup, put oat cream in it. Oat cream is sold by many large grocery chains, go find it on the shelves, it's one of my favourites. In the morning boil porridge with oat milk, not cow's milk. It is very easy to make changes if you want. Rather, the question is, do you want to be healthy? If the answer is yes, then take action. When you see obstacles to change, you just don't want to be healthy, that's the truth.

Take your favourite dishes and exclude animal foods from them and add more onions, garlic, herbs and create new favourite dishes from them. Vegetarian food is useful, healthy and it can be many times tastier if you use a little creativity in your kitchen. Use your Sacral chakra, it is responsible for your creativity. The more you try to create, the stronger the Sacral chakra becomes. However, the stronger the Sacral chakra, the more inventive and satisfied you become with your life. You win!

If you go to the grocery store, follow this rule. No animal consumption. Make sure that the word lactose, milk powder, whey powder, skimmed milk powder, gelatin and other references to animal products do not appear on the packaging. Buy as few products as possible that contain E-substances, and if you do, make sure it is as herbal as possible. Purchase eco-labelled and bio-labelled products and choose the options of a domestic plant grower. Instead of rapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil and refined oils, buy only extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil. Other oils cause food poisoning and in the process many diseases, including those that cause skin problems. Not all herbal products are good, you also have to move around them very wisely. A plant is not equal to health if a person has processed it in such a way that it is no longer friendly to our body.

Buy a lot of different berries to keep in the freezer. Buy sea buckthorn, blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Eat some of them every day, they are antioxidant bombs. Antioxidants help your body recover and heal. Do not exclude them from your menu. Often when I ask, "How often do you eat berries?", The answer is, "I do eat!".. Then I ask again, "How many times a week?", The answer is, "Actually, I don't eat them." This is a typical answer. Understand what your body really needs. You want a long life, but I wish you a good life on earth as long as it is. If you want a long life, then ensure it with the right choices and you will also get quality health. Let the berries be represented, you will need them in many ways.

There is a lot to eat, you just have to step away from your comfort food and start exploring the world. By eating only one and the same food, you are blocking the idea that something else could be on the table, and that is the equivalent of living at home without ever leaving. The more you move out of the home, the further away, the wider your world of thought becomes. If you don't go out the door, you don't know what the options are. It's the same with the dinner table. Step out of the comfort zone and experiment, give yourself a chance to experience something new.

If you can discipline your food table and your taste buds, you can control everything in your life. Believe me, there is an insane truth in it. Discipline in your own health will ensure you abundant health and a very good quality of life.

Each article I write has its own muse or source of inspiration. After intensive months of completing my first book, I picked myself up and went to download under the sun closer to the equator. If you work hard, you need to balance yourself, and that is what I did. I stayed in a very beautiful place, next to the beauty of it the hotel also had an insanely varied dining table. Buffets where you could take as much as you wanted. I don't criticize other people, but in life around us, we can't help but notice it. The dinner table had an insane number of choices of plant foods and is very healthy. Many people ate as much meat, cheese and bread as they could. Not to immerse me, but to simply draw a parallel – I took cinnamon tea, local hummus, tahini, baba ganoush, vegetables, local fruits and wonderful vegetable stews. The fact that I can take everything does not have to mean that I have to push my body into a corner and only eat through the senses of taste. I went there to recover, not to poison myself. The sun works wonders for people, but in addition to the sun, we also need to feed ourselves properly. Nor do most people wish to feel bad about eating cheese, bread and meat. Most want good things for themselves, I see the problem is ignorance. Ignorance creates choices that actually poison our bodies and cause diseases that we will have to face later. Living in ignorance and believing that bread, cheese and meat are good is a problem.

Make sure your diet contains important vitamins and minerals. I recommend you Cytoplan protein blend, which contains a lot of necessary minerals, vitamins, pre- and probiotics. It will also help you lose weight and stay healthy. It is a good combination that reduces appetite, helps reduce emotional eating and helps to create a beautiful shape.

My desire is to make people aware and to help see the truth that I can see today. To understand whether or not my story has a point, create change and experience healing on your own skin. That's the only thing you can do to understand what I'm talking about.

Just because you have the opportunity and the freedom to eat what you want doesn't automatically equate to health. Health lies in the right choices, not in all offers.

Your body is your equal companion - if you feed your body well, it will create a good quality of life for you. You get what you ask for!