Borage oil or Borago officinalis is a great alternative healer for those who want to gain strength from gamma-linolenic acid and use its beneficial properties. Gamma-linolenic acid or GLA is a fatty acid that helps you keep your body healthy. Borage oil has a large amount of it and is therefore useful to consume every day.

Gamma-linolenic acid, contained in borage oil, reduces inflammation throughout the body, helping it to subside. The inflamed body is exposed to various diseases, by consuming borage oil you support the body in fighting inflammation. One of the most feared diseases that can occur as a result of inflammation is cancer. In addition, diabetes, sclerosis multiplex and other chronic diseases.

If it is not contraindicated in any way, you can use borage oil regularly. With it, you can also keep your mental health strong - it has a great effect on the brain and mental health.

If you are looking for something from plants that will help protect you from the most feared diseases and heal your mental body, then you are in the right place. Borage oil is a good choice!

The GLA is also a good helper for those who struggle with arthritis and want to reduce pain and discomfort. In this case, borage oil is worth using every day, in addition, curcumin is also very useful for arthritis.

In alternative medicine, borage oil is also used to heal the adrenal glands. Read signs of adrenal gland weakness.

The adrenal glands are responsible for how we feel emotionally and mentally: whether we are satisfied, happy, whether we can sleep, how well we can rest, and what our metabolism is. If the adrenal glands do not function properly, the stress hormone cortisol is badly affected.

Signs of poor adrenal gland health:

- poor hair growth or loss

- nervousness

- insomnia or very poor quality sleep

- constant pain in different parts of the body

- muscle pain or muscle weakness

- abdominal pain

- depression

- hyperpigmentation

- digestive problems

- difficulty concentrating, mood

- mood swings

- lack of energy

Adrenal glands are associated with the Root Chakra. If they do not function regularly, the Root Chakra is diseased. In addition, using borage oil which helps to heal the adrenal glands, the Root Chakra should definitely be healed with energetic techniques.

The adrenal glands are healed by the Black Obsidian. Carry this crystal, keep it in your pocket or use a massage roller to heal yourself, this is if you want to heal the adrenal glands and the Root Chakra together. The Black Obsidian absorbs the stress-energy that exists in your Aura Field, which has burned through the adrenal glands. A constant stressful life consumes this Chakra and adrenal glands. Allow Black Obsidian to heal yourself if you have stress, depression, sleep problems, digestive problems, mood swings, or other problems that indicate adrenal weakness.

The Root Chakra and adrenal glands can also be healed by removing carbohydrates from the menu. Low carb foods help the body recover and also improve adrenal function.

Borage oil has a great effect on your mental health, helping to ensure satisfaction and well-being. A great alternative to antidepressants!

Gamma-linolenic acid contributes to well-being and better brain function, it is used to prevent and slow down panic attacks. If you have panic attacks, it is worth using borage oil regularly. If you have a panic attack, use it as soon as possible to help you get out of this situation.

In addition to relieving panic attacks, borage oil helps reduce nervousness, overreaction, and frustrating thoughts. This is great for use with Rhodiola, which is a natural antidepressant.

With borage oil, you can boost your mental health and alternatively heal it. If you are a perfectionist who projects and is constantly stressed about thinking about yourself, borage oil is one of the most necessary alternative healers for you. It is also used for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Symptoms of this disorder include the constant need to never go wrong, to do everything in an organized manner, and the panic that results from a lack of clarity. It is a very complex mental condition with many different characteristics, but it is one of the most common.

Borage oil, like all oils, has a good effect on skin health. It helps protect skin cells from damage, or oxidative stress, by slowing down ageing and leaving skin smooth and silky.

In conclusion, I would like to say that with borage oil you can support your body a lot and give yourself a chance to be healthy!

Use of the advice, recommendations and information set out in this article is at your own risk. The information provided is not health advice, but Tene Laulu's own experience, knowledge, personal opinion and recommendations. The use of food supplements is the responsibility of each person. If necessary, consult a doctor before use.