We live in a colourful world, it has many hues, a lot of different attitudes towards life, personalities, both good and the bad. This is a rich world and is so both in the positive and negative sense. To get by in this world, survive, to stay strong and stay true to yourself every single one of us needs the ability to discipline ourselves or have beneficial principles that could set our life on the course to positivity. Without this, you could go along with the negative flow that could pull you down to the deep ocean. In our colourful and diverse world we have to keep ourselves from this negativity that, at one point, everyone could go along with. You have to work with yourself, this helps you to live a successful, joyful, positive and happy life. Only you can direct your soul to one or another way.


Many people make a stop in my life and say hello. Some are interested in help, some are curious, some want to be inspired or some are there because fate has made us fulfil tasks together. There are many people! There are so many energies among these people, so many different ways of thinking, spiritual levels, that I always have to maintain my own nature among all of this and stay true to myself. We are all collections of energy, we share goodness or negativity, whether consciously or unconsciously. We all have to control ourselves on what we accept and what not. To always be who we are and not let the negative flow take us along. I live, just like anyone else, among people who give us their negative energy. When there are so many unhealthy souls around us, then no one can stay untouched by their broken side. But, the question is, how can we stay who we are and be strong in the midst of it all? As my journey is linked to helping, guiding, inspiring, motivating and healing people, then this presumes that my contact with people is massive. The bigger the connection, the bigger positive chances and negative energies run through your life. Some enrich you, some could have an opposite effect. How can I stay strong and be myself in the surrounding world? I’m sharing my 6 principles with you on how I keep myself strong and how I manage to not lose myself.


I’m sharing all of this with you because this could benefit you a lot. Be inspired by my principles when you feel you need this and this could help you to grow internally. When you feel like there is power in my thoughts, then this very same power could soon also be your personal power. Allow me to inspire you!


My biggest wish is to make this world a better place


Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt about how I can help animals, other children, and make the world into a more beautiful place. When I was little, then in my fantasy world I often played how I heal animals, make magical cures from plants and dreamt how I have the power to do this all in real life. This dream hasn’t left me. Now I understand that this has always been with me as a piece of knowledge about what I came to do in this world. I have simply managed to stay who I am and this is why I’m here today and help to make the world a better place. One of the principles that helps me to stay strong and be myself is that same extremely strong wish to help others and make their lives healthier. Keeping on to this dream and wish hasn’t taken away the ability to weaken me from the negative people who have taken themselves the right to criticise me or put labels on me without the trouble to grasp my work before. When the wish and dream are good, unconditional love filled and linked to giving not taking, then this wish is always supported by fate and guaranteed to work. My sincere wish to help is what keeps me strong and won’t let me be affected by negative opinions that from time to time come forward. When these things come up, then I feel sorry for people who have become enraged by my goodness. This only refers to one thing – they allowed themselves to drown in the deep ocean.


My belief in myself that I can make the world into a better place, help people, protect animals and bring a positive light to these dark clouds is so big that it keeps me strong. This is not ambition, this is what gives me a bigger purpose to live. We all have to pay rent for being able to live this life on Earth. This is how I have decided to pay for it. I believe that when I do good unconditionally then this will one day give me the chance to see the wishes and dreams related only to me not with anyone else come life.


I know that I’m the only person who can say something about me or blame me.


We all have a goal to evolve internally, learn, change, and become healthier in this life. Every vice, weakness and negative trait have the life purpose to transform into good habits, strengths and positive traits. This is a goal for all of us: yours, his and mine. Our journeys are so different, we are all on different levels, who is brave, who isn’t so yet. Spiritual development is so personal and intimate for everyone, it’s also this for me. By knowing and understanding this I think that no one has the knowledge, ability or the right to blame me for something or tell me what I can do and what I can’t do. Sounds very cocky and selfish, isn’t? Don’t misunderstand me. What I actually think with this is that I won’t let other people’s opinion to shape who I am. I don’t accept criticism when I’m not feeling it is a sign for my soul about something I should seize. The more negativity in people, the more critical they are towards other people. Generally, this criticism won’t contain any truth in it, but it's a pure illusion. I won’t allow illusions affect and shape me negatively. When one must judge, then I happily take this upon myself and let myself know when I have made a mistake and what I should do to make it good. I do what I need to do, and this is what we should do in life, otherwise, we couldn't evolve spiritually. Changes and looking into myself are very important for my further development. To stay strong and true to me, then it’s very important that you could filtrate the unnecessary negative wave for you from a negative wave of signs and messages. People who don’t personally know me don’t have the ability to define me negatively in real or do so fairly. But clairvoyance is such a rare thing that the probability is very small.


I have the wish to live a life with value and purpose


Life is so short in this body I have been given today. I know that a soul never dies because it’s energy. Energy can transform itself and go through different phases and change its shape, but it will never die. Physically existing elements, like our body, is, are mortal. I know that my time here is limited in this personality called Tene Laul, in this body and on this journey I have written down to my fate with past lives. I also know that we ourselves create our future “Me-personality” with actions we do today. What we learn, how we live, our attitude towards life, what we do in this life and how we shape ourselves creates the base for our future. I want to live a life with value and purpose, I don’t want to waste my life and let it simply go from day to day. I busy, I’m constantly busy, because I have so much to simply create, do, shape and change. The knowledge that I work, build my own bridges, open new sides in me, making unsuitably suitable and I’m behind the wheel that won't stop, makes me stronger. Knowing that my life was given to me for a reason, not as a privilege to sit and let life fade away keeps me doing the hard work with myself and with others with a straight back. Knowing that our actions today shape our new beginnings on the other side keeps me motivated and won’t let me fall into the abyss of laziness, comfortableness and vices. Constantly working with myself, evolving and not stopping gives me strength and makes me strong.


Belief in myself


Belief in myself is one of the most powerful weapons in me that makes me work and stand up for myself in any sense. Stand up against outer factors that want to weaken me or inner factors that can do this too when I allow them to. When you believe in yourself, then you can see how much you can do. This is what keeps me alive, this keeps me strong and helps me to be me. My strong belief in myself won’t let me descend to a comfort zone. When I wish or want something, then I will get it myself. When someone wants to support me in this journey then I kindly accept their help, but I don’t presume that the help is always there. I believe that when I wish something and want it, then I am the only person who has the strength to make these thoughts and ideas into reality. I don’t lean on other people, and this is definitely one of the factors that helps me to be strong. This could be easy and comfortable being led by someone else, but what happens when this someone stops helping you? You’ll fall and descend back to your own fate. But when you keep working with yourself, take the responsibility and make the steps towards your wishes on your own, then you can’t fall from high, you can only let yourself fall a little. The belief in myself, the fact that I can and know, can manage and have the strength is a very big factor in my life that keeps me strong. 


For example, the belief that I can help people, protect animals, make the world into a better place has brought me to where I am today. This has brought out the writer in me, something I haven’t seen in myself before, but have always had. This has brought me to the place where today I have gotten positive feedback from so many people I have helped, whether directly or through my articles. At first, I had only a belief for myself and now it has proven me how my wishes and dreams have become reality. Never underestimate yourself!


The Law of Karma


My holy grail on moral and beliefs is Karma and its laws. I live in accordance with Karma which means that I analyse every step I make or someone else’s step directed towards me through this law. When I do something, then I analyse whether it brings me happiness or misfortune. When someone behaves negatively with me or causes me problems, then I always analyse whether it was related to the Law of Karma. When I understand that what I did won’t bring me misfortune then I work towards the direction I chose. When I find a warning sign from there, then I hold myself back, I rethink my wish or direct it to something that wouldn’t bring me trouble later on. When someone causes a negative situation to my life, then I analyse why he did it, is it his own anger, premature attitude or malice or have I attracted this to my life with Karma. When I find the answer, then I act. Whether I simply move away from this someone or allow him to be punished by his spiritually immature behaviour with the Law of Karma, or learn from this situation or change myself when there is a need for it. The Law of Karma is very important to me, this makes me think before I act, take responsibility for my own actions and thoughts. But living by this does not always mean that spiritually immature people won't come by your path, again and again, there will be some because we become good people when we move from one life to another and work hard with yourself, it won’t happen overnight. Therefore I acknowledge myself that there are so many unhealed souls by my side, I don’t mind this.




Love is very important, this is so important that without this, I believe, a person can’t be strong. For me, love is extremely important. The love I keep in my heart and related towards people close to me is what always makes me stand with my head high and move forward in this life, keep them by my side and support them. Love for yourself won’t allow me to treat myself bad, feed myself badly or treat anyone without respect. This is like motivation that keeps the soul alive. Love for my own work and creation is what prevents me from walking away to the easier and comfortable fields than my life’s work is. Love for people, animals and nature helps me to continue my journey where I learn to behave better with all of this. Love for my own talent won’t let me lose belief in myself and helps me the open more of my own visions and different sides of my healing work. Love for life is what helps me to stand with my back straight against negative energies, situations and people who have fallen in the hands of negativity. When there is no love, there won’t be a strong person.


I believe that being strong means that you have to know how to stand up for yourself and others who need help. When you’re strong, you won’t let yourself or others by your side fall down.