I am grateful to the many people who have lived with my thoughts, actions, and writings for years. All the love you have sent me gives me a boost every day to keep going and to write about my visions, dreams and knowledge. This journey has been full of love, excitement and efficient moments of inspiration, which I want to take with me to the paths of the future. But I want to give back even more and here are my best wishes to you ...


You deserve love, it makes you live and show yourself in the best light. You deserve love! No matter what stage of your life you are, love is what helps you move forward, make the best decisions, and be happy in life.

Love is the best medicine for everything that strikes you in life. I share it with you, you share it with others. Love your loved ones, feel happiness and joy from them. Do everything in life with love, be passionate and carry that energy into every step of your life. Love yourself, accept yourself as you are. Allow yourself to feel love and life is a much more beautiful place to live. May love always be with you. I wish you a lot of love!


Allow prosperity in your life, let it exist in your life. Wealth and earthly richness are not shameful things that should be hidden or dreamed of. Prosperous energy gives you opportunities, opens doors that take you on better journeys, and you can have that energy.

I wish you much prosperity, that your dreams may be fulfilled, and that the universe may meet your desires. Be kind, generous, good to others and to yourself so that the energy of abundance can exist in your life. Work hard, believe in a better future and allow yourself to live abundantly. Be grateful for everything you have achieved and accept with gratitude everything that life wants to offer you.


Smile, allow yourself to be happy. Enjoy every moment of your life, focus less on the past, and try to find a way to be in that same moment right now. Enjoy what is around you and inside you. Enjoy the sun, fresh air, good food, great company, be happy about everything that deserves it. Allow yourself to be happy, don't take that permission away from yourself. I wish you much joy that life in this world would be worth living!

I want your negative thoughts to be replaced by positive thoughts so that your past pain is replaced by forgiveness and deliverance within you. Remember – joy nests in you, you just have to open it. The key is in your own hands!


Life has its own twists and turns, setbacks, worries, pains and experiences. Life is made up of colours, some are darker and dimmer, others are brighter and more sparkling. This is what makes life a very interesting experience. All people face different problems at some point, but it should not make you lose your sense of peace.

Let go of negative thoughts, let go of restlessness within you, let go of anxiety, let go of the fears that are circling in you. Allow yourself to be in harmony and let the feeling of peace arise. I wish you much peace!


Never lose hope in yourself and life. Allow life to prove itself, allow yourself to move on. Never lose hope, because it is a life force without which you will not be able to make progress in life. Keep hope up, even in the most difficult moments. Believe that one day everything will be fine and what is difficult in your life today is the past. Let the sun come to life and allow the rainy weather to dissipate.

Hope nests in our Crown Chakra, and if you hold hope up, you will send a message to the universe through the Crown Chakra. The message is, "I want to live, I want to move on!" All you need to pass on such a message is to keep hope alive. If you do, new doors will open and today's chaos will be healed. I wish you much hope!

You are valuable and deserve all the best – never forget it!