Happiness is in the physical and spiritual health. When you’re healthy, then you’re able to fulfil the tasks and purposes on your path. When you’re healthy, then you can overcome any hardships life has to offer and walk towards fulfilling your dreams. Health is important and is so both on the physical and spiritual level. There are many different ways to improve your health, one of the ways is to make yourself a luck ritual. Ritual, than can help to create a luck for health around you, by helping to protect you from bigger problems, helping you to sense illnesses yet to come so you could start to take care of you as soon as possible, This health ritual I have written for you helps you to do all of this. In addition, it creates a strong protection shield that helps to stay away from different routine activities that could make you ill. This ritual can be done both by a healthy person and a person who is already ill. For a healthy person it gives luck for not getting sick or if this happens then it gives luck to come out of it. But when you already have a health problem, then this ritual gives you good luck to come out of it.

When you worry about your health, wish to be stronger and more resilient, love rituals, then this is exactly for you. The purpose of this ritual is to increase your spiritual resilience and to strengthen your intuition for sensing your body.

When is the right time to do the ritual?

Health ritual can be done when you feel like you wish to do so or you need this. For example, when you feel like your body is not as strong as it was before. Of course, it’s useful to do the health ritual when the cosmic powers favour self healing. For this, read my weekly cosmic prediction where I have written the energy wave of the given week. But you can also do it in another other time.


1. Brecciated Jasper
2. Shungite
3. Bloodstone
4. Rosemary and Patchouli 100% essential oil
5. Almond oil
6. Patchouli incense
7. Matches
8. Green candle
9. Water jug/glass
10. Small bowl

# You need three different crystals in the ritual and only one of each, you’ll make yourself crystal water from these crystals during the ritual. These three crystals are the best for improving health. Crystals that make you stronger and helps to give a healing counter strike to your illnesses. Use tumbled crystals for the ritual.

# This is a ritual you can do again and again. You can use the crystals for the ritual in the future for the same purpose and for the same ritual. In addition, these crystals need to be left for water-elixir crystals and in the future only use it to make crystal water.


# You can only do this ritual when you don’t have an allergy for Rosemary or Patchouli essential oil. To find this out, firstly, test these oils on your skin. You can find information about using them from the product information.

# Green candle could be the universal green candle in our selection, pine, spruce or apple. The latter three already have luck energies.

Heal yourself through health ritual...

Find yourself a comfortable place to do the ritual. Indicatively a couch or a bed. Place all the ritual objects near you and pour the jug full of cold water. Add all these three crystals to the water. Let them sit there in the water for the whole ritual.


When crystals are set in the water then put a Patchouli incense to smoke on a incense holder. Allow this aroma and effect to balance and calm your minds. Patchouli is one of the plants that gives universal care to the body.

When incense is nicely smoking near you, then set the green candle to burn in front of you. Green candle symbolises healing and good luck for health. This candle activates the process of the ritual and helps your Aura field to open up for healing with Patchouli.


After setting the candle to burn, take almond oil and pour a few table spoons of oil into the bowl. After that, put five drops of rosemary and five drops of Patchouli essential oil in the oil. Mix them together in a bowl and put this oil to your body. When you know where in your body the illness exists then but it into that place (avoid eyes, mouth, nose and mucous membranes). When you wish to generally give healing to your whole body, then put this oil all over you body. When necessary, add more almond oil.

When you’re done with this, then rest besides the candle and incense until the Patchouli incense has stopped smoking.

After resting, take a glass full of crystal water and drink it. After that, ritual is almost done, now the only thing you’ll need to do is to drink this crystal water for the next 14 days. Put your ritual objects together, put out the candle and use essential oils and candle for another time for another purpose or, do again the same ritual.

It’s very important to drink crystal water for the 14 days, this helps to improve Aura field and give it constant signals that direct the body and mind to heal itself. You can drink the elixir for a longer period, what’s important is that after the 14 days you need to cleanse these three crystals in sage smoke

After the ritual you can keep using the essential oil when you wish to. For example, burn them daily in a oil lamp.

In addition to the ritual, it’s very important that during these 14 days, when you drink crystal water, you would also change your diet and lifestyle to more healthy. This health ritual gives you motivation and healing, but it’s always good when you’re doing something extra to be healthy. Look critically your menu over, take out the foods that could harm you, replace them with alternative healers and be generally physically more active and practice gratitude, that, in turn, increase happiness. Happiness has a very strong healing power.

Take care of yourself, be healthy and share healing power to your body and soul!