Every soul that is born here on Earth is born with a reason. No birth is "accidental" or "false". We all have our mission, purpose and need to exist here. We were born because we have a goal to fulfil. Every one of us has our very personal tasks, every one of us needs to accomplish also a bigger goal. Every year of birth carries a global message and behind it is hidden what year is coming and what souls will have their life this year. Each year number carries a mystical message that I will help to explain to you so that you can be a part of. The characterization that I share with you about those born in 2019 is about what the souls born this year have to share and why they are reborn to this Earth just at that time.

2019 symbolizes the need to be able to communicate, collaborate in a very soft and gentle way. This does not mean that 2019 should be such a year. This year's number refers to what is now more needed in this world, and this message is transmitted to the Aura field of those born in 2019. In the Aura field, these souls always carry the idea that peace should be maintained everywhere, everything must be resolved in a tolerant and best way. The anxiety must be grounded, the tensions must be removed, and the balance must be created independently and consciously. It is not self-evident that everyone must be good collaborators, but it is a purpose to make them so. This is the greatest message that the souls born in 2019 will spread to our earth. It is difficult, given the age they are born – there is more anxiety than balance. If a task is given, one cannot assume that the task will be simple. The bigger and nobler the task, the more difficult it is to reach the result.

The souls born in 2019 grow up with the subconscious message and the leading power that constantly tells that the anxious energies should not exist. The subconscious says again and again that peace and balance should be brought to the world, and every soul born in 2019 has its own journey, direction and area where to create it. Even if he can't do it, he always knows it's needed. When he is misled, he looks for a place of peace and silence in himself and in this life. If it does not exist, then this soul will work for it. The more chaotic the environment in which this soul is born to, the greater the mission of this soul. Their difficult childhood refers to the great purpose that has been written for the fate of the 2019 born people. Difficult childhood symbolizes the need to create peace and balance in the wider world. Some are going to deal with charities, some will become doctors, nature fighters, psychologists, some will start using their own sense of mission with their loved ones. Mission exists!

Sensitive with a reason

Due to numerological influences of 2019, this child, who is born in this year, will have a very high sensitivity to intrigues, scandals, nervousness and unpleasant discussions. A child born this year does not want such negative energy, mood and attitude around him. This child has hypersensitivity to such emotions and knowing that the child must be consciously kept away from it. If this child should be in the middle of it, his nervous system and soul are not as strong to deal with it. It only makes the child weak. The 2019 energy field does not make children very strong in this respect and does not provide a natural shield to their Aura. This is one of the most important thoughts I would like to convey to parents whose year of birth is 2019. The more peace and quiet there are around this child, the healthier this child is.

Since children of 2019 cannot tolerate intrigues and scandals, these children are an important message to their parents, who they have chosen for their destiny. Nothing happens without a reason, and this weakness is similarly not without a reason in the souls of 2019 born. If there is a child in the family whose year of birth is 2019, then this child will come to his parents and family members with whom he is destined to live together for a long time, teaching the necessity of peace and quiet. This child has chosen a family where this message needs to be most widely distributed. Because the one born in 2019 is extremely sensitive, it creates a lot of problems for the family – it is constantly necessary to monitor their tone of voice, discuss anxious issues delicately and monitor their behaviour. The same will help to raise a peaceful environment around those born in 2019. Those who do not understand the needs of this soul and do not try to adapt to him will not learn what he came to bring to life. If it is not followed, the result is a broken soul. The choice is yours!

My recommendation to anyone whose child is born in 2019 or who wants to keep a close connection with him is that you always think before you say something. In addition, I always recommend looking for a peaceful way to resolve and discuss the issues of concern. This is a very big keyword for those born in 2019.

The souls born in 2019 are coming to the world as great guides who have long been needed. Previous years, before 2019, have been very hectic and stressful, and people have been so busy that it has caused a lot of unnecessary noise. The soul of 2019 is born in the midst of this wave of energy as a saviour that has to fight against this stress energy, and that's why he is hypersensitive to it. Where is your hypersensitive side, there's also your lesson and teaching. In this case, none of the souls of 2019 tolerates the massive noise around them, which is going to accompany them everywhere to guide every soul of 2019 to think that life does not have to be like that. Life must be more beautiful, more enjoyable and more peaceful. I've always said that great deeds can't be done without knowing the pain. You have to see and perceive the pain because it helps to open your eyes.

Encouraging and seeing the potential

The souls of 2019 will gain the strength to fulfil their mission from the encouragement from their family. The same need for encouragement exists in their whole life, not just in childhood. It is very important that someone agrees and gives him permission to be who he wants to be. This close person, who helps him to look for himself in the world, to accomplish himself and to spread his thoughts and word, gives him the greatest favour. In the absence of encouragement, he may distance from the manifestation of the full mission, which will only open when they reach independence. Until then this mission can be silently in a destiny.

My great advice to those whose families have this soul is to notice his potential. Do not take hypersensitivity as a weakness, expressing emotions is not a symbol of weakness. It actually shows what kind of soul it is and the needs of that soul. Hypersensitivity is needed to make the world a better place to live in. If it did not exist, it would not be possible for him to notice the imbalance to which he would offer healing. In addition, we must always put ourselves in the position of another person to understand why one or the other thing that seems to be illogical exists for him. Everything has its own reason, nothing is "just" in existence.

Finding the path

The ideal path for those born in 2019 is an area related to charity, social work, healing, or improvement of the old structure. The ideal choice of profession is human relations and the reprocessing of old teachings and beliefs and creating a new light and thought to it all.

Hidden rebellion

The souls of 2019 are quite rebellious in nature, but this rebellion is not aggressive or dominant in them. Rebellion is spiritual and on a deep soul level. The soul born in 2019 wants to improve everything around himself, and this desire creates rebellion against old structures, against cruelty, evil, and injustice. Constant questions that spin in the heads of these souls: "Why do they hurt one another? Why do they not solve problems peacefully? Why do people constantly bring problems to their lives and seek out conflicts with other people? These questions lead their souls to rebellion. For the same energy, the thought emerges: "I have to do something to stop it all." The 2019 soul who performs his mission fervently, see the world like that. The small child will not show all this during their first years of life but the bigger he grows and as the time goes on, the more it will start to emerge in him. Initially, he will feel out the world, learn to see the social mistakes of this world, and only when everything is clear will the rebellious missionary start its work. During childhood you can only see how the social conflicts cause him a mental and emotional problem and how to escape to a safe haven, be it an escape to a family member or to their fantasy world.

Sodalite is the lucky crystal for the souls born in 2019 throughout their lives. Sodalite is a crystal that helps to create peace and balance where it does not exist or is lacking. Sodalite will help anyone born in 2019 here on Earth to fulfil their goal which is given to them by his birth year. Sodalite should be kept in the birth crystal set, at home and carried around a lot during their lifetime. Sodalite is particularly worth carrying during the periods when you need extra support or to find yourself.

In addition, children born at the beginning of 2019 are affected by the Year of the Dog and children born during the rest of the year are affected by the influences of the Year of the Pig. The astrological year greatly determines the character of a person, which is aligned with the character that the year 2019 gives to a person.

Of course, every soul needs to go through their own personal journey. There are several realities in every soul. There are realities where our thoughts and desires are just for us where we share ourselves with our loved ones, where we realize ourselves, where we share something outside of ourselves. We live within many realities. The year of birth only determines the reality of the journey of the soul in the larger picture, and what the soul has to share with everyone. Our year of birth determines the services we have to offer to Earth.

The mission of the souls of 2019 is to create a more balanced world, peaceful and tolerant place to live in!