Peppermint is a world-famous plant that has sometimes taken for granted. Peppermint? So common that you can go unknowingly past something so healing, looking for something supreme for your body. Peppermint is very much available and good, but it is far from ordinary or insignificant. Peppermint is a great healing and magical plant and we should be happy to have it available to us. In addition to its healing properties, peppermint is also a beautiful-looking plant. Green with beautiful leaves and a great aroma. Peppermint is easy to grow at home, as it grows on its own if you give it a chance to grow somewhere. Peppermint is good fresh food, but it is best used as a tea and essential oil. Immerse yourself in the magical world of this wonderful plant!

Peppermint tea is a tea made from peppermint leaves. Peppermint tea is definitely familiar to everyone, and for a reason - it just tastes so great and magical. To sum up the excellent properties of this tea, Peppermint has a stimulating, soothing and mood-boosting effect. Peppermint makes your mind clear by helping you draw attention to what is important and push away all that is irrelevant.

Peppermint has existed in my life through the ages, it has so many good properties why to use it. I remember one thing about peppermint tea. Once in Austria, I went on an adventure around the Alps and stopped at a café on the hill. I drank peppermint tea and suddenly I had a moment of clarity. I watched and enjoyed everything that was there and that I had already experienced. Peppermint tea clears the mind and draws attention to what is important in your life or in the moment. As I drank this tea, I was fully aware of where I am, what I see, and how grateful I am that life has given me the opportunity to experience something like this. It was a powerful and emotional moment for me. Plants have enormous power and should not be underestimated for their simplicity and "self-evident" existence. Nature is a gift and you can be surprised every day by looking at nature.

Peppermint tea is a tea with magic, drink it because of its healing properties!

1. Relieves you of headaches

Peppermint tea is very useful when you have a headache or when you feel a migraine. Drink peppermint tea proactively so that the headache does not get worse. Peppermint tea is most useful for headaches caused by stress and overload. For example, if you have had to go through a long, stressful day and you have the opportunity to rest, make a peppermint tea proactively. Tension release triggers stress all over your body and knowing this, be smart, don't let it hurt you.

2. An excellent stress remover

Peppermint is an excellent stress reliever and mental body healer. If you feel that there are too many unnecessary, irrelevant and irritating thoughts moving around in your head, make yourself a big cup of strong peppermint tea. Drink it and in a few moments, you may feel just how the thoughts that irritated you were actually illusions. Peppermint makes the mind clear, and because there are so many confusing energies and irrelevant information around you, you as a person are unfortunately sensitive to it. Take peppermint tea as a spiritual detoxifier  Works just as well as the Girasol crystal.

3. Sleep enhancer

Drink peppermint tea just before bedtime. Peppermint tea helps to relax your muscles, which is important when falling asleep. If you want to have a great sleep, Peppermint will help you relax and feel good in your body. This feeling is what helps us to sleep and move smoothly from there to astral travel.

4. Potential weight loss

Peppermint tea is a potential diet tea. What I have perceived about peppermint tea is that it does not cause appetite, after drinking this tea you feel that you are nourished and healed. Peppermint takes away appetites that can lead you to overeat, so it is good for weight loss and control. If you feel you want to eat less or avoid eating, drink peppermint tea before eating and do so when you feel hungry. After drinking peppermint tea, you may have very different appetites, because Peppermint makes the mind clear, it also helps to improve your intuitive eating skills. Intuitive nutrition skills are a very necessary skill for one's own health, which is why one actually has to eat. Intuitive nutrition helps to develop among the crystals, Kambaba Jasper. Wear this crystal to learn through your intuition to choose the nutrients your body and soul actually need.

5. Healer of digestive problems

Drink peppermint tea if you feel uncomfortable, have a feeling of nausea, or feel that your digestion may not be okay. Peppermint tea helps to quickly improve your well-being, so drink it after a meal that makes you uncomfortable or before you know that you are sensitive to various foods. In addition, drinking peppermint tea will give you a great breath!

6. Antioxidant bomb

Peppermint tea is useful not only because of its previous properties, but is also a decent antioxidant bomb. Antioxidants keep people healthy and they need to be taken. Drinking peppermint tea is a very quick, easy, convenient and delicious way to get its full energy charge of antioxidants. Thanks to this, drinking peppermint tea help us to stay healthy overall.

7. Get well quickly and get up!

If you are ill, suffering from fever and inflammation, the easiest and fastest way to heal yourself is to drink a refreshing peppermint tea. Peppermint tea has a cooling effect, which has a great effect on the inflamed body and helps to speed up your fever level. Peppermint tea makes you feel better and helps you get on your feet quickly.

Herbal teas are most effective and spiritually most effective when drunk without sweeteners. Agave syrup or, for example, coconut syrup takes away the least spiritual energy from plants. Use them if you are a friend of sweets.

The wonderful Peppermint essential oils hide a magical power

Peppermint can not only be used in tea and food, its essential oil is a great healer. In the case of essential oil, one drop of oil contains a tremendous amount of Peppermint's healing power. It is worth keeping essential oils in your life and learn to use them.

Essential oils are very good tools for physical healing and accelerating spiritual growth. No matter what essential oil you use, it has magic. Peppermint essential oil has exactly the same magic power.

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most multi-functional essential oils you could have. Peppermint essential oil can be used in so many different ways that it can solve many common problems on both the physical and mental levels. Peppermint essential oil could be available in your home for every ten occasions.

1. Respiratory healer

Peppermint is useful when you have a respiratory illness. Peppermint helps to speed healing. To do this, drip a few drops into your pillowcase when you go to bed or burn peppermint essential oil inside an oil lamp. If you are ill, put more oil in the oil lamp. First, fill the oil lamp container with water and then first add about 15 to 20 drops of essential oil. Inhale this steam at least for an hour or two. You don't have to be next to the oil lamp all the time, but you have to be in the same room with it.

If you have a more severe illness or viral illness, in addition to Peppermint essential oil, use Ginger essential oil. Ginger will help you in this case as well.

Peppermint essential oil is very useful at a time when you cannot breathe properly. You can mix 1-2 drops of essential oil with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil and apply it to your neck and chin. If you feel unwell, this essential oil body ritual will also help to heal the airways and improve your overall well-being.

2.  Painkiller

Peppermint essential oil is a natural and alternative painkiller. The analgesic effects of Peppermint essential oil are especially effective when there is muscle pain. In order for this pain to be relieved, apply about 5 drops of essential oil directly to the sore spot. Leave it on for about a minute and then lubricate it with a small amount of carrier oil (preferably Jojoba oil) and let it stand in a sore spot until the oils have soaked into the skin. First, you may feel a freezing effect and then a feeling of pain releasing.

3. Energy booster and sedative at the same time

In the case of peppermint essential oil, I have noticed that it both increases energy levels and at the same time acts as a soothing hypnotic. Peppermint essential oil does not make you lazy or put you to sleep, so you shouldn't go to bed immediately after using it. If you want to move, it raises your energy level, helping you move, and if you want to fall asleep, it lets you do it. Peppermint puts control of your body in your hands and you can make your body work better for you. So use and burn Peppermint essential oil in an oil lamp when you want to get energy and also when you want to fall asleep. Peppermint essential oil helps to release the excess stress energy that is inside you and helps you feel better overall, which is also why I recommend Peppermint essential oil. If you feel that you want to improve your well-being, use it. It works wonders, it works great for me anyway.

4. Excess appetite suppressant

If you sometimes feel that you are eating too much or letting your unhealthy appetites take over, use Peppermint essential oil. Burn this oil in an oil lamp in the kitchen or on the dining table. It is very useful to do this, for example, at a time when there is more celebration and the table is very abundant. Inhaling peppermint essential oil can control your appetites and draw your attention to the foods you need rather than what you think you need. Peppermint essential oil helps to calm the ego-based diet and bring out an intuitive diet.

5. Muscle tension reliever

If you feel uncomfortable and your muscles are too tense, apply a few drops of essential oil with the carrier oil. Massage until the oils have penetrated the skin and the muscle tension has subsided. Muscle tension can occur as a result of strenuous physical activity or mental stress.

6. Breath freshener and antibacterial effect

Peppermint essential oil is known to have been used for over a thousand years and for a very long time as a breath freshener or because of its antibacterial effects. You can drip peppermint essential oil directly onto the toothpaste and brush your teeth with it. In this case, use only 2 drops of Peppermint essential oil and for the first time with great caution. Should this cause you any discomfort, stop using it immediately. Since I am not a doctor, but a provider of alternative therapy, everything must be done at your own risk. Peppermint essential oil suits me and I like it. You can also try it for yourself.

Peppermint has an antibacterial effect, as do all other essential oils. Peppermint essential oil can be used to destroy harmful bacteria. When you use it on your body, it does that, when you burn this oil in an oil lamp, it kills the bacteria that move around in your home air.

7. Against itching

Peppermint essential oil helps prevent itching. To do this, mix one teaspoon of carrier oil with 1-2 essential oils and massage this mixture into the itchy area. As Peppermint essential oil has an antibacterial effect, you can also use it for skin irritations.

8. Hair healer and dandruff remover

Peppermint essential oil has a great effect on hair and scalp. In general, essential oils are very useful in hair care, and I have loved to use essential oils in hair washing for years. Peppermint essential oil is a great hair care product if you want to make your hair stronger and thicker. Who doesn’t like it when her hair looks great? Peppermint essential oil has been studied and these studies have also shown that Peppermint helps to make hair stronger and thicker. Drip 5-8 drops of essential oil into your favourite shampoo and wash your head with this mixture. Essential oils must never come into contact with the eyes, so be careful when washing with essential oils.

In addition to giving life to your hair, Peppermint essential oil also helps to cleanse and keep your scalp clean. Peppermint essential oil helps to remove dirt from your scalp, helps to get rid of dandruff and prevents its formation.

It is especially useful to use different essential oils while washing your hair if you have particularly thick and fluffy hair, such as mine. Washing such hair is sometimes challenging, and if the essential oils help you to clean your hair quickly, easily and comfortably, why not make your life easier. My favourite essential oils for hair care in addition to Peppermint are Sage, Rosemary and Cedarwood.

9. With the anti-sunburn effect

How big a tanner are you? How much do you like to spend time in the sun? If a lot, then Peppermint essential oil is just for you. Apply a few drops of Peppermint oil to the carrier oil and apply it to the skin that is visible to the sun. Peppermint essential oil helps prevent sunburn and, if it already exists, it helps to recover quickly. Very useful oil in summer or warm weather and when you fly to a warm country to rest.

A mixture of peppermint and lavender essential oils against acne

Peppermint essential oil is very useful for acne-prone skin. Peppermint is especially useful when used with Lavender oil. Mix 2-3 drops of both essential oils with 1-2 teaspoons of full carrier oil. Choose the carrier oil that is generally suitable for your face and skin. Mix the mixture and apply it to the acne area, avoid getting into the eyes, nose and lips. Keep the mixture on the skin for ten minutes and then gently rinse off with warm water or clean your skin of excess oil with a damp towel. Repeat this healing ritual every day until you begin to see results.

You can get acquainted with the peppermint essential oil in the La Tene collection HERE.


Peppermint is not only a powerful healer of the physical body, it has many spiritual effects. Peppermint can be used to perform various rituals and magic. Peppermint has a certain power that can be used in rituals. Peppermint has a fairly strong effect and is therefore useful in such processes.

Peppermint is a plant that can be used in love rituals and magic. Peppermint has the power to heal, perfect and mobilize the energy of love. Peppermint invites love into the life of the person who uses it in one way or another. Peppermint helps to cultivate love energies at different levels. For example, Peppermint helps to love oneself or to cultivate that feeling towards one's loved ones, companion, world, nature or animals. If you feel that you could love more and enjoy life more at all, be sure to use Peppermint.

In addition to cultivating the energy of love, peppermint is a great trigger and activator of intuition. Peppermint helps open the mind and trigger visions. It is a cleansing plant that can remove misleading messages, visions and knowledge from the mind. Peppermint opens the eyes and perception in the direction of the real answers. It is useful to use peppermint just before going to bed, as it also opens up the channels needed to see dreams.

If you are doing any of my rituals or magic and Peppermint needs to be used in it, it is there to speed up this magical process. Peppermint helps speed up energies and is ideal for the life of a magical person.


The Heart Chakra is located just above your chest, where your heart is. The Heart chakra is the channel in the chakra system that is responsible for your emotional state. The Heart chakra holds in emotional pain, sadness, feelings, and many other important emotions. The Heart chakra needs to be healed because the pain that has accumulated in it that is experienced in life will be trapped there and block the work of this chakra. The Heart chakra, which does not work regularly, does not allow a person to feel love in his life, does not allow love to be expressed, accepted and blocks happiness on this subject. Love is very important in people's souls, so a lot of effort is needed on behalf of this chakra to make it work regularly. A person with a healed Heart chakra feels love everywhere in his life.

The Heart Chakra can be healed with Peppermint essential oil and also with crystals, which are the healers of the Heart chakra. The healing properties of Peppermint essential oil for the Heart chakra you will when, for example, you mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with 10 drops of essential oil and apply it to the entire Heart chakra (remember that it can make you feel cooling effect). Do this once a week to stimulate your heart chakra. Such a ritual has a pretty strong healing effect on this chakra. In addition, burn the peppermint essential oil in an oil lamp and inhale it.

To heal the Heart chakra, make yourself a tea regimen that lasts at least 10 days. Drink three cups of peppermint tea every day for exactly as many days in a row, and then you can expect the Heart chakra to make changes. Drinking tea has a slower effect, so you need to do more than using essential oil.

Green Aventurine and Fuchsite help to organize the Heart chakra very successfully. These crystals are worth wearing for a long time if you want to free the blockades in the Heart chakra. When healing the chakras, it is important to use different tactics, plants and crystals to get the result.

As I wrote this article, I enjoyed several cups of peppermint tea, and next to me, three different oil lamps burned large amounts of peppermint essential oil. After writing all this for you, I feel energetic, full of vitality and powerfully light. Peppermint is really wonderful!