A ritual that activates the energy that brings you work-related success and wealth. With magical rituals, you can activate certain energies that will help to bring you what want in your life. This ritual helps to bring you success at work and to activate the movement of money and wealth energy. Perform this ritual when you want to be more successful at work and increase your wealth. The purpose of this magic is to bring opportunities to your life through which you could fulfil yourself at work and move upwards in your position. In addition, this ritual is beneficial for activating the overall money energy. 

When is the right time for the ritual and where to do it? 

The perfect time for the ritual for work success and wealth is during the Full Moon, the day before and the day after. The Full Moon has a very strong energy charge and that’s why this is the perfect time for the ritual. 

You don’t have to perform this ritual at that time, you can also do it when the cosmic powers favour becoming successful, growing wealth energy or when the prosperous energies are intense. 

Find the right place for the ritual in your home’s East or South-East quarter. These quarters symbolise prosperity and wealth. When you already have a prosperity altar in one of these quarters then it would be very good to do the ritual there. 


1. Matches
2. Paper (about 10×10 cm) and a pencil
3. Green thread
4. Patchouli essential oil and oil lamp
5. Green candle

6. Tea light candle (for the oil lamp)
7.tumbled Green Aventurine
8. 1 rough Green Aventurine
9.tumbled Yellow Jasper
10.Pyrite (can be tumbled, geode or cube-shaped)

# Objects needed for the ritual can’t be replaced by other objects as the ritual only works when you put these elements together. 

# The ritual is very easy as the objects in the recipe already have the energy of work related success and wealth. Magic needs to be done from the bottom of the heart and with a commitment for the objects to start working for you. 

# The bigger the candle you use in the ritual, the more successful the activation and launching of the ritual is. You can also use a Spruce ritual- & magic candle

# Patchouli essential oil and a green candle will help to link the crystals and the spell together and activate them. 

Activate and launch the ritual... 

First, find a heat resistant base where you can place a candle to burn. Then, place the candle where (East or South East Quarter) it can stay for a few weeks. Then, near the candle, place the oil lamp and fill it with water. 

Light the green candle and then the tea light candle you’ll place to burn in the oil lamp. When you light both of the candles say the spell 8 times in a row (loudly or in your thoughts)


When the candle has been lit and the spell has been said exactly 8 times, then you can go ahead with the ritual. Now, take the paper and write that same spell on the paper 8 times. When it doesn’t fit on one side, then continue writing it on the other side. 

When it’s done, place all 4 crystals on the paper. Let them stay there and go forward with the ritual.

Take Patchouli essential oil and put (on the water) exactly 8 drops of oil. When this is done, put both hands on the crystals placed on the paper. When your hands are on the crystals, repeat the spell again exactly 8 times. 

When you’ve done it, take the crystals and place them besides the candle and the oil lamp. Roll the paper and tie it together with the green thread. Drop some wax from the green candle (really carefully and only a small amount, just enough for the whole thread to be covered with the wax). 

When the wax is on the paper and hardened, take the bottle of Patchouli essential oil and put one drop of it on the paper. Then, put 7 drops of it in the oil lamp. Set the paper roll beside the crystal or in the middle of them. 

Now, after this, you’ve put a spell on them, activated the crystals and magic will start to work. When all the steps are done, allow the candle to burn and an oil lamp to work for as long as possible on the day you performed the ritual. When the candle in the oil lamp goes out, put the green candle also out. 

The objects of that ritual should be in their place for as long only a few centimetres of the candle are left. Until then (it may take a few weeks, it depends on the size of the candle) burn the candle every day and when you set it to burn, at the same time, burn Patchouli essential oil in the oil lamp (it doesn’t matter how much essential oil you’ll burn). Every time you light the candle (both, the green candle and tea light candle), repeat the spell 8 times. Ritual is completely launched and activated when the candle is finished. 

When the candle has been burned, take the crystals and paper roll and keep them together in the same quarter you performed the ritual. I recommend you to find a box or bag for the ritual objects. This ritual helps to bring work-related success and wealth to you. This is a valuable ritual you shouldn't take apart, but, rather, allow it to work in your home for your personal luck. When you move, take the ritual with you! 

One day, when for a reason you wish to let go of the ritual, then taking the crystals to nature and burning the paper is enough, When the crystals are together and the paper by their side, until then the ritual works for your luck. 

When you’ve done magic and rituals for increasing work-related success, wealth and prosperity, then this ritual can complement your collection of rituals. This magic won’t need cleansing energetically on its own. Monthly Sage cleansing is enough. 

Ritual can only come true when you do it with full commitment, with all honesty and with a good feeling. Have a wonderful ritual!