Have you ever watched the time precisely at 17:17 and this has somehow fascinated you, captured your attention or simply stopped once in thoughts. If you by accident see the time and the clock says exactly 17:17 and your thoughts are caught, then this message was sent to you by an Angel existing beside you. Noticing this number on a clock is mystical, and if this comes with an emotion that indicates that this is not just a time, then this emotion was given to you by that very same Angel who was beside your at that time,  and, of course, he also gave you this message


I have previously talked a lot about how Angels try to contact us, and the stronger your connection with the Angel world is, the more Angel crystals there are in your life, the more Angels will start to connect with you. Angels send combinations of numbers to you, so that you would read a message from that secret language, that you need to know exactly that moment. Again and again, I remind that you need to translate Angel messages right away so that they won´t get lost in translation. Trying to understand them, later on, is very difficult.


I’m helping you to understand what the time 17:17 means in the Angel world, and the meaning only goes for the exact combination, which means it won’t apply to 17:11or, for example, 17.01. 17:17 meaning also goes for 1717, when it appears into your life in some other context.


Angel message with enormous power and request!


Angel message 17:17 is a very special number, it comes to your way when you need some kind of higher advice, direction and support. Don’t undervalue the power of Angels and the signs they send you. When you see 17:17, then you see it for a reason.


The number 1 in this combination symbolises a beginning, start or a possibility. It’s really good that the first part of this Angel message is number 1.


The number 7 in this combination symbolises awareness, wisdom, understanding, self-development or, even, spiritual enlightenment. Number 7 being the second number means an order. An order to develop something!


When you put these two number together and double then, that is, 2 ones and 2 sevens, then we’ll get 1717. And the meaning is...


When these Angel messages come to you, then it’s obviously a higher message that it’s time for you to step out from your comfort zone and to fill your time with real and needed activities. This is like a reprimand and an appeal that, firstly, you shouldn’t waste yourself in this life, and, secondly, you need to evolve in this life.


When this number comes to your path, then be good and find this place in your life that’s a comfort zone. What is it you don’t want to do? What is it you’re blocking in your life? When you won’t find an answer to this then you can’t open your eyes enough or you can’t notice your own flaws. A spirit spiritually growing and evolving can see the flaws in itself, this is an important part of development. Try to find the place where you’re not putting your effort in enough and trying to go on comfortably. When this Angel message comes to you, then it won’t come without a reason.


When you’ve found it, understood what you need to do – start doing it! Move something in your life, change something about yourself and the request your Angels made can only be successful.


Angel message 17:17 comes to your life when you’re simply standing still in your path of fate. You need to work and act to reach the stars. Without the steps you make, not a single door of future can open.


When you see this number, set yourself a goal. Set a goal towards what you’ll start to go.


The most important thing about this message is that you’ll start to work towards a new direction and change something in your life both spiritually and physically. Even when you can’t fully understand the meaning behind this number, the direction you should move to, every move is possibly a good thing for you.


When you start working with Angels and doing innovations, then Angels will help to open a new door in your fate. Which door? Let this be a surprise for you.


Angel messages are unconditional help around us, by accepting them it’s good to react to them. Having a reaction helps us in life to move toward the right and beneficial direction.


In addition to all 1717 has brought to your path, it also carries another request. A request from the Angels! They want you to be a good example for yourself, for people close to you and for the whole society. Do something that would inspire others and would add something good to the world.


Consciously create yourself a better, more intense and more clear connection with the Angel world for yourself. For that, create yourself a special altar where you keep crystal to connect with Angels. It would be really good to have an Angel shaped crystals there, like Opalite Angels with Celectite geode, Desert Rose and many other Angels crystals. 


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