Remind yourself, when was the last time someone insulted you or when was the last time you were offended. Insulting necessarily doesn’t have to mean being offended. Getting offended is your own decision, you’ll do it or you won’t do it. Getting insulted could happen anywhere, at any time, in any situation, because we live in an ill world and society. When everything would be nice and well, then things like “insulting” or “getting offended” couldn’t exist. I couldn’t talk about this when it wouldn’t exist. We live in an unhealthy world, therefore it happens that you will be offended or you offend someone knowingly or unknowingly. I’m giving you inspiration to not become the victim of insulting. Simply don’t and you’ll end this vicious circle from your side.


The question will certainly arise – when you’re offended, then why shouldn’t you be offended? Yes, of course, you have the right for it, we all have, but the question is, is it necessary? Is this the best solution or reaction to the insult? Actually, it’s not a solution, nor the best reaction. This is human, but not necessarily the healthiest way to look at this.


I’m giving you ideas on why not to be offended, and I recommend following my instructions next time you, unfortunately, get insulted. Trust me, you’ll feel much lighter and better later on. Your soul will grow to be more efficient and stronger when you follow my thoughts.


1. It bitters you, even when you’re not noticing it


When you let someone’s insult, let it be a little or a big one, to touch your heart, then it poisons you. You can have really strong values and a good heart, but it still could make you bitter. Getting offended is like a poison you use on yourself. The person insulting you is the courier. Let’s call him the “poison courier”. You have the power to open it or leave it. You can always say no, you don’t always have to accept what other people give you. Just like you sometimes say no to sweets you’re being offered, you can say no to getting offended. Don’t accept it, cancel it!


Getting offended poisons you, it ruins your balance, erases the beauty, charm and positivity in you. Getting offended is especially harmful when you’re weak, spiritually weak. Weakened Heart Chakra has a big role in spiritual weakness. When you allow yourself to be offended by someone’s insults, then you’re making yourself much weaker. Grow yourself, make yourself stronger. When you cannot resist at that moment and still let the insult to reach your heart, then remember what I said. Trust me, it helps.


2. Being offended blocks your goodness, sharing it and showing it out


When you get offended, then subconsciously close your Heart Chakra off, which, in turn, means that you can’t and won’t share the love in a moment like this. When you can’t share love, then you sow problems around you and endanger your relationships with other people. When you get offended, then you’ll shut down, you can’t be unconditionally good and lovable. Is getting offended worth it? Is it worth it that someone else close to you doesn’t deserve your love and goodness during that time? When you let the poison insulter sent to you into your heart, then you accidentally, being unaware of the fact, poison other people close to you. That’s why they say again and again that people close to you will get all the anger someone has caused in you. You’ll start to send the poison to others and will end up in a vicious circle. Think about it, when you’re offended, then you’ll give up on getting offended and will momentarily continue to move towards your direction and won’t end up in a ditch somewhere. Evil can’t be fought with evil, only goodness and love will conquer evil.


3. When you give up on getting offended, you give up on relationships falling apart


Insults could happen out of the blue and come from anywhere. The person who insults you isn’t necessarily a stranger, it could be a person who is very close to you. The person could be your own partner, friends, co-worker or relative.


When the insulter happens to be a person close to you and you decide to be offended (let the insult be any kind), then you already give fate the chance to broke off your relationship. Of course, he himself gives a push for it, but part of the fate of the relationship is also in your hands. Before getting offended, think strongly about whether you want to see the insulter (a person close to you) in your life any more, do you want to spend time with him in the future? When you do want to spend time with him in the future, then give up on getting offended.


In situations like this, don’t let impulsive emotions to lead you astray. Feel, sense and analyse the situation. Ask yourself, why did he do this to you? Did he express his own negative situation or anger simply to you? Or was it truly an unforgivable act or words? Analyse.


4. In the end, it does no good


Let’s be honest, getting offended is completely pointless. It simply has no point, it’s not useful for you. I always keep thinking about how to live well and get on with life. Not in a selfish way, rather in a way where I would value and love myself. This is what I teach you, to others and many more in the future. What do you gain from getting offended? You will get a thoroughly bad and ruined day. This waists life, your valuable time. The more you appreciate yourself, your health and balance, the more you start to understand how important it is to stay away from similar emotions or to get rid of them as soon as possible. Even when you get offended, try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Try to understand why you ended up in a situation like this, did you deserve it or were they other people’s problems you got caught up into. When you did deserve it, then learn from it, change yourself. When you simply got in the way of someone, then don’t take it personally.


Why do people offend others? To put it shortly – insults come from people who have worries, problems and bitterness in certain levels in themselves. When you’re spiritually healthy, loving, kind and positive minded, then you won’t offend anyone. The more insults come out of you, the more poisoned your soul is. 


Fluorite is one of the best crystals you can use for keeping insults away and to block getting offended they have caused. Fluorite is the crystal of mind, intuition and wisdom. A crystal that helps to see the current situation clearly and to quickly analyse it. Understand why it happened, what you have to learn from a situation like this and what would be the best way to react. Carry a piece of Fluorite with you when you wish to handle situations like this better and to know how to solve them successfully. When you know that you have to meet with someone who is a typical insulter, then be sure to have Fluorite in hand.


In addition to Fluorite, it would also be good to carry Onyx, Black Obsidian and Hematite with you. These crystals are also wonderful protectors of the spirit and also help you in many different ways.


The most important thing for you is to know how to love and value yourself and keep yourself balanced. Always give up on getting offended. When you’re hurt and humiliated, then move away from that person’s life. Step away with your head high, be a winner and a strong person, but don’t get offended!