There are a lot of links and goals between souls. There is also a type of soulmate called a soul friend, that is a friend soulmate. This is someone who has a big part in your life and who is here for you. Soulmates, no matter what goal they have, will always be important for your life. People often ask me about different soulmate connections and there is great interest in those who are close friends, people wish to know why one or another soul is in their life. Today I’m telling you about a soul friend, what’s his purpose, how you can recognize one and I’m giving you recommendations about the relationship with the two of you.

A soul friend is someone you have a platonic relationship with. You consider a soul friend to be your friend, but not all your friends are soul friends. Only a few will become one and not many have had a spiritual connection like that. A soul friend will not come to every life so when you don’t have one now or never, then it’s okay. Connections between souls are created for a reason and who has a soul friend will also need one.

I’m giving you tips on how to distinguish soul friends from your friends. For that, focus on your closest friends and, at the same time, analyse them when you read my article.

Remember – who is your soul friend has you as his soul friend as well!

He is not afraid to have a different opinion as you do

A soul friend is the one who is not afraid to tell you his opinion. He is not afraid of you and won’t keep himself back when he is not agreeing with you. When he has a different opinion then he says it and you’ll listen. With a soul friend, you won’t get the feeling that he is attacking you. When you get the feeling for a moment, then you’ll soon understand that it was your problem that you read something from it. Soul friends can share their opinions without it ruining their relationship in the big picture.

Disputes and accepting them is a needed part with soul friends. They have to accept their disputes because they carry much-needed discussions in them. Soul friends won’t simply disagree, they debate and bring out the good and bad from where they stand. This kind of discussions will evolve and take you forward. Soul friends are the ones who evolve each other’s view on the world.

He is one of the first friends you share with what happens in your life

He is the one whom you contact first to share something big about your life. There is a great need between the two of you to share quickly everything that’s new and exciting. When you have experienced something like this, then he will get to know it soon. When you discover something then you share your joy with him quickly, when you have gotten shocking news, you’ll tell him about your shock.

When something grand, positive or shocking happens to us, then it releases a fast movement of energies in our Chakras. This, in turn, increases the level of energy, blood pressure and being headless. To ground this and balance energies, we need to share what happened with someone. Your extremely positive energy flow, anger or any other kind of exaggerated emotion is something only he can digest and take on. Not everyone can handle this, but he can.

He tells you what you need to hear

A soul friend is the one who tells you honestly what you need to hear about yourself, someone else or something. He will not hide the truth from you when he sees you’ve gotten lost or when you need to be lead away from problems. He won’t keep smart ideas and perspicacity to himself. Soul friends have the enormous need to help you and you have the need to help him. This comes naturally.

A soul friend is the one whose direct words you can take on because one of his goals is to help, guide and lead you in life. That’s why you won’t take his words as criticism and dominating.

He won’t compete with others

No matter how good you or he are doing, you won’t compete with each other. Often people will start to rival with each other without a reason, to compete. You’re not competing. There is no need for you two to be better than the other, more talented.

Soul friends are not competing with each other, because the purpose of this connection is to support each other.

He knows your secrets and you know his

Soul friend knows the darker sides of your life and things the public eye should not know. Why so? Because he is the person you can trust and with whom you feel you need him to share your very personal things. With soul friends, you’ll get a strong need to share the most personal things. My recommendation is that the most important thing is to learn to keep your soul friend’s secrets like gold so that nothing could accidentally get into the wrong hands.

Soul friends goal is to fulfil your Throat Chakra’s natural needs, which is the cleansing of this Chakra. When you keep something within yourself that is too big and emotional and when there is no one you can share it with, then the Throat Chakra will get sick. But there are things we can’t always share with everybody. But, as a lot of stress-energy needs to be exited through the Throat Chakra, then the soul friends is the one who helps this Chakra to be healthy. You can talk to him about very personal matters and every time you do this it will be like breathing.

When you’re wounded then he is wounded

Soul friends take each other’s pain very personally. For example, when your life at the moment is not easy, your in the turmoil of big troubles and pain, then he has it the same way. He feels your pain and you feels his.

You understand each other's feelings. It’s necessary because one of the goals of soul friends is to help get rid of the pain quite quickly or move forward from a tough period in life. 

Joint happiness, applauding to success and constant motivation speeches

A soul friend is the one who shares your joys with you. Just the way you share his. When one of you does well or you’re successful, then both of you can feel like it’s your own achievement – your joint success. When he is happy, then it makes your day better and the other way around. When you’re successful in something and have made one of your dreams come true, then he fully supports you. There are constant motivational speeches, it could even be said that your way with words is the best when you’re by his side. Sometimes both of you could wonder how good motivators you are for each other. When you two spend time together then you could even feel how you have everything to conquer the world together.

The purpose of soul friends is to keep each other vital and lively. For that purpose, there is a natural need to celebrate success, applaud each other and give pep talks when there is a need for one.

A thing you’re not interested in could be something he makes interesting for youThere is something very interesting between soul friends no other soulmate connection has. Your soul friend is the one who can make a very boring thing into something interesting. For example, when you’re not interested in astrophysics, but one day he will start to tell you about the creation of stars and the speed of light, then you’ll go along with him, will begin to visualize and see the interesting side in this story. Or when he is not interested in healthy eating and you tell him about the need for fresh food and drinking clean water, then he will listen to you intently. Soul friends can lead attention to things that first really won’t interest you.

This quality of soul friends is also one of their life purposes. A soul friend is someone who should make your world bigger and therefore you’ll naturally go along with your soul friends interests.

You don’t have to be in constant contact with each other because you have a telepathic connection

Soul friends don’t have to be together constantly. They are in a continuous telepathic connection but are not always there for each other physically. Soul friends may not see each other always but they are always in each other's thoughts or share their ideas by writing or calling to each other. They are always connected and won’t lose it with distance. Actually, this is with every soulmate type – you have a telepathic connection with each other. This is so because you have the same purpose and to fulfil it you shouldn’t lose each other.

In better and worse

Soul friends know each other good and strong sides. At the same time, they have seen each other most heartbreaking moments and negative character traits. A soul friend is with you in better and worse. By seeing or witnessing your worse side he will not be the one who would abandon you, criticise, judge or label you. He won’t leave you for your unlearned sides ("mistakes", I prefer to define them as unlearned tasks). He accepts you!

A soul friend cannot leave you behind when you’re in your worst times. He can’t do it because otherwise, he couldn’t fulfil his life purpose. When he would leave at that moment, then there wasn’t a soul friend connection between you but he was simply one of your friends during that time.

What else should you know about soul friends...

A soul friend is one very valuable soulmate type who can be in your life or be there once. You should cherish and value your soul friend. That’s why I’m writing to you with my thoughts on soul friends to value the right people even more and be thankful for them.

We don’t choose soul friends to our lives consciously, these are agreements made before we were born to this world. A soul friend is someone who comes from your previous life, from life before or even further away. He is someone who played an important part the last time when your paths crossed. As my path in life is linked to defining the spiritual and mystical world, then today I have made the conclusion that a soul friend was one of your brothers or sisters in your past life. He is the brother or sister you then learned to love and cherish. That’s why the soul friends relationship is never anything more than platonic.

A soul friend is a person who comes to your life at a certain moment of life and stays there for a very long time. You two are separated when your task for each other is done. When it happens one day, then both of you will move on knowing that you had to let each other go. A situation will come up where you feel like you have given each other enough and you will have very colourful memories. Often, you are separated by death in this life, this means that many soul friends will walk through this life side by side until a victorious end. When soul friends let go of each other beforehand, then a fateful turn should come up for this in one or another's life, like moving abroad or some other bigger change.

Soul friend lucky crystal is MOONSTONE.

Moonstone is a crystal that can work for the right purpose between the connections of different types of soulmates and spirits. Moonstone is the crystal that helps, for example, to direct you to the right path with soul friends, help him properly and this helps to get the most of the connection between you two. Wear Moonstone to strengthen your connection with your soul friends This crystal helps this valuable friendship to come to your life.

Give Moonstone to your soul friend to symbolise the friendship between you two. Even more perfect and lucky would be when you both have Moonstone given to each other. Let Moonstone be the symbol of your friendship and the connection of souls!

Understanding why one or another person has been sent to our path helps us to understand better mostly ourselves and our path in life.