Love is one of the most important parts of life. Who wouldn’t want to be loved or be with a person he loves sincerely and truly. Love is looked for when one is alone. Love is wanted to make more powerful when one is with his loved one. There is always something that rotates around love. Did you know that zodiac signs and all other astrological signs give us a lot to be a certain type of lovers and the chance to experience certain types of love? Our indicators create certain character traits to us that entwine without unique personality and create a whole. There are four different elements to which all 12 zodiac signs belong to. There is fire, earth, air and water. Every element has three signs and this element gives the constellation certain character traits. I’m helping you to understand what water-element gives in love to signs carrying the water-element - these are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. All of them are very different signs when they are all affected by water.

Let this article be a good guide to their hearts. When one of these zodiac signs is your partner, then take my words as something that brings peace because they will help you to come to terms with the more special sides of your lover and helps you to value them. When you’re looking for love, then let this article be a guide to the heart of these signs. Think and analyse can you be in a relationship with one of these signs and accept the side water-element has given to them. But, remember, every person is unique and in addition to the character traits their sign has given them, these people are a whole lot more. Here are small tips about what Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces need in a relationship, what they search for or what they have to offer for the relationship.

Water-element people are known as very sensitive people. Water-element makes people deeply romantic, fickle and they need beauty for their life. These are the traits all have. Although Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces represent water-element, they are still very different and they have their own take on love.

Cancer, for example, is the one who characteristically leads the relationship and is the initiator or the driver of the relationship. He knows how to begin a relationship and to give both him and the other side a chance. He has the ability to notice what’s the problem in the relationship when it’s not moving forward and not working. He notices because he doesn’t want a poor relationship and he tries to find solutions or add some spice to it. Anyhow, he won’t settle for less than the relationship he has imagined in his head. He can be unhappy until he can make the relationship perfect for him. He is happy when his ideas and fantasies become alive. Cancer is definitely the one who works for the relationship from his point of view. When you want a relationship with someone who wants to shape the relationship then Cancer could be your choice. When you’re in a relationship with a Cancer then give him the freedom to shape the relationship as he likes so he wouldn’t be unhappy.

Cancer is the one who expresses his heart matters through his emotions. He is very emotional. When you want an emotional and expressive partner by your side then choosing him you can be a certain thing. When you’re in a relationship with a Cancer then you can’t blame him for his over emotionality (honestly!). Let him be who he is, he can’t tone down his emotions, it’s impossible (really!), because it just happens.

Water-element has given Cancer the chance to be the one in a relationship who feels the pain with her when his partner is feeling down. But crying together won’t pay off for long, because Cancer is the one who generates a solution to solve the problem. So, Cancer is the one who can live through hard emotions with you, be supportive and lift you up later on and direct you to things to improve. The fact that he lives heavy feelings through with you does not mean he is weak.

Cancer wants his partner to accept his rich emotions and some cheering, even a lot of cheering. When you’re in a relationship with him, then jump with him when he is happy-go-lucky! When you want a relationship with a Cancer, then don’t hold yourself back to go along with his emotions.

In addition, Cancer is the one who needs a partner who, from time to time, takes care of him. Water-element brings out the motherly need in Cancer to take care of someone, both in women and men. Cancer is the one who wants to pamper, caress and help. But this need comes in waves, this feeling comes when the winds are right. Let's say it like this when you don’t want to be cared for, then, please, do not direct your glaze to Cancer. But when you love being pampered and cherished, then Cancer will be the perfect partner.

Scorpio is very different from Cancer. What Cancer has in the love department, Scorpio does not have. By choosing your love from a water-element pick Scorpio when you want mystery and mysticism for your life. Scorpio is the most emotional one among water-elements and the most sensitive one, but, at the same time, the strongest and he stands up for himself. Scorpio is the one whose love becomes deeper and deeper by the days when you have won his heart. In his head, Scorpio creates a separate value to the relationship, he needs someone with whom he can entwine his life. When you’re looking for love where you’re made into a very integral and important person, then Scorpio can do this very well. He is by far not like Cancer who pampers and needs someone by his side to take care of. Scorpio really loves an independent person who really won’t need to be taken care of. When Scorpio is with his independent partner, then he cherishes and pampers him. Independence is very attractive to him.

Scorpio learns about his partner daily, he analyses and investigates you and that’s why he can lock his partner to his heart. When he loves you then he won’t let go of you. When you’re looking for a very passionate and committed lover, then, among water-elements, it’s definitely Scorpio.

With water-elements, Scorpio is the one who is the most stubborn one and his emotional side is very deep, often restrained and mysterious. He can explode any minute when something makes him happy or disappointed. When you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio, then sudden bursts of joy and anger are so common with them that you have to learn to live with them. Anger usually comes out when expressing sadness or disappointment. Most of the time, it even won’t symbolise anger. This is simply the way he expresses himself. Water-element is the one leading Scorpio’s emotions. When you’re looking for a partner who could be expressive then Scorpio would be a very good choice.

Scorpio is the person where heaven and hell meet. All the emotions could be over the top when something touches his soul negatively or positively. His partner should definitely be a person who can put up with intense emotions and strong personality. When you prefer someone who is more restricted and won’t express himself intensely, then Scorpio should not be your choice.

Water-element effect brings him the need to be with a person who can stand up for himself, even when it’s him she needs to stand up with. Scorpio enjoys a strong nature and a lover who is not afraid to live. There is a potential partner for everyone in this world, for Scorpio an independent person is the best choice.

Water-element makes Scorpio into a very deep lover, he doesn’t want a shallow relationship. When you wish to have good relations with him, then you have to understand that Scorpio won’t take you obviously and even less he wants something like this from you. When you’re not showing him how much you care for him that he is the true “one”, then this is what turns him off. Even when your feelings for him are big, then he is the one who every now and then needs a reminder that you have feelings like this. Scorpio needs to physically know that you’re as into him as he is into you. Therefore, when you’re a bit modest in expressing your feelings, then when you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio you need to be on the same page with him when it comes to expressing feelings so nothing would be lost. Scorpio is a very intense lover and is perfect for you when you expect passion.

Pisces is the last zodiac sign with a water-element. Pisces share their more emotional side with Scorpio and Cancer, this is what water-element gives them. Pisces are both emotional and sensitive. Pisces have the ability to sense emotions in a very fine and deep level, including his partner’s feelings, to notice his worries and even to understand when his partner is not expressing them or talking about this. Pisces is the most far-sighted zodiac sign among water-elements. This creates the possibility to understand you even when you’re not sharing your feelings and thoughts. But this does not mean that Pisces likes to guess things, far from it. They like verbal self-expression and this is what he expects from his partner. But, when words are not enough, then Pisces is the one who looks into your heart to see what words can’t explain.

When you’re in a relationship with a Pisces then you should not blame him for trying to define you. This is not his way to control you, but this is his way to understand you and to create an even deeper connection with you. When you’re a certain type of a person who likes to have a distance in a relationship and be more on your own, then you would make a big mistake when you start a relationship with Pisces. When you like getting to know each other fully and share your life like its both of your life, then Pisces is the perfect partner for you. He wants a relationship without any secrets and surprises.

Some may feel its too intrusive or suffocating. But actually, its the water-elements need to understand his partner. All water-element zodiac signs have their need to get connected. Cancer is the one who needs himself the right to take care, Scorpio the one who needs the right to let you into his heart and Pisces needs the right to know completely.

When Cancer and Scorpio are the ones who are more levelled and only cause waves when there is a storm, then Pisces is the one whose emotions come in cycles, he is not lead by storms. Emotions come in cycles according to the life period and environment Pisces is at. Pisces is more like water taking over the form he is at. Therefore, the Pisces partner has to accept it and take his changeable mind as part of his character. Pisces are constantly on the go and changing. When you find it attractive that your partner changes over time and there is no one-sidedness, then Pisces is very good for you. But, when you love concreteness, routine and are afraid of excitement, then keep away from Pisces.

Pisces is one of the most misinterpreted signs because of his changing mind the water-element gave him. Pisces can be everything you want to see in him and, in the next moment, everything you don't expect him to be. It all depends on how you behave with him. As his lover direct what you expect from him into him.

Pisces needs someone who could understand and accept him just the way he is. When you can do this, then he is the one who covers you with his kindness and love. Pisces is not the one who wants to be your mother, use you or get by life easier through you. He simply wants someone to accept him and be romantic. You need to know how to get along with his magic and to dream about prettier dreams and make them into reality with him. All Pisces are hardened romantics.

PINK OPAL is the love luck crystal for all water-elements. Into a relationship, Pink Opal brings along love and understanding. Pink Opal is especially useful for relationships between both water-elements. For example, when Pisces and Cancer or Scorpio and Scorpio are in a relationship. When your loved one is one of these water-elements then definitely have one or more Pink Opals in your home. Keep this crystal with other love crystals in front of your and your partner's picture or in the bedroom. Pink Opal helps to reduce discords, make the relationship more understanding, balanced, passionate and deeper. Just the way Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces want it to be.

To understand people’s character you have to add up all his astrological and numerological indicators and create a whole picture from that. Read an article I have written about how to interpret astrological and numerological articles from HERE.