Respecting yourself is an important ability to be confident or to become confident. The respect we offer to ourselves is a medicine that helps the insecurity in your soul to leave and replace it with strength. Respecting yourself is not always as easy as it seems. That’s why I have written down my thoughts on how to help you to analyse yourself and gather inspiration when you have lost your respect.


A lot of people suffer from the lack of confidence and when you feel like you’re on the same path then know that you’re not alone in it. Unity is what moves us forward, even when it’s about something like this. A problem like having no respect for yourself is not something you would hear from other people and that’s why you may feel like you alone are that weak. This definitely won’t show your weakness, lets simply name it wavering from your path. You’re not weak, you have lost yourself – there is a difference between these two. Because I heal people, I know the problems people have. Having no respect for yourself is a very widespread problem, I see it quite often. But, this can be solved, you simply have to get your act together and motivate yourself to respect yourself.


Respecting yourself means that you know your value, make yourself aware of your strong and weak sides, won’t underestimate your own value and, also, won’t overvalue it. Respecting yourself means a balanced self consciousness. When you have no respect for yourself then you can’t see yourself as someone important. But, even worse would be when a person puts too much value on himself. This is where cynicism and self-centeredeness will grow out of. What I try to achieve with you is a full self-respect that won’t cross borders on one side or the other.


Why it’s important to respect yourself? Respecting yourself and having self-esteem stops others from using you. When you’re not respecting yourself, then you’re a great target for those who have allowed themselves to grow into a cynical and egoistical person. They will grab the person who has no respect for himself because they allow to be used. When you have no respect for yourself, then you have no limits, you can go along with activities and people who are not good for you and the ones not respecting you. Respect for yourself helps you to create borders, healthy borders we need to keep dangers or harmful things or people away from us. In addition, respect for yourself helps you to be more successful in any part of your life. I have never felt envy when I see that I can help someone to grow into a better and stronger person. This won’t take anything from me, it gives me something. This gives me the knowledge that the society is becoming healthier. Lately, I have often heard: "Tene, aren’t you afraid that teaching people to be stronger and more aware is dangerous for you or weakens you? I’m convinced that when you are sincerely strong, true and can share love then this can’t make you weak. This is our goal – to help others. Besides, what good would I have from my abilities and knowledge when I wouldn’t share them and only use them on myself. I help to open your eyes and become stronger.


Respect for yourself helps you to get rid of injustice. From the injustice, you have power over yourself. By valuing yourself you can be like a border patrol who says which energies you allow to enter and which not. Without this guard, everyone who wants can walk in.


I’m sharing my ideas about having no respect and having respect. These are typical character traits you can use to recognize yourself. Analyse them and find out which group you belong to.




1. You allow others to hurt you without fighting for yourself.


2. You can’t say “no” when you really want to.


3. You’re afraid to know what others think about you.


4. You’re not seeing your skills, talents and you’re not noticing what you’re good at.


5. You’re not content with your life and you’re not happy.


6. You are there for everyone but there is no one there for you.


7. You find it hard to express yourself when things could be unpleasant for someone.


8. You’re okay with less than you’re really okay with.


9. You’re exhausted after helping someone.


10. You can feel or notice how you attract “users”.


When you have no respect for yourself, then you can end up in situations where someone else takes the right to be rude and offensive with you. When you know that you haven’t earned a behaviour like this, then actually you should end this unfairness. When you have no respect for yourself then you won’t end it, you allow all of this to happen. There are people who are not respecting themselves who cause a lot of problems and that’s why they fall for accusations and insults. When you’re not respecting yourself, then other people may not respect you too, but this is not a certain rule.


When you don’t respect yourself, then you may have less at work than you deserve. This when your lack of self respect hasn’t become cynical. With cynicism, you’re demanding more than you’re willing to work for. There are two kinds of lack of respect at work, but you should not be either side. Be fair – when you put in the effort, then expect the same, if not, then don’t


You shut your eye when someone is not trustworthy with you, deceiving or bad. When you’re not respecting yourself, then you’ll be okay with friends who use your trust and share your personal information. In a romantic relationship, you’ll shut your eye when you’re being lied to or cheated on. You’re doing all of this when you’re not respecting yourself.


With lack of respect, you won’t have very big beliefs to live by. Even when you have those then they will be shallow. The ones that can be changed easily, be shaped and affected by someone else who seems a stronger personality for you. You’re letting your beliefs to change easily and try to go along with what’s going on in the society.


You’re aware of people who affect you badly and there are energy vampires in your life. But, despite of that, you’re with these people, hang around them or let them find you. When you’d respect yourself then you wouldn’t let anyone else eat your energy. Read about energy vampires from HERE, to understand better what I mean with this.


When you’re part of this group then don’t let any of this put you down. Look at the bright side of things – you’re now aware that you learned something important about yourself, and now, when you know that you still have to learn this task (respecting yourself), then you can start learning. I wrote down inspiring ideas at the end of the article that could help you to learn to respect yourself.




1. You can take care of yourself and give healing to your body.


2. You value your needs, know your worth and know how to bring them about.


3. You feel like you’re capable and can stand up for yourself.


4. You have the energy to work for your dreams and ambitions.


5. You know how to protect yourself from someone/something.


6. You know that all people are equal and no one should think of himself as higher than others.


7. You make an effort and work for a good goal.


8. You trust yourself, your intuition and the sensing of all of your soul.


9. You know how to be happy and feel joy for the good things in your life or people.


10. You know how to say “no” when you feel like you should not do something.


When you respect yourself, then you won’t let anyone to behave badly with you and say bad things to you. When someone should insult you then you’ll step up and stop that kind of behaviour towards you. When you respect yourself then it’s not an option that someone mistreats you.


When you respect yourself, then at work you won’t be okay with less than you’re worth. When you know that you put in the effort then you’ll expect a fair pay.


You let go of people you know, friends or even partners you cannot trust. When you respect yourself then you won’t be okay with a one-sided relationship. Respecting yourself makes you fair, and when you feel like you put in respect, trust and sincerity to the relationship and you’re not getting any then you’ll lose interest for that kind of relationship.


For respecting yourself you won’t let your beliefs linked to being part of the society and being accepted walk away from you. When you respect yourself then you’ll be certain of yourself. For example, I’m a vegan. Today, most of the people are not, and many even can’t understand veganism. To be part of the society I won’t give up on my beliefs, in this case, veganism. This is my principle, a very useful and good principle, something I stand up for, because I respect my choice.


When you have earned respect, then you very consciously set your borders with energy vampirism. When you’re aware that one or another person is like an energy vampire for you, then you avoid that person. It’s not that you’re afraid, but you consciously won’t let yourself get together with a person who can harm you. When there is no way out, then that’s the moment you’ll wear your protection crystals. Read more about energy vampires from HERE.


When you’re part of this group then I’m proud of you because you have achieved one of the most important things.


For inspiration to those who want to learn how to have respect for themselves!


Firstly, you have to learn to love yourself and not for what you’re achieving but for who you simply are. Look into the mirror and tell yourself: "I’m superwoman/man!" This is me, one of a kind, therefore exclusive and rare. You’re unique. Repeat it until you can finally convince yourself. Do it for every day and definitely when you feel like you’re not a superhero.


Learn to trust yourself, your character, peculiarities and be aware of your weak and strong sides. Don’t define yourself from that point of view you have achieved (or, whether you have achieved anything at all). When you start to define yourself only from that then your failures will make you. When you leave your achievements aside and start to see yourself as a person, your character and essence, then this is what teaches you to respect yourself. When you wish to love yourself then learn to love yourself from the inside out before you start to move from the outside to the inside with your love. When you use that last technique, then you’ll fail and will be caught up with your lack of respect.


Set up boundaries for yourself. When you feel like you can’t do anything or share your energy with anyone, then learn how to say “no”. For that, learn to listen to your emotions and feelings. When you feel a stop then this could be your intuition or guardian angel who tells you “no”. When you’re not listening to your intuition or guardian angel, then why should they come and help you the next time you want help. Listen to your emotions and feelings!


HEMATITE is a crystal that helps and teaches you to live so you wouldn't hurt yourself with your actions. Hematite teaches you to set boundaries and helps you to stuck up with them. Hematite helps to create useful beliefs, implement them and teaches you to follow them. When you feel like you have no respect for yourself or you’re without limits, then wear clean Hematite(as a separate piece of jewellery, without other crystals) for a longer period. Wearing Hematite for a longer period helps you to achieve this.


In addition to this, read what I have written about a person who respects herself. Practice these things and this attitude that goes with respecting yourself.


Never allow anyone to feel too comfortable when he behaves rudely and uses you. Dignity and respecting yourself can only be when you discipline yourself to keep away from harmful things.