Astrological factors affect us all depending on when we’re born at and which zodiac sign we carry. Through astrological factors, we can bring forward the best healing methods and remedies in accordance with your zodiac sign. They support the energy of your sign, character traits, bringing stimulation to where it’s needed the most and balancing energies in surplus. Self-healing is part of a healthy and full life. Knowing how to find the best self-healing ways for yourself, you’ll get to keep yourself strong both physically and spiritually.

I’m giving you good points on how you can choose the right and best skincare options for you in accordance with your zodiac sign. In addition, also a crystal for water-elixir that goes together with your sing and helps to relax and calm you on the inside. Every sign has its own essential oils, that work the best for it. Also, carrier oils used to put essential oils on the skin and that are from time to time used to hydrate the skin. Discover, which is the best essential oil for you, the best carrier oil and water-elixir crystal based on your zodiac sign.

Essential oils are generally mixed with a carrier oil in a ratio of 1 tablespoon of carrier oil mixed with 5-6 drops of essential oil. The mixture of these oils is applied to the skin so the essential and carrier oil could feed your skin and bloodstream. You can burn essential oils in oil lamps especially when you burn the oils necessary for your zodiac sign. Water elixir is done when you put a tumbled crystal in a water bottle, jug or glass. It is left to sit for about 20 minutes and then you can drink it. Crystal elixirs are very good for the Aura field and spiritual body.

You can buy all these essential oils from the LA TENE collection, also the crystals for water-elixir. Carrier oils can be found elsewhere, like eco-stores or even from pharmacies. All the essential oils and crystals can be found when you click on the name.


Essential oils: Peppermint and Rosemary

It is a natural need for Aries to be joyous and happy. When he is not, then the centre of nervousness explodes in him. Peppermint lifts the mood very quickly, brings joy and releases good ideas. For Aries, it is important to have his mind in a quick motion and, also, the decision making to be fast. This is what Peppermint helps him to be.

Rosemary calms and balances him. Over-working, whether at work or home, is a characteristical part of him. Rosemary helps to take breaks, take time for yourself and through that, feel better both physically and spiritually. Rosemary essential oil must not be missing from Aries self-care products. In addition to healing, Rosemary brings luck for love, therefore both single and taken Aries, be covered with Rosemary aroma!

Carrier oil:
Argan oil

Aries is very temperament and using argan oil helps to stop the irritation of the body and skin that temperament causes. Use Argan oil when you apply essential oil to your skin. Argan oil can give support to one fiery and talented Aries to bring out his most positive traits, in addition to the healing abilities, it can offer to Aries.

Crystal elixir: Amazonite

Amazonite helps to calm the Aura field, restoring the nervousness and impatience in him. Drinking Amazonite water-elixir helps Aries to feel more balanced and calm.

In addition, Amazonite can very efficiently relieve stress energy from Aries. Amazonite removes his stress layer by layer. By nature, Aries is restless, wants to achieve a lot and do a lot, but this creates nervousness in him, something Amazonite can successfully release.


Essential oils:  Patchouli and Lavender

Patchouli is definitely one of the best choices Taurus can make. Patchouli essential oil helps to think materialistically, calculate, analyse, it favours good and useful ideas. By nature, Taurus is an economist and security is very important for him. Patchouli helps to offer all of this.

Lavender essential oil helps Taurus to fall asleep, shut down his thoughts when they don’t want to calm and quiet down. Taurus has a wonderfully active brain, but he needs these certain moments to rest and relax. Lavender essential oil helps Taurus to pause himself when he wants to.

Carrier oil:
Sesame seed oil

His skin is very sensitive to environmental and mental stress, even when his skin by nature has more melanin and therefore is more resilient to the sun. But, Taurus needs a carrier oil that would hydrate and help his skin be more alive. Sesame seed oil is the right choice for him.

Crystal elixir: Moss Agate

Moss Agate helps to keep his health strong and especially to strengthen his immune system. Moss Agate brings along good ideas and economic ideas that would help him. Moss Agate crystal elixir heals Taurus Aura field.

Also, Moss Agate is also a luck crystal for Taurus-Gemini. Moss Agate is a crystal that helps to bring prosperity, good luck, wealth, health and mental restraint to Taurus-Gemini life. Moss Agate helps him to balance his energies, helping to bring out his strengths and heal his weaknesses. For example, Moss Agate helps to bring him the ability to use well his energies and also to let go of nervousness the zodiac cusp one way or another brings along. 


Essential oils: Ginger and Lemongrass

Gemini by nature are people who can analyse everyone and everything from every angle. During that process, they can find a lot of negative to positive sides. But, negative ideas and feelings won’t leave his mind easily. This is where Ginger essential oil comes in hand. Ginger is a wonderful helper to stop negative thoughts and cleanse the Aura field. Ginger helps to release the anxious energy quickly and effectively from them. In conclusion, Ginger essential oil helps to release everything that stops them from being happy from their soul.

Gemini by nature is very active, sometimes even overactive both physically and mentally. Lemongrass helps to balance them, relieve the over activeness when one wants to rest and relax. Lemongrass is a certain essential oil for Gemini, helping to conclude their days and get a rest from their own thoughts.

Carrier oil: Jojoba oil

Jojoba is extremely hydrating and long lasting carrier oil. Gemini can easily forget to feed their bodies because they are always in such a hurry. Jojoba stays long on the skin and helps to feed it and allow essential oils to reach the blood circulation. Jojoba itself is very resilient like also all the Gemini are.

Crystal elixir: White Howlite

White Howlite is very calming, balancing and harmonising. White Howlite is one of Gemini luck crystals that goes very well for their water-elixir.

White Howlite helps Gemini to notice when he needs to rest, what he should eat and what he should not eat. White Howlite directs Gemini to take care of himself. Gemini has this ability where they can take care of others and work endlessly. And in the middle of all of this, they can completely neglect themselves and one day simply collapse. Gemini has to learn to create balance in this life and White Howlite helps to do this.


Essential oils: Carrot and Lemon

Carrot essential oil
is one of the best skin healers and among all the other essential oils this is why this one is the first. Cancer by nature is a healer, he needs to be healthy for himself and any kind of self-healing tips are pure joy for him. Carrot essential oil is a strong skin nourisher and that’s why it’s very good for a Cancer who looks for something powerful, magical and that works for his life.

Lemon essential oil is the queen of freshness, any kind of innovation and mysticism is necessary for Cancer. Lemon brings along new chances and breath for Cancer. This is something Cancer needs, again and again, to feel good.

Carrier oil: Almond oil

Cancer’s skin is generally very sensitive and fragile. Almond oil is perfect for a Cancer who can’t stand very thick oils. Almond oil is silky and easily absorbable. Perfect choice for using essential oils. Almond oil can be used again and again for being so easy to use. When Cancer is in the swing of self-healing, then he uses everything a lot and almond oil can be used a lot!

Crystal elixir: Moonstone

Moonstone is the perfect choice for crystal elixir for a Cancer. Moonstone helps to open the mind, improve intuitive abilities, ground anxiousness, reduce overly emotional moments and bring an overall mental balance. Moonstone water must be by every Cancer, you can never know when emotions skyrocket.

In addition, Moonstone is a crystal to strengthen his luck in love and intuition. Moonstone supports Cancer’s Moon energy. Moon is what leads Cancer, adding unique qualities to him. 


Essential oils: Ylang Ylang and Tea tree

Ylang Ylang
reminds me of Leo. Leo’s are spicy, sweet and joyous. This is exactly the energy Ylang Ylang reflects. For him, it is important for his positivity to enlighten everything that surrounds him. Ylang Ylang helps Leo to be who he is, preventing low points and blocks negativity. It is also a love oil that increases his more passionate and romantic side.

Tea tree essential oil is a spiritual and physical detox. This is something Leo will need. There are moments when everything in his soul and life will fall apart for a moment. Tea tree essential oil helps to avoid spiritual low points and accelerate the solving of any kind of confusing energies. In addition, Tea tree essential oil is very strong and a strong Leo will need an equal partner.

Carrier oil: Avocado oil

Avocado absorbs the fastest on Leo and is very healing, helping to hydrate the skin and helps it stay radiant. Perfect carrier oil for essential oils. Leo by his nature is very sensual and passionate, avocado oil is linked to healing the Heart Chakra that goes really well with Leo’s loving side.

Crystal elixir: Sunstone

Sunstone helps Leo to shine in his brightest light. Leo is led by the sun and he needs a crystal that helps him always be the sun that warms himself and others. Sunstone brings successful ideas, thoughts, optimistic take on life and material success.

Sunstone also has the ability to keep stress and negativity away from Leo. Sunstone protects Leo from the characteristic negative traits from the zodiac energies, helping him to shine in his own light and vitality without anything ruining it. Sunstone helps Leo be good to others and this teaches them to take care of themselves.


Essential oils: Sandalwood and Basil

Sandalwood essential oil
is the perfect essential oil for Virgo. Sandalwood makes his mind work faster, helps to find solutions and answers for all the questions in his head, For Virgo, it is always important to find the most perfect solution. Sandalwood helps him to be successful and independent which is very important for Virgo. In addition to this, Sandalwood essential oil helps to block negative energy helping you to be protected from, for example, other people’s negativism.

Virgo is practical, earthly, intelligent and curious about life. Basil essential oil helps him to think quickly, evolve spiritually and heal themselves. For Virgo their own well-being is very important, Basil essential oil is wonderful self-healing. In addition, Basil essential oil helps to bring Virgo brilliant ideas and economically good ideas.

Carrier oil: Avocado oil

Virgo will always go for 100% with anything. He can’t afford failure nor making bad choices for him. Avocado oil is extremely nourishing and it has necessary substances for self-healing. Adding Avocado oil for your physical and spiritual care is a very smart decision.

Crystal elixir: Serpentine Jade

Serpentine Jade water-elixir helps his Aura field to stay pure. By drinking this water it helps to release the negative, unfortunate and harmful energy in his Aura. Serpentine Jade energy helps to protect him from situations that could be harmful to him.

Serpentine Jade helps Virgo to get along with people close to him, repairing and making relationships stronger. Serpentine Jade helps to bring out the best character traits in a Virgo. . Helps to understand who has really hurt him, something he could be hurt of and who should he really shut out of his life. Serpentine Jade helps Virgo to understand who is necessary for him and who is not, helping to forgive people who really haven’t harmed him with purpose. 


Essential oils: Cedarwood and Carrot

It’s part of his character to have constant inner dialogues, compromising with himself, argue, agree, clarify, praise and be connected to oneself overall. Cedarwood essential oil helps to make his inner dialogues faster, improve the process of getting to the best outcome and release the confusion in his mind that can easily come up. Besides its massive healing abilities, Cedarwood essential oil is also a wonderful spiritual stimulator for Libras.

Carrot is the number one essential oil in skin care. Their weakness is their immune system and skin. As they are very strong in the inside but very affected by outer factors, the skin and immune system will let you know right away when something has influenced them from the outside. Using carrot essential oil on the skin helps to block the bad feeling caused by others and outer factors. Helps to make the skin shine and strengthens the Aura field.

Carrier oil: Almond oil

Almond oil has a very light consistency and won’t make the skin very slippery. It’s easily absorbable and this suits very well for Libras. Almond oil heals the Heart Chakra that is good for every Libra. The Heart Chakra needs stimulation so Libra could be happy and joyful.

Crystal elixir: Lepidolite

is one of Libra’s luck crystals that could be in his crystal collection one way or another. But, Lepidolite is also a crystal Libra should keep in his water bottle. Lepidolite has a calming, balancing and worry repelling effect. Lepidolite has a very calming effect on Libra and it’s one of the best crystals to relieve stress for this zodiac sign. Perfect healer!

In addition, Lepidolite helps Libra to get in touch with his Guardian Angel. A very important crystal for people who are interested in and fascinated by the whole Angel thing. Lepidolite should be in the Libra crystal set that helps them contact Angels or wear it as jewellery. 


Essential oils: Thyme and Mandarin

Scorpio is very passionate, romantic and active by nature. Thyme and Mandarin combination reflects a true Scorpio. Thyme helps him in love, helping to feel the love, share it and find happiness. Thyme releases the stress in Scorpio very successfully, relieving the tension that could accumulate over time.

Scorpio loves things that have spunk, fun, mysticism and depth. Mandarin essential oil helps to bring colours to Scorpios life without what his life couldn’t be full. Mandarin makes the mind positive and lifts joy. Thyme releases stress and Mandarin adds vitality.

Carrier oil: Extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil is the best choice for Scorpio. Extra Virgin Olive oil hydrates and cares for the skin very deeply. Scorpio will never be fine with shallow healers and with the ones without intensity. Scorpio needs something that helps his soul and body to be healthy.

Crystal elixir: Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper
is the universal healer for Scorpio, especially good for stimulating the physical body. Keep Brecciated Jasper crystal in the water bottle when you go for a nature walk or work to continuously take care of yourself.

In addition, Brecciated Jasper helps Scorpio to become independent, helping to find his own personality, to understand what he wants from life, where to move and what to do. Brecciated Jasper helps Scorpio to understand what talent he has.  


Essential oils: Patchouli and Sandalwood

Sagittarius minds wander around in all the dimensions he can find. They are travellers by nature, both on the spiritual and physical level. Exotic and unworldly essential oils suit him. Patchouli is an exotic essential oil with a very unworldly aroma that is very personal and original. Patchouli is good for a Sagittarius, helping him to be successful financially, but, at the same time, creating luck for love and helping to stay mentally strong.

Sandalwood is an exotic oil that helps Sagittarius to travel to places he hasn’t discovered in himself yet. Sandalwood accelerates his spiritual development, helping to learn things about himself and overall life. Sandalwood heals, stimulates and keeps his health in check.

Carrier oil: Grapeseed oil

Sagittarius is the most different among all the zodiac signs. They have two feet on the ground, but, at the same time, is floating in other dimensions and his mind can adapt to everyone and everything when he has the slightest wish for that. Grape seed oil is a carrier oil suitable for every skin type and can adapt to anyone – just like Sagittarius.

Crystal elixir: Turquoise

water-elixir takes care of his soul and Aura. Turquoise helps Sagittarius to very quickly spiritually evolve, when one drinks crystal water of this crystal. This crystal helps him to understand his point of life and journey. Turquoise helps to open eyes about things one has not focused on and open doors to unknown things.

In addition, Turquoise is a love crystal for Sagittarius. Firstly, it starts to work very quickly in his Aura. It increases passion and makes Sagittarius show everything to the person in his heart. This opens him and therefore makes the relationship healthier or the single Sagittarius more open to love. Turquoise opens his energies that makes his overall love luck bigger.


Essential oils: Orange and Eucalyptus

Capricorn has a massive urge in himself and the need to achieve good results with targets set upon himself. Capricorn won’t be okay with bad results and unconsidered situations. Constant intense thinking and big wish to be successful needs extra refreshments so ambitions could be fulfilled. Orange essential oils are full of vitality, energy, luck energy and positivity. Orange essential oil is for Capricorn to help him achieve what he wants. Orange helps to keep motivation up and stop falling under weaknesses.

Eucalyptus essential oil is something every Capricorn could have in hand. Capricorn can fully depress himself and put down in the inside. His biggest enemy can only be himself because fighting with others and standing up for himself he is quite strong. Eucalyptus helps relieve inner contradiction, improve getting along with oneself and helps to cleanse negative energies out from the Aura.

Carrier oil: Coconut oil

Coconut oil helps Capricorn to get the necessary fatty acids he can easily be in need of. Why? Capricorn uses in everything he does a lot of physical and mental resources. Coconut is a wonderful healer that helps to recover both spiritually and physically.

Crystal elixir: Agate

is one of Capricorns luck crystal good to be used for water-elixirs. Agate makes their luck energy bigger, strengthens the Aura body, improves the mind, makes him stronger, bolder and more successful. Drinking Agate crystal elixir improves his spiritual self-control.


Essential oils: Basil and Sage

By nature, Aquarius is curious about life, he can spontaneously go along with everything and find something interesting in everything. He is the conqueror of the world, a teacher for himself, the best intellect to be in dialogue with himself and a more interesting partner for others. Aquarian is nourished by and his thirst for excitement encouraged with Basil essential oil. Basil essential oil helps to open the eyes and minds about things he yet knows nothing about. Basil essential oil supports Aquarius financially, helping good and bright ideas reach him. In addition, it encourages his immune system and improves overall health.

Sage essential oil suits Capricorn very well for his astrological qualities. Sage helps him to find peace within, create a stable life for himself, understand everything that needs to be reorganized and organized. Details are important for him and Sage essential oil helps to take everything with great detail. Sage opens Aquarius eyes where he needs them the most.

Carrier oil: All the different carrier oils mentioned above

All the other carrier oils suitable for other zodiac signs are good for Aquarius. They don’t like routine, he likes the change and versatility. Especially when it comes to carrier oils! Therefore, Aquarius, try and test them all, to find the most favourite one in different life moments.

Crystal elixir: Amber 

Amber water-elixir is necessary for taking care of Aquarius immune system, healing his Aura body and to strengthen his spiritual side. Amber gives him the healing he won’t be able to notice he needs. Amber is a very universal healing crystal suitable for Aquarius for self-healing and also for increasing love luck. Therefore, Aquarians, drink Amber elixir for your own well-being.


Essential oils: Lavender and Bergamot

Pisces are known for their dreaming mind, adventurous soul and hypersensitivity. Pisces are natural empaths and world fixers who need Lavender in every moment of their life. Lavender essential oil helps Pisces to get along well with themselves, find peace and balance within. Lavender relieves tension, calms and is good for the healing of the spiritual body. Lavender essential oil is especially good for Pisces when he is busy and has a lot going on. Lavender essential oil helps to strengthen the already strong intuition in Pisces and make it clearer.

Bergamot essential oil is the second best thing after Lavender. Bergamot brings joy, luck, positivity and prosperous energy to their lives. Bergamot helps Pisces to move from one point in life to another, that’s very important for their spiritual development so he could always be in motion. In addition, both Bergamot and Lavender are wonderful healers for the body.

Carrier oil: Almond oil

Almond oil goes very well together with Pisces energy. It can easily be absorbed and makes the skin feel silky smooth. Almond oil is linked to the movement of intuitive energies that goes very well together with Pisces filled with mysticism and mystery. Almond oil is very good for legs and its blood circulation that’s their physical weakness.

Crystal elixir: Fluorite

water elixir will be good for every Pisces for their day. Fluorite makes them move and work in the right direction. Fluorite prevents over thinking, prevents negative emotions to be in the soul for too long and makes intuitive sensing faster. Fluorite helps to bring forward their best character traits. It’s one of the main luck crystals for Pisces that could be in their life one way or another.

In addition, Fluorite helps to support their spiritual and mental development, strengthen intuition and evolve in life in the overall sense. Fluorite won’t let not one Pisces person stand still in his life. Fluorite suits with Pisces because it helps them to understand their life better and to clearly see where they should move with their life. 

I have written a lot about different zodiac signs. When you’re interested in which crystals are best for your zodiac sign and which character traits you have in accordance with your sign, then you’ll find a lot interesting from La Tene!