Each song speaks its own story and every song has an emotion. People like to listen to songs because their stories are close to the soul. But all the songs are not liked by everyone, your soul is looking for the song that is the most recognizable to you today. You will unconsciously grab the songs that resonate with you. This means that you can actually interpret yourself through your favourite songs. Let the songs do it for you!


Trying to understand how your songs interpret you will help you better understand yourself. Any self-analysis will help to reach to yourself. When you pick your current favourite songs, start listening to the deeper, get into the meaning of those words, and try to understand what your favourite songs are all about, you will finally come to the knowledge what you are today. A thorough analysis of your favourite songs gives you a clear picture of what you feel, what your emotions are, whether you suffer from heartache, whether you're happy, whether you're ambitious or full of love. All the songs speak about something, and what your favourite songs are about is actually a real interpretation of what you consciously or subconsciously focus on. Exciting, right!


I've previously written some articles about songs and music all over, but it's time to remember how important music is, and draw your attention to your own interpretation using your own favourite songs.


The first step you could take is to put your favourite songs in order. Try to find the most-favourite song or your number one song that talks to you today. Take this song, listen to it, even several times. It is not difficult to do if it is your favourite song. Listen and try to understand the message of this song. The song that most talks to you are most strongly associated with your present personality and the journey of your soul. By doing this, you really understand what life phase you are in. Then take the other songs and get a big picture of yourself.


Favourite songs change over time, some remain, some fly away. Those that remain, symbolize important moments on your journey or something very important to you. Those who flew away symbolized your temporary state.


Those songs that do not want to leave your soul will help you understand yourself the most. Every song has its own story to tell, if they do not leave, it was a great story at the moment when this song was first spoken to you. That's why some songs don't want to go away from your soul because it has left a mark on your journey.


Remember that many songs written by artists are not always translated directly. Therefore, if you define songs and try to understand them better, you can't use the lyrics directly. There are a lot of profound sentences used in songs that, literally, can be misunderstood. Especially in English-language songs, there are many expressions that cannot be translated literally because their meanings are completely different. Therefore, when defining your favourite songs, it is useful if you try to understand what the message of this song is and to which these expressions refer to that song.


My suggestion for the future is that if you suddenly get hit by a song that suddenly takes place in your heart, you should immediately interpret it for yourself. This way you can keep up with understanding yourself. For example, I always do this with my favourite songs and this is one of the many ways I interpret myself.


The purpose of why I inspire you to do this is that it helps you to make contact with yourself and understand yourself. In addition, it is one of many ways you can spiritually develop and become spiritually more capable. The more you notice yourself, analysing your unconscious steps, the more intuitive you become.


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