New Moon symbolizes a new beginning, new opportunities and a new journey. During the New Moon, it is possible to make various rituals and magic to help bring into your life something that is not yet there, such as wealth, prosperity and material luck. If you feel that the material side of your life is not going well and you cannot find luck or create it yourself, then it is useful to perform this ritual. Its purpose is to open luck in this direction, which in turn gives you the opportunity to create and accumulate wealth in your own life. When performing rituals, there is a power that can give you a beginning and an opportunity, later you have to be smart, active to turn the good fortune gained from the ritual to your advantage.

When is the right time to perform this ritual?

Give yourself a chance and get this ritual on the way during the New Moon. This can be done every month during the New Moon or the day after. You can find the calendar of the lunar phases HERE, it says when is the New Moon.

Where to perform the New Moon wealth ritual?

You have to perform this ritual in your own home in the Eastern or Southeastern direction. If you already have different crystals of prosperity and wealth in these directions, it is useful to perform this ritual there. These crystals support the sending of this ritual.

The purpose of the ritual:

The purpose of the New Moon's wealth ritual is to open a channel of happiness in your life that will help bring you opportunities to get rich and material opportunities in your life. It opens the way, you then need to take action and seize the opportunities that have come to life. It is useful to perform this ritual in order to improve the material side of one's life. If you do this ritual, and if you do not live alone, it will also affect other family members.


When performing a ritual, follow all the rules of the ritual so that it can be sent correctly. Please do not exchange ritual items for alternative choices, they are not in this ritual.

To perform a ritual, you need the following items, all of which will help it work and bring happiness to your life ...

5. OIL LAMP + tea candle

Green Quartz and Nephrite Jade must be tumbled crystals in this ritual. Tumbled crystals can only attract ritual words and thereby activate only the forces associated with the energy of wealth. Both crystals have energy that can attract wealth, prosperity and material luck.

# A green bag and thread add wealth energy to the ritual. The green tone symbolizes just that, and other colours should certainly not be used as alternatives.

# Basil essential oil and incense both create a prosperous, material, economic and wealth-related undertone to this ritual. They activate your ritual words and direct the crystals to work for your well-being. In addition, they create a favourable energy field for attracting wealth.

Before performing a ritual, gather all the items needed for the ritual and only start doing the ritual when you are sure that everything you need is there. To perform the ritual, find a suitable place in the Eastern or Southeastern direction. Note that the items in the ritual will remain where you place them during the ritual for two weeks (until the time of the next Full Moon).

Start doing the ritual and invite the riches to your life!

Place the oil lamp and incense holder where you want to leave them for two weeks. Put water in the oil lamp, add 15 drops of essential oil and place the incense on the incense holder.

2. Take the matches and light the candle you put under the oil lamp, and then make the incense smoke. In doing so, say the ritual phrase "The New Moon brings wealth and good luck!"

3. Now that the oil lamp has started heating the essential oil and the basil incense is smoking, you can move on with your ritual. To do this, take the paper and write the ritual sentence on the paper with a green pencil exactly 4 times. When this is done, roll the paper together and tie it with the green thread so that the sentences remain inside the rolled paper (so that they remain hidden).

4. Take a ritual roll and keep it in the smoke of Basil incense and repeat the ritual sentence 4 times. Then place it over the oil lamp (make sure it does not touch the water or get the fire from the incense) and repeat the ritual sentence exactly 4 times. When done, place this roll next to the oil lamp and the incense tray.

5. Now take both crystals (the crystals symbolize wealth and give this ritual a very specific direction and message to present in the future) and hold them in your right palm (right symbolizes the material world). Hold your right hand in which you hold the crystals, both above the incense and the oil lamp. Repeat the ritual phrase "The New Moon brings wealth and good luck!" 4 times. When done, place the crystals in the green bag.

6. Now take the ritual roll and place it in one bag with the crystals. If it does not fit, leave the bag open. Place the bag next to the oil lamp and the incense tray.

7. Now the main part of the ritual is done. You need to leave the oil lamp on for at least 4 hours and let the incense burn out completely. If the oil lamp has been on for 4 hours, you can extinguish the burning candle. After that, wash the oil lamp and put it back in the ritual place. These items will remain there until the next Full Moon. In the meantime, you can clean the incense tray and the oil lamp, but you must always put them back in place.

It is very helpful if you burn essential oil in an oil lamp and incense on an incense holder every day until the Full moon. They help the ritual to become stronger and bring the energy of wealth into your life faster.

When the Full Moon arrives, you can remove all the items from there. You can lift the oil lamp and incense holder to another location, but the ritual bag must remain in the Eastern or South-Eastern region. You can move it to a place that suits you. It would be good if it was left next to other crystals that attract wealth or prosperity.

In order not to forget what kind of ritual you have done, I suggest you write down somewhere what is inside the bag and when you have done the ritual. This is to ensure that you do not have any questions in the future about the bag.

The ritual bag that you have left of this ritual does not need to be cleaned or recharged. Over time, you can move it from one place to another, but it must always remain next to the prosperity crystals of the Eastern or Southeastern area. If you do not have other crystals of prosperity, it is good to create an altar of prosperity from different crystals next to this ritual.

Only disassemble this ritual if you want to give up the effect of this ritual. If you want, you have to give the crystals to nature and burn the ritual paper.

The New Moon brings wealth and good luck! 
The New Moon brings wealth and good luck! The New Moon brings wealth and good luck!  The New Moon brings wealth and good luck!