There are many different ways to make your home attract prosperity and achieve a better financial energy flow with it. When prosperous energy comes to your home, then you’ll have more opportunities to achieve material success. Fortune is what we have to bring to our lives ourselves so this, in turn, could give us what we want. I’m sharing six very easy ways to make your home into a prosperity channel with you. This, in turn, helps you to do different rituals, magic and wish-meditations directed to increasing earthly luck. Favourable environment for activities like this will definitely give you better results. As we live in the physical and spiritual world at the same time, any kind of earthly and economical side exists as well and it’s impossible to manage in today’s society without it. That’s why it would be good to work on your worldly development in addition to your spiritual development and you can actually do this all in a very spiritual way.

1. Crystal key-chains that activate economical, money, business and work luck

Every crystal has its own power and personal energy. Keychains are made from many different crystals and they are power objects which you can use to direct crystals’ power to your home. When you keep a crystal with prosperous powers with the house key then this is the energy it increases in your home. There are certain crystal keychains that are especially useful to be kept with house keys for material purposes.

When you keep a crystal with your house keys, then firstly it brings luck to the person who uses the key and then for the home. Therefore, it would be useful for each family member to keep a prosperity crystal with their keys when this is what you want to amplify.

Carnelian keychain - A crystal that helps to fulfil your earthly ambitions and create favourable opportunities for making these kinds of wishes into reality. Carnelian makes positive energies move faster, that, in turn, increase the luck energy in the whole house.

Mookaite keychain - Mookaite brings new beginnings, new opportunities and creates new ways through what you can move on in life. When you place a Mookaite keychain with your house keys then code into it an earthly and material dream for what Mookaite could open the door for in your life.

Picture Jasper keychain - Picture Jasper is strongly linked to increasing business related luck and creating an independent work success. When you’re an entrepreneur then this crystal brings you economical prosperity through your company. When you work from home or are self-employed then this will also bring economic prosperity into your life.

Green Aventurine - Green Aventurine is the number one crystal for success at work. This crystal has the ability to increase prosperous energy and economical fortune through your work. When you keep Green Aventurine with your house keys then it helps to increase your financial luck through your own work.

Tiger´s Eye keychain - Tiger´s Eye increases the growth of money luck. When you keep Tiger’s Eye with your keys in any form then it blocks financial misfortune and helps to protect from everything negative that prevents prosperous energies from growing.

Citrine keychain - Citrine is purely a luck crystal. Citrine brings wealth, prosperity, money luck, good and favourable opportunities. In addition, Citrine helps to increase the positive energy at home, just like Carnelian can.

Read more about other things the crystal keychains can do to understand what else they have to offer you when you keep them with your house keys.

2.Burn different incenses, candles and essential oils that increase prosperous energies regularly.

incenses, candles and essential oils are good for economic prosperity, the growth of money luck and for making the overall luck energy more powerful.

Where you should burn or use them? The prosperity channel in every home is situated in the East or South-East Quarter. This is where it’s best to use them but you can burn them anywhere at home. The thing simply is that when you burn them in these two quarters then you activate the economical luck channels in your home according to Feng Shui. When you burn them at the centre of your home then you’ll also get what you wanted.

I recommend using alternatively plants that activate prosperity. This way you’ll ensure that different prosperous energies come to your house.

Which incense to choose? Incense helps to cleanse unfavourable energies and then replace that with positive energy. When you’re sensitive to incense smoke then use our Japanese incenses, they don’t contain bamboo that makes the incense’s aroma more intense when it burns. When to choose a candle? Candles activate energies and through which you can launch your wishes. Read my article where I talk about making wishes through candles, you can find it HEREEssential oils? Essential oils increase luck energy the fastest and efficiently after you remove unfortunate energies with incenses or Sage/Palo Santo cleansing. Always use essential oils to create luck energy, they are great activators.

I recommend using all of them together as I do and I do this to amplify different energies. Do this to amplify prosperity energy!

Best prosperity plants (incenses, candles and essential oils) are Aloe, Basil, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Pine, Patchouli, Peppermint,  Palo Santo.

3. Positive wish meditation and using prayer crystals

It’s very important to create such positive energy to your home you can create with your own thoughts, words and feelings. Don’t underestimate your own power, don’t forget the power we have. Positive thinking, believing that everything will be okay, hopeful mind and positive dreams keep the energy at home healthy. When you want financial peace of mind and a prosperous period for your life, and money energy to move successfully, then, firstly, you have to believe that it's going happen. Any kind of worrying prevents luck from growing. When you’re a true worrier and are so about economic matters, then the plants mentioned in point 4 help to cleanse the negative energy radiating from you that could stop the growth of prosperous energy.

Use wish meditation to makes these energies more powerful. For that, use meditation crystals that attract prosperity and wealth. For example Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine, Carnelian, Picture Jasper or Bloodstone flat stone meditation crystals.

How to do wish meditation? It’s simple. You need one of each crystal so you could keep them in each hand when you meditate. When you want to amplify prosperous energy in your home and your earthly wishes to come true, then from time to time keep these meditation crystals in the palm of your hands, close your eyes and simply make a wish. Launch your thoughts, dream, and when you feel like you’ve passed your dreams to the Universe then the meditation is finished. It’s very simple, do it when you feel like you truly want to launch your prayers you want answers to from fate. You can keep these crystals near other prosperity crystals in a separate box and when you feel like you want to make wishes another time, do so.

In addition to meditation crystals, you can use prayer crystals. Prayer crystals are different spheresobelisks, pyramids and other shapes made of crystals. Spheres are the best prayer crystal because they can’t lose the wishes they have in them. What you have set there will stay there to fulfil your dreams.

For example, it’s really good to keep crystal spheres with prosperous energies in the East or South-East quarter and before you set the crystals there, put financial, earthly or prosperous prayers into them. For that, keep the sphere in the palm of your hand and make a wish about the things you want the sphere to give you. Then set it into the area in your home where it will start to work for your wish.

To increase prosperity energy and fulfilling earthly wishes bring the following crystals into your home...

Sunstone sphere, Bloodstone sphere, Tiger’s Eye sphere, Pyrite heart, Garnet sphere (business luck), Green Aventurine sphere, Fuchsite sphere (financial luck).

Also, Moss Agate pyramid, Tiger’s Eye pyramid, Malachite elephant, Picture Jasper tiger, Pyrite elephant, Green Aventurine Buddha, Green Aventurine elephant or bigger Citrine points. They are all related to increasing prosperity energy.

4. Bringing different prosperity plants into your home

Bring real plants with the ability to increase prosperity energy and make these energies move into your household. Best choices for your home are different crassulas like jade trees, Zanzibar gems, fernsrubber trees and bamboo.

It’s good to keep these in the East and South East quarter where the prosperity energy channels in your home are situated. Plants are really beautiful and quite effective life energy to be kept among your crystals. Plants direct crystal’s energy all over your whole home.

5. Create yourself a money box and perform other rituals and magic to increase financial luck

Any kind of ritual or magic you create in your home increases luck energies. When, over time, you’ll do different rituals that attract prosperity, wealth, financial or money luck, then all of them increase the prosperous energy in your home. Do them when you feel you need them. This is the best time for that and this is also the time you can do it the right way.

Different rituals that will help you...

"The attraction of financial fortune", "Attracting prosperity – Full Moon ritual", "Wealth ritual for the New Moon", "Amplifying wealth energy during the First Quarter of the Moon", "Ritual for work success and wealth", "Lottery luck ritual", "Prosperity box activation", "Fruitful ideas – prosperity ritual", "Wallet ritual, "Business dream ritual", "Full Moon cash flow ritual", "The chest of wishes", "New Moon material success ritual", "Prosperity chest – money ritual".

6. Use cash or keep it in your home

People with their own thoughts have given powerful wealth energy to cash. Money itself as paper does not have a power like this, people themselves have positively chided it. When everyone thinks that money is valuable, we need it and it’s something we work for, then this is the magic people put one money. As it’s covered with people’s own magic then it’s good to use it to amplify prosperous energy. Using cash helps fortune to move faster in your life and it’s good to keep it in your home. It’s especially useful to keep cash beside prosperity crystals that, in turn, can get more power and direction through cash to work. When you don’t want to keep money in your prosperity channel at home, then create a special money luck crystal set into your wallet (you can find this ritual from point 7) or create a crystal set for the place you keep your wallet to attract money with Pyrite, Malachite, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Dragon Bloodstone and Nephrite Jade with Citrine geode.

When you want prosperity and money luck to be part of your life, then create a favourable environment for it!