There are many invisible diseases in our world, one very widespread being – and literally very widespread – electromagnetic radiation. My goal is to promote awareness of what it does to us, how it affects our body and soul and how you can protect yourself from it.


Electromagnetic radiation surrounds us everywhere, it’ energy waves radiated by electronic equipment, masts, Wi-Fi-routers, TV and mobile phones.


Electromagnetic radiation is invisible but harmful. The fact that you can’t see danger with your own eyes does not mean that the world has no harmful energies for our bodies or souls. The equipment radiating harmful energy for our body is necessary for our everyday life as they help us to communicate and live a comfortable life. But, they have been here for a short period of time, they are further developed but they are not yet fully human-friendly. I believe they will be in the future, but today we have to protect ourselves and be aware of the dangers we face and how we can stay healthy while living in an invisible disease.


For years I have sensed through my visions the electromagnetic radiation and its character from a spiritual point of view. I have made the conclusion that it affects our nervous system strong and is harmful in ways that today have been scientifically proved. I believe that today no conclusion has yet not been made how living in electromagnetic radiation affects us in the long term. My visions are not good, therefore I share very valuable ideas with you on how to stay healthy.


Today I have understood that living with electromagnetic radiation without protection creates the following conditions:


Paranoia, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, stress, melancholy, irritation, panic attacks, mood swings, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, muscle tension and mental strain. And also the immune system falling apart which, in turn, makes a favourable ground for different diseases in your body.


Living constantly in radiation blocks the regular work of intuition. I have figured out that electromagnetic radiation may be behind wrong visions and sensing, and misleading intuition. It’s definitely one major factor that won’t let you clearly sense nor sense your life the right way.


When you find all of this out, it’s very scary to know where we live and, firstly, what we use so easily ourselves – devices radiating electromagnetic radiation. Look around, firstly around your life, and you’ll see how many equipments there are that harm us.


For example, let’s start from your personal phone that’s almost become a disease. This has to be in hand, in use and close by, people can’t be without it. The phone is a useful way of communication, entertainment and leisure for many and that’s why it’s become so dear for many. But the same small detail endangers your and your children’s health. I’m not saying to throw the phone away and keep away from it, I want to raise your awareness that there are ways how you can make these devices a little less harmful. There is also a chance how to create a protective shield around your Aura that blocks electromagnetic radiation.


Shungite is one of the best crystals and ways to block electromagnetic radiation and make its harmful qualities less harmful. Shungite blocks radioactive energy waves and helps to prevent illnesses from electromagnetic radiation causes.


How to use Shungite? You can glue a Shungite plate on your personal phone. When Shungite is on the phone, then it protects your Aura body from harmful energies and won’t let its waves get close to your body. This, in turn, makes using the phone more healthy and body friendly. I especially recommend using Shungite plate on kid’s phones to protect them from mental problems because they are especially sensitive for that. You can find more about the Shungite plate from HERE.


Not only the personal phone is not an invisible disease, but also TV’s and computers often used in homes are. To reduce electromagnetic radiation in your home,  place Shungite and its power objects near your computers and TV.


For example, keep one medium-sized or more Shungite pyramids, spheres, plates or a bowl of Shungite crystals in front of a TV. There more Shungite there is in your home, the healthier your home environment is. For example, there are five Shungite pyramids, one big Shungite mandala plate and a bowl full of rough Shungite crystals in front of my TV at home right now. All of this to protect me from the harmful qualities of this device.


When there are a lot of Shungite crystals at home, then, actually, the rest of the protective crystals at home can work more efficiently because the rest of the energy becomes also healthier and more positive.


When there is a lot of electromagnetic radiation at home, then family members will often be nervous, easily irritable, fights come up easily and there are a lot of conflicts. Electromagnetic radiation may be the secret cause what makes the family ill and breaks it up many can’t even suspect.


As I largely work behind the computer, I write all my articles on a computer, then sitting behind it for hours is not very refreshing for my body nor soul. That’s why there is a lot of Shungite around me so I wouldn't get sick because of my work. I recommend everyone keeping Shungite power objects by your computer (pyramids, spheres, plates, etc) to prevent getting sick.


In addition Shungite, there are other crystals that block electromagnetic radiation and protects from it. For example, Pietersite is one of the best choices to wear and use when you work with a computer. Pietersite blocks electromagnetic radiation from reaching the Aura field.


Shungite, Pietersite, Black Tourmaline and Amazonite are the four crystals which have the power to protect from electromagnetic radiation. It’s recommended to keep all these four crystals near electronics or with you when you use a device.


You can stop, reduce and protect yourself from this energy in your home environment with crystals. Outside the home, where there may be high voltage power lines, masts and a lot bigger devices, a protective talisman helps you. Talisman should be made of at least one of these four crystals.


Zanzibar Gem, Fern and Mother in Law’s Tongue are three plants that are the main plants in Feng Shui and are of great help with this. All these three plants have the ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation and block the intense harmful force it has. When you have one of these plants in your home, then it’s useful to keep Shungite and other three crystals in their pots that protect from electromagnetic radiation. This way you’ll create more healers for your body.


My recommendation is to keep small children away from constant use of electronic devices or create a safe environment for them in the sense of energy. You can create a safe environment with crystals and plants.


When you have one of the mental health problems mentioned above, then they may largely be caused or deepened by electromagnetic radiation. In that case, I recommend creating a protective shield around your home with crystals and the right plants. This to lessen the electromagnetic radiation in your home.


It firstly harms our upper Chakras and then moves to the lower Chakras. Why? All energies without a physical body will move into our bodies through the Crown Chakra and everything with a physical body and with physical contact with bodies will move into our bodies through the Root Chakra.


When electromagnetic radiation is absorbed into our Aura field through the Crown Chakra, then it firstly will start to harm that Chakra, then the Third Eye and then the Throat Chakra and so it will move over our whole body. The proof is that electromagnetic radiation mainly makes us mentally nervous and then it takes away the ability to sense things properly.


For example, when you’ve been using the computer for hours, then when you finish you’ll feel really bad. You’ll be tired, you’re attention is disturbed, you’re confused and your stress levels are heightened. All these emotions and feelings come from the upper Chakras. When the upper Chakras are harmed, then it will cause the mental problems I mentioned above.


When you’re building a home then you can do some prevention and hide crystals blocking electromagnetic radiation to the foundation, ceilings, walls or floors. This will help you a lot in the future because this way all the devices in your home won’t be harmful to you as they would be without the protection grid created by the crystals. In addition to computers, phones and TV’s, all robot devices like vacuums and many other household appliances connected to the Wi-Fi create electromagnetic radiation.


Live a conscious life, notice what is around you and make conscious steps for your health and well-being!