Full Moon is the most important time in the lunar calendar, which should always be celebrated, and maximum taken from its power. There are various rituals and magic that are very useful to do during the full moon. For example, the full moon is the time when prayers are sent out for answers from the universe or, for example, from your guardian angel. I will share with you a very simple and good prayer mantra that can be forwarded during the full moon. You can do this magic on a monthly basis, all you need is your commitment. 

What is the purpose of prayer mantra? 

The prayer mantra helps to send prayers from your soul, heart, and mind so that the universe or guardian angel can hear you. In addition, it helps to put you on the right wavelength, helping you to open up, and by doing so, your different desires and dreams can reach the right places as prayers.

If you are stuck sending out your dreams and aspirations, or your prayers cannot advance from the Aura field, they may not come true.

The full moon prayer mantra is universal, its purpose is to activate, unlock and code you so that all future desires and dreams that you will carry in your heart will find a place in your life in the future. With the prayer mantra, you open yourself up, and the dreams and wishes that have flourished in your soul will reach the right place

I recommend that you always perform the Full Moon Prayer mantra before sending out the Full Moon rituals and magic. That is if you have taken a plan to do one of them. The prayer mantra will help you to open yourself up to the sending of magic.

The power of the full moon prayer mantra will last exactly to the next full moon, so it is useful to practice it again every full moon. You can find the monthly lunar phase calendar from HERE. In the lunar phase calendar, I have outlined the exact dates for this year's Full Moon. When the full moon is coming, I will also write about it in the fortnightly horoscope. 

How to perform the prayer mantra? 

Above all, you need to know that for the perfect fulfilment of the prayer mantra, you need to dedicate yourself to it. Therefore, ask yourself, are you ready to focus on it and take time for your own well-being? If the answer is yes, you are ready. Always ask yourself this when the full moon arrives and always answer honestly. Why do I stress this? There is a simple explanation for this. If you can concentrate and dedicate yourself to it, then by transmitting the prayer mantras, it will work accordingly.

To do the prayer mantra, choose a suitable place for you at home, on the terrace, or even in nature (do it when the weather and mood favour it). 


1. Lily of the valley candle (+ fireproof tray to burn it on)

2. Lily of the valley incense (+ incense base to burn it)

3. Rock crystal meditation crystal

4. Matches

5. Eucalyptus essential oil + carrier oil 
 (both if desired) 

* The Rock crystal meditation crystal used in the prayer mantra can always remain the same crystal you use in every full moon prayer mantra. Lily of the valley incense that remains after performing the prayer mantra can also be reused the next time, and the same applies to the candle as it does not need to be burnt completely for the prayer mantra.

* During the transmission of the prayer mantra, it may happen that the incense may burn out before the final transmission of the full moon prayer mantra. If this happens, you can light a new incense between the prayer mantra steps. The main thing is that the incense will smoke throughout the entire transmission of the prayer mantra.

*The use of eucalyptus essential oil and carrier oil (Avocado, Sweet Almond or Jojoba Oil) in the Full Moon Prayer mantra is optional. I recommend using them anyway. If you decide to do this, apply 1 teaspoon of carrier oil mixed with 1 drop of essential oil to your hands and the rest of the oil apply gently on the neck. Eucalyptus helps cleanse your mind, fully open you to the full moon prayer mantra, and make this ritual more successful. 

Submit the full moon prayer mantra!

* To perform the prayer mantra, begin by placing the incense tray near you. Choose a place where it is good to burn the Lily of the valley incense. It must not be very far from you during prayer mantra. Once you have found the place for the incense tray, light one Lily of the valley incense on it. When you light the Lily of the valley incense to smoke, say the first sentence of the prayer mantra: "Open my mind, my heart, and my soul." Repeat as many times as you want to do it (be it a matter of cognition, if you feel that you have been able to express yourself then move on to the next step with prayer mantra). 

Then take the Lily of the valley candle and light it. When you light the candle, say another prayer mantra, "Let the universe and the guardian angel be open to my prayers.". Repeat it as many times as you want to do it, treat it like the first sentence, or repeat it until you feel you have been able to express yourself.

* Now sit in an easy pose with your spine straight, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. Calm yourself down. Get yourself into meditation, enjoy the moment and be completely free. Keep breathing until you feel calm, in balance, and begin to enjoy the condition. It all takes an individual time, so take the time. Be sure not to rush, don't rush. Sometimes it takes a quarter of an hour, sometimes even more. Once you have found peace within yourself, only then you can take the next step in the full moon prayer mantra. When you feel you're ready, move forward.

* The fourth step is to take the Rock Crystal meditation crystal. First, place it with your left hand once inside the smoke of the Lily of the valley incense, and then over the Lily of the valley candle (be careful not to burn yourself and the crystal). Once you have done that, place the crystal in your palm. Now say the third phase of the Full Moon prayer mantra: "Let the full moon open my soul to share desires and dreams." Repeat this until you feel that you have expressed yourself adequately. Then move on to the next step.

​* Continue to hold the Rock crystal in your hand and repeat all three phrases of the prayer mantra one after the other: "Open my mind, my heart and soul, "Let the universe and the guardian angel be open to my prayers," Let the full moon open my soul to share desires and dreams". Do this repeatedly until you feel that you have fully expressed yourself. If you feel that you have sent out the Full Moon prayer mantra and activated the channel of your dreams and wishes through the power of the Full Moon, then complete the final step of the prayer mantra. 

​* As a final step, once again hold the Rock crystal in the incense smoke of Lily of the valley, and once again over the candle flame. Then put out the candle and the incense, if necessary, (if you wish you can let the incense burn completely). Stand up and stretch, bend and move. Let the energies move inside you. You may feel like you want to move and be physically active.

When the full moon prayer mantra is performed successfully and with full commitment, you can feel complete peace in transmitting the prayer mantra and emerging of energy. If you feel that way, you've been successful!

Incense, candle and crystal used in the prayer mantra, put them together for the next full moon. If you wish, you can also fully burn the incense and candle.

After completing the Full Moon prayer mantra, you are fully prepared to dream and communicate your wishes. Now use your power and the portal opened in yourself to make your dreams come true. I recommend that you do specific rituals/magic to send your wishes and fulfil them during the full moon. In addition, focus daily on what you want to achieve and see your future life in the physical form. 

I wish the full moon would fulfil your dreams and help you find happiness in your life!