In order to live a full, happy and healthy life, it must be supported by our daily choices, lifestyle and attitudes. For a long time, I have focused my attention on sensing the Sun and discovering its importance. I am a spiritual discoverer and I create a question within myself about everything that surrounds me. I do not wish to remain unanswered, and so I embark on a journey of finding answers in my mind. I feel I have come closer to understanding what the Sun is, its value, and how to use that celestial body. I want to share my vision and awareness of the Sun with you today. Let it enlighten you on your own level! 

In this article, I will help you understand the importance of the sun and its light. I help you understand why we need to expose ourselves to sunlight, how it is safe and healthy to do so. Motivate and inspire yourself with your knowledge and with the help of the sun, heal both physically and mentally.

Our society has moved inside, and this is causing very serious health concerns. Think about yourself, how much time do you spend outdoors under the sun? How much are you in the room, office, shop, car? Notice how much time you spend outside during the day without being in the shade? You might get a shocking answer. Some people 20 minutes, some get one hour, some very much, but many can also say that there are days when there is no outdoor time.

We have made our homes a very comfortable place with a TV, computer, comfortable furniture to sit on. The same comfort takes you cunningly from outdoors to inside. At first glance, it's safe, but as you begin to delve into the seriousness of it and what it means to be indoors, you may find the cause of your many problems today.

Humans have replaced sunlight with artificial light sources and nature has been replaced by various electronic devices.

Today people go outside, wearing lots of clothes, wearing different creams and sunscreen. Fully shielded from the sun, an invisible shield that prevents this much-needed sunlight from doing you good. That way you can be the one who is hiding from the healing needed.

Everyone needs to be exposed to sunlight, whether they be young, old or sick. No matter who you are, you need the Sun, no matter how old you are, you need it.

The sun is our only source of clean energy and essential soul food

Our bodies need plant food and sunlight to be healthy, and without them, our organs cannot function properly. The big problem today is that people do not understand the need for sunlight, and many suffer from a lack of sunlight. As a result, both body and soul begin to degrade.

Lack of sunlight in the body will bring about very drastic changes. The lack of sunlight makes you sad, unhappy, negative, stressful and can make you depressed. Sleep problems, persistent irritation, weaker respiratory system, weaker bones, slower brain work and weaker memory, all of which can be due to a lack of sun. The prolonged absence of sunlight can even lead to chronic stress and deep depression. Decreased bone density and problems with the development of bone structure in young children – all of this may be due to low exposure to sunlight. I've noticed that many young people who suffer from back pain are those who have very little exposure to the sun. Lack of sunlight also increases the risk of being trapped in various illnesses, for example, if you are afraid of women's illnesses, stop hiding from the sun. If you have a hormonal disease in your body, it may also be due to low sunlight. These health problems can be listed down endlessly, which can affect people by underestimating the power of the sun and hiding indoors. With all this, I want to say go for a walk, sit or go something under the sun, if you have the opportunity. 

The change is simple – you have to get out and find a good balance between home and the sun.

The sun is 100% natural and the only source of pure energy you can use to heal yourself – it contains no preservatives or harmful elements. Everything else on this Earth has been constantly in circulation, in previous generations, all here on Earth, those plants, have been born again and again, and still on the same surface that humans have used throughout their existence. It has grown on the Earth, which has been processed, altered and damaged. Thus, sunlight is the only source of pure energy and is essential for the soul.

What our food, our plants consist of? It consists of the sun. Therefore, by eating plants we also get solar energy, but this is already the energy of the second cycle. So, the direct sun is just as necessary for us as the plants that have grown under the sun. When we eat an apple grown in the sun, we get its energy from the sun. When we eat something grown in the sun, we feel energetic, viable and positive. It is therefore very important to eat plants that have grown in their natural environment. The more we eat plants grown in the sun and the more we come in contact with the sun, the less our appetite and hunger will become. That's because the sun provides energy and energy-packed food. We save it in ourselves, and it helps, for example, to achieve normal weight. You don't want to overeat when you have energy. You have certainly noticed that in the summer when the sun is more, your appetites are lower. It all comes from the energy you catch from the home-grown berries and fruits grown under the Sun. Consuming solar energy helps to control your appetite. Be an instructor of your own senses.

The sun is also antiseptic. This means that sunlight heals wounds. If you have a wound on your body and you leave it in the sun for an hour or two every day, it heals and there are no complications. The sun was once one of the greatest healers for humans, either taking away the bad mood or helping the patient heal faster. This knowledge should not be underestimated.

Whatever disease is present in your body, bring yourself under the sun. The sun restores your body and soul and gives you the physical and mental strength to fight the disease.

If there is no sun, there is no us

The sun is in contact with the Earth for one very specific reason, and I will summarize it very briefly – the Earth needs light and heat to exist. The Earth cannot exist without the Sun, so it is also very easy to understand that we humans need the sunlight. The need for sunlight and its healing power is underestimated. Today we live in an age where the sun has been much feared, and people have therefore chained themselves to indoors. Be it indoor work, unwillingness to be in the fresh air or, indeed, fear of sunlight. If we don't need the sun, then why does it exist at all? It is worth asking such a question if you get the idea that sunlight is not important to humans. Man is part of the Earth and nature. Everything that Earth has created needs the Sun to exist. Without the sun, plants would not be able to grow or produce chlorophyll, one of the most important components inside the plant and essential for our physical body. Without the sun, there would be no nature on Earth and no home to live in and no food to eat.

Everything that nature has given should not be underestimated and taken for granted. Very many people live lives without the ability to exist, and this creates an attitude of not appreciating a lot of much-needed things, their surroundings and their importance. I ask you to understand whether you live consciously or not: "Do you think about the value of the sun, air, water, plants and all nature around us?" Or don't you think about it if you don't pay attention to it? How much do you think independently? Answer honestly so you can benefit from it. As you go on the spiritual path and want to grow spiritually, you always need to be honest with yourself. Otherwise, further development on this path is impossible. 

My wish is to open your eyes to you or anyone else who needs it. Bring thoughts in a direction that will help you and others grow, develop spiritually. Look towards the sun and be thankful for it. The sun is not accidental, the sun is something that gives us a chance to live.

Sunlight = positivity

Sunlight is very important for the healing of our mental body and positive emotions. If there is no sunlight, the mood becomes bleak, and if it is available, it becomes more positive. Have you noticed that if you spent an hour or two under the sun, you would later be calmer and more positive? Surely you are! Or have you noticed how you become restless when you are indoors for too long?

If sunlight is present, positivity is in the growth phase. As sunlight decreases, positivity decreases. The sun brings energy, the moon brings silence.

The sun is the best source of vitamin D and is one way to ensure a positive mind and good health. Many take capsules and tablets to get vitamin D. In addition to the sun, mushrooms are natural sources of vitamin D, so if you love mushrooms, this is good news for you. If you have not yet discovered the magic of mushrooms, you should give them a chance. In addition to fungi, vitamin D can also be obtained from lichens, which attach vitamin D to itself. Good and eco-friendly ways to get vitamin D, right? Look for vitamin D just in case you sometimes go looking for a supplement. Most vitamin D supplements are made from sheep's wool and fish liver products, which are very harmful in their content and energy. You can get vitamin D from there, but its emotional value does not match the value of healing. It is not possible to heal yourself if someone else, such as animals or fish, suffers. Characteristically, it is not possible to achieve complete health from something whose physical and mental content is not healthful and positive. So, choose your health sources wisely, no one or anything should be hurting for your luck and health.

In conclusion, you can't swallow solar energy as a capsule, it is just one way to keep your body function in the absence of sunlight. However, I advise you to catch the sun and get some vitamin D and healing through it.

4 useful ways to heal in the Sun: Sunbathing, Walking, Working, or Just Enjoying under the Sun

For many, the first thought about sunbathing involves lying in the sun, completely covered by sunscreen and tanning triggers. This is the image that many people imagine. But I'm not talking about sunbathing like that. You can really sunbathe by lying down, sitting, sideways or whatever you feel comfortable with. You can really sunbathe by lying down, sitting, sideways or whatever you feel comfortable with. You can really sunbathe by lying down, sitting, sideways or whatever you feel comfortable with. Sunbathe with carrier oils, to protect, moisturize the skin and get a beautiful complexion. But my goal is not to guide you to catch a better complexion, but rather to let you know that sunbathing is good for your body, your soul and your whole-body functioning.

Sunbathing helps to cleanse your body inside and out. Lying in the sun and enjoying the magic of it, many wonderful things happen to your body. For example, it helps to cleanse your skin. If the skin has bacteria that cause skin diseases, the sun will eradicate them. Sunlight also activates blood circulation and purification. When you're sunbathing, you're in detox mode. If the skin has a fungal disease, it can also be healed by the sun. When the body becomes warm under the sun, it is a sign that sunlight has reached the blood and made it move faster. This is where cleansing of your body begins, and in addition, sunlight helps to balance your blood pressure, which is a major problem for many today. I advise those who have problems with anaemia, haematoma, or any other vascular disease to walk in the sun or sunbathe regularly. The sun will help heal you, your blood and your heart.

Sunlight cleanses the body of toxins. When blood circulates normally in the body, the toxins move with the blood and sunlight helps them to leave the body. A clean body is unfavourable to all different diseases. The cleaner your body, the less likely you are to become ill.

Lack of sunlight can be a cause of acne and many other unpleasant skin conditions. Skin diseases often occur not only because of allergies and hormonal problems which may also be due to sun exposure but also because the sun does not reach the skin. There are a lot of pores inside the skin, and if they get clogged with dirt, they cause diseases on our skin and can develop into very serious acne. If you show your cleansed skin to the sun for about 15 minutes every day, you may soon notice a wonderful change. What sunlight does is that kills the bacteria that cause disease and cleans the dirt from your skin pores. It can be said that it is a free body care product. And free doesn't mean it's not valuable. Most of what is free around us are of very high value.

Sunbathing means that you are exposed to the sun fully or half-body uncovered. The more your skin is exposed to the sunlight, the faster and more efficiently you can heal your body in the short term. If possible, show as much body as possible to the Sun. If you are an office worker or work in an indoor environment, go outside every day you are off. If it is warm, then sunbathe, when it's cooler, show the sun a little bit of your skin, so that it can heal you.

If it is warm, then sunbathe, when it's cooler, show the sun a little bit of your skin, so that it can heal you. There are many opportunities!

Meditation with the sunlight

In addition to sunbathing, I recommend meditating with the evening or early morning sun, when the sunlight is less intense, and the sun is not as bright. Meditate with your face towards the sun, if you wish, let the sunlight into your eyes, open them, and sometimes look directly into the sun. Our brain is an organ of the mental and spiritual body that needs charging in the sun. This is to increase our energy levels, increase our awareness, and strengthen our ability to use our mental body. Our eyes are windows to the sunlight, but they are also very sensitive and fragile. Therefore, I recommend meditating with the face and eyes towards the sun only in the early morning or evening when sunlight does not harm the eyes. When you are open-eyed towards the Sun, you should be careful not to hurt yourself. Do this only when you feel it is right for you, and never force yourself to do so. It is safest and most beneficial to do so in the first hour of sunlight and in the last hour before the sunset. At this time, there is no harmful UV radiation that hurts the eyes. If you cannot meditate during these times, meditate with your eyes closed at exactly the time when you can be in the sun.

Sunlight meditation helps you open spiritually and increase your ability. Use meditation crystals, incense, essential oils and candles,  crystals and plants which energy you want to capture. I have written the effects of the meditation crystals, incense, essential oils and candles very thoroughly, use my knowledge to create healing and magic with them.

When to spend time in the sun and how to do it in the healthiest way possible

Sunlight is most intense at midday and weaker in the mornings and evenings. Remember, you don't need the intensity of the sun, you just need the sun. Half an hour a day is very helpful to you, if there is more you can do, it is even better. There should never be too much sunbathing but in moderation. Spending hours under the sun leads to skin drying, dehydration, which is harmful to you and can make sunlight harmful to you. When under the sun, always drink water and moisten your skin with carrier oils before or after exposure to the sun. This is to prevent the sun from losing skin moisture, which is important for maintaining youthfulness and protecting the skin from excess sun.

If you are into sports, take the gyms outdoors, run and exercise outdoors. Firstly, you can combine exercise with sunbathing and secondly, you destroy harmful toxins rather than leaving them in the training rooms for inhalation by others. Sounds a little creepy, right, but that's the way it is. During exercise, dirt is removed from our body and remains in the air and is toxic to you and others. Enjoy running, walking, yoga, Pilates, basketball or whatever kind of workout you do in the sun.

Suntan occurs most rapidly on the body during intense mid-afternoon sun. During this time, however, it is most necessary to keep your skin and body moisturised. Whenever you are in the sun, have the carrier oil with a glass of water always by your side. The tanning itself is actually the body's natural protective layer that is created to protect the body from the harmful properties of the sun. Nature has created 100% natural sunscreen for humans, which is the pigment that occurs when you are under the sun. The stronger the pigment becomes, the stronger the protective shield on your skin.

If you are sunbathing, let sunlight to one side of your body for about a quarter of an hour and then the other half for a quarter of an hour. That way, the sun gets all over your body, and so does your aching back and porous facial skin gets healing. Unless, of course, you have any problems in these areas.

Practice gratitude in the pursuit of sunlight and its healing power. Feel gratitude for what the sun and its light give you. It is a source of energy that helps you stay healthy and viable. Practising gratitude is very important, it will open you up to healing. When you feel happy, healing is also happening faster. Practising sincere gratitude will open you to joy and pleasure. It should come as no surprise that cheerfulness can help to speed up each process. So, if you spend time in the sun, just feel that gratitude and direct it to the sun.

You can sunbathe on a daily basis, but as it is not possible for many people, it is enough to do it 1-2 times a week. In wintertime, especially here in the northern hemisphere, it is impossible, but during the half-year it is possible. Therefore, during the winter, it is useful to go for a walk so that your eyes and face will catch a little sunlight, which will help you have a balance. Stress and other health problems due to lack of sunlight are a major problem when living in the northern hemisphere, and therefore, who have the possibility, they migrate to the southern hemisphere for a holiday. This is not something that many people can afford, and for them, I recommend eating the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus, foods from autumn to spring, which will help give you some of what the sun is capable of.

Also, remember that sunlight cannot reach you through the glass, so you need to step outside to catch the sunlight.

Use natural and useful tanning oils instead of harmful sunscreens!

I often feel that I am worried about all of your lives, I want to take care of you and give you the knowledge you need to help you in the future. That's why I'm telling you why you shouldn't use sunscreen, tanning creams or sprays and other commercial tanning products, and what you should use and why. I want you to be healthy, cared for and your body healed.

Enjoying the sun and sunbathing is healthy if you do it in moderation. Remember, all the good things we need in balance. However, sunbathing is a toxic activity for many, without knowing it all. I believe that may be the case with you. Toxic, you ask, why? Tanning is toxic if you use different sunscreens or sunblock products that are not 100% natural oil. Most products in stores do not have that.

Why is it harmful? I sincerely believe that these products are one of the causes of skin cancer as well as the cause of other problems in your body. When you start reading the ingredients of these products, you will actually find everything that is harmful to the body, toxic and indigestible. It makes me, who am curious about life, wonder why I have to poison my body by protecting myself from something that is good for us and gives the body the vitamin-D, energy and vitality it needs. For me it creates a paradox, it is not explainable. There is no need to do so.

When you go out in the sun and cover yourself with creams and oils from dozens of different inorganic, unnatural, and unsuitable substances for the body, you let the sunburn those substances into your skin. They move into your bloodstream and from there you start to find a problem that seems insidious and initially innocent. This is my personal opinion. I think sunlight and its various UV rays are not the main reasons why people get skin cancer and get older faster. The sun is what intensifies everything, and if you nourish your skin with the wrong oils and creams, the sun will simply accelerate their harmful effects. So, the sun is, yes, one of the causes of the problem, but not alone.

If the sun and UV rays were so dangerous to humans, why is the sun the backbone of our earth, why have humans and the rest of the animals and nature under the sun managed so far? I suggest that you ask yourself these questions as well. It just doesn't go together, everything that is said is not always as black and white as it seems. It should raise the question: "Really?" Not to be sceptical and mistrustful, but rather not to be blinded by the information going around. Life has shown that today's truth may not be tomorrow's truth. I've known this to be true for a lot of things during my life, certainly you too. Isn't that the meaning of one's life – to evolve and change one's beliefs, habits and belief in the truth.

Use natural and body-friendly oils to tan under the sun and enjoy the healing that the sun has to offer. Oils that protect your skin from the negative effects of UV light and help you to heal in the sunlight without any harmful effects. For this, use the carrier oils such as Sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil or Jojoba oil. Make sure it is a 100% pure product and definitely cold-pressed oil. La Tene carrier oils are that. Why these? Because they nourish your skin in the sun, helping your skin protect itself while allowing the healing energies to enter your body. These oils moisturize your skin while being under the sun, protecting against burns (they do not protect you if you are exposed to the sun too much and do not apply oil repeatedly), as the carrier oils contain vitamin E to help your skin maintain its youthfulness and beauty.

Sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, and Jojoba oil are oils that help to get a golden brown complexion and keep the complexion after tanning. These oils nourish the skin to prevent skin from peeling. If you are in the sun for a long time, your whole body, which is exposed to sunlight, must be oiled again and again. This is to prevent sunburn.

I believe that the sun is not what causes us skin cancer, it is harmful sun creams and toxic non-natural oils that create a favourable environment for such disease. If you have a fear of skin cancer, it is best to use Grapeseed oil while in the sun. Scientific studies have shown that Grapeseed oil helps to prevent skin problems caused by UV radiation, restores skin and prevents free radicals. Free radicals cause cancer. So, if you have this fear or want to prevent it and enjoy the sun, apply Grapeseed oil to your skin. 

If you are afraid that the sun will age your skin, do not be afraid of it. Of course, this happens when you are not feeding your body properly and not using carrier oils. Instead of being afraid, nourish yourself and enjoy the sun together with the healing oils.

Sunburn should be avoided

Sunburn is a serious matter and should not be indifferent to it. If you're determined to sunbathe or want to spend a long day in the sun, protect yourself with carrier oils. Sunburn favours skin diseases and skin cancer, which is the scream for help from your skin. To protect yourself from sunburn, oil your body, sunburn cannot occur if you take proper care of your skin. 

In addition to oils, regular eating of plants containing chlorophyll also helps. Green vegetables and herbs are the best ones with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll keeps your skin moist and provides natural protection from the harmful effects of the sun. So, if you want some sunbathing in the sun and protect your skin from sunburn, bring plenty of green onions, chives, parsley, celery, basil, spinach, kohlrabi, cabbage and so on.

Sunlight is the ultimate source of energy, use it to heal yourself, to attain ultimate health and to achieve mental balance!

If it seems too simple to be true, believe me – the truth is always simple.