Perform an economic prosperity ritual when you feel you need extra strength for your financial luck. It is a ritual that helps create abundant energy, which in turn is favourable to economic prosperity. The ritual affects you and the people who live with you (family members, friends, etc. in your home). This ritual is done at home. The purpose of doing rituals is to create energies that are missing from your life. All our lives are made up of energies and we can also create and influence them ourselves. 

The purpose of the ritual is to create favourable energy that appeals to abundance, wealth and good opportunities to improve one's financial position. Above all, the ritual helps to create good professional happiness in order to improve one's financial position.

The ritual must be performed in the  North region of your home. Therefore, before starting the ritual, find where North is at your home. North direction is a channel for work success, wealth, personal achievement, financial security and overall success. 

When to do this ritual?

You can do the economic prosperity ritual exactly when you want it. You do not need to monitor specific Moon phases for this. Of course, it is always useful to perform this ritual when cosmic energies are favouring the economic prosperity, growth in abundance, and are associated with wealth and happiness. 

I recommend doing this ritual rather when you see the need for it. 


1. Sunstone meditation crystal or tumbled Sunstone 1 pc
2. tumbled Triplite with Pyrite 2 pcs
3. Cinnamon or Basil incense
4. Goldorange or yellow bag
5. Incense holder
6. Matches


Ritual items must definitely not be replaced by alternatives. Nor should any object be missing from it, because then there is no energy of the object in the magic and the ritual is not complete. Use only tumbled crystals in the ritual.

* Sunstone is a crystal that activates work success and abundance. Sunstone in this ritual must definitely be flat shaped. You attach your desires to this particular crystal. 

* Triplite with Pyrite is a crystal of happiness and success that contributes to the fulfilment of dreams and wishes. After the ritual has been successfully completed, Triplite with Pyrite will begin to invoke opportunities for prosperity in your life. Tumbled Triplite with Pyrite is required in this ritual. 

One of the properties of

* Cinnamon and basil is to increase abundant energies and create favourable energy for economic prosperity. Both cinnamon and basil improve and help with this ritual. Choose the appropriate incense according to your preferences.

Create favourable energy for economic prosperity and invite abundance into your life! 

Take all the ritual items and find a suitable place to carry out the ritual in your home's North region. Place the incense holder on a table or floor and place a Cinnamon or Basil incense on it. 

Once the incense is in place, place both Triplite with Pyrites on or beside the incense holder. Now take the matches and light the incense to smoke.

When you light the incense, say in your head, or in a loud voice, the ritual phrase, "Let economic luck grow and prosperity come!" Say it for as long as you want. The more you say the magic phrase, the better. In doing so, you are giving the Triplite with Pyrite the goal for creating economic happiness and prosperity. 

Now take a flat Sunstone crystal in your palm, close your eyes and repeat this sentence as much as you feel like doing it. Then, hold the Sunstone crystal in the smoke of the Cinnamon incense and say three more times the ritual phrase: "Let economic luck grow and prosperity come!" 

When you have done this, grab the bag and place the Sunstone with the two Triplite with Pyrite in it, and tighten the mouth of the bag with the straps. Leave the bag filled with crystals next to the incense smoke. 

When the incense has gone out, take the crystal bag and place it in a convenient location in the North area of your home. If you already have crystals for work success or happiness, add a closed ritual bag among these crystals. If not, this may be your first set of lucky crystals in the area, later you can place other lucky rituals or crystals beside this ritual. 

The magic bag filled with crystals must not be opened! When you open it, you automatically stop the ritual. I recommend that you tightly tie the bag straps. 

I also recommend keeping a ritual and magic notebook where you write down when you did the ritual and for what purpose. This will help you remember in the future what the ritual bag is designed for. 

When the ritual is done, leave the ritual crystals in your life to create economic luck and prosperity!