Have you ever dreamed that someone loves you, but you do not love him back? Or have you been in love with someone who didn't give you the same attention? Helping you understand what it means to see one-sided love in a dream has a very specific meaning.

This dream interpreter does not apply if you dream of one-sided love, and it is happening in your life. In that case, it's just a matter of daydreaming of the day's events and emotions. 

To dream that you love someone, but the same person does not love you, indicates that something is missing in your life. What is missing can be love or money, health, intimacy, tenderness, compassion, empathy, attention or anything else. What it is exactly, can be explained by the other things that were also present in the dream, so try to interpret the symbols in the dream and find a hint you are missing. Perhaps you will realize your yearning as soon as you start to think about it. Such a dream can also highlight your fear of losing something or someone.

A dream where your companion does not love you can refer to two different things. First, it can be a fear of your relationship. You may be afraid that you are not close enough or that there is a problem between you that will cause such panic in your dreams. Alternatively, you may be notified as a prophecy of an issue that will soon arise. So, if you are fine and you are seeing such a dream, then this may be a warning.

If you dream that you love someone one-sidedly, who you are fond of and you are planning to meet them, you may be warned. A warning that this new acquaintance may not be as beautiful as it initially seems to you. You may also see such a dream as a warning even if you have recently met someone. In this case, please be careful not to let yourself be hurt.

A dream where you are loved, but you do not love back, can have many different meanings. If the dream was pleasing to you, or you had nothing against being loved, it is a dream of prophetic significance. Such a dream indicates that a happy period is ahead of you. How much happiness and positivity comes to you will be determined by the rest of your dream. If the whole dream was happy and ended well, you can expect a great deal of good luck. Another meaning of such a dream is that someone really loves you. Someone you suspect or someone you haven't noticed. You may have an admirer in whose heart you have found a place.

A dream where you felt uncomfortable or had another negative emotion that someone secretly or publicly loved you, would bring misfortune. Such a dream may refer specifically to someone who has feelings for you, but it can be unpleasant and bring a lot of problems into your life. Another possibility is that the dream announces a problematic period, something, that you do not expect or want, may come to light. Maybe it's some hidden secret that will cause you trouble when it comes out in public. Maybe it's an unknown person who wants to hurt you, a rival or a self-proclaimed enemy. So be careful when you dream like this. Wear a Red Tigers Eye, to protect yourself, this crystal blocks bad luck and creates a strong shield around your Aura.

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