Drinking water is a very natural activity, the importance of which is often overlooked. People tend not to engage in routine or widespread activities. Therefore, you should also look at everything that is done routinely or because you are used to doing something and ask yourself, "Why am I doing this? Asking questions is one way of developing spiritually. But in fact, drinking water is vital to your whole body and soul. Without water, we cannot physically exist or be mentally healthy. 

Healthy Throat chakra helps you to feel good 

Our chakras need certain emotions and attitudes to be strong. Chakras also need a certain type of food to stay strong. Water is not food, but it is part of the diet. Water is strongly linked to the Throat chakra and its health. For those who come to my private session, I've talked a lot about the importance of healing one's body with water, and many are surprised that I raise this issue because they think they drink enough water and that it should be enough. Fortunately, many also recognize and agree that they forget to drink water. But the reason I often refer to drinking water is that many forget to drink the amount of water the body and mind need. Water scarcity is very high in many bodies. This, in turn, brings the Aura field both mental and emotional problems for one simple reason – nothing heals or solves the energies stuck in the Throat chakra, it requires water! 

The magic lies in simplicity! 

Sometimes when I have talked about this subject, it comes as a big surprise that water really has such great value for the Throat chakra? Time and again we come to the point of simplicity, and so is drinking water. Water is indeed one of the wonderful makers, it should always be in the body adequately and regularly. 

Drinking water helps to break down the emotions that are stuck in the Throat chakra. For example, the Throat chakra holds on to painful memories, depressed feelings, secrets, sadness, loss of heart, and much more that is in peoples soul. A person with an unhealthy Throat chakra is unable to express himself freely, and is afraid of communication, especially with people who are not familiar to him. If we do not break down these emotions within ourselves, the result will be broken and not functioning Throat chakra. Throat chakra that does not work on a regular basis creates insecurity, stress, irritability, sadness, lack of energy and many other harmful feelings in a person. Healing of the Throat chakra is crucial to achieving spiritual and emotional strength. Therefore, I advise you to drink more water as well. A strong Throat chakra gives you the ability to always express yourself freely and in the most loving way. Healthy Throat chakra helps to build good relationships and also to make you feel generally satisfied. 

If you drink, drink water! 

I recall that water is not equivalent to juice, high-sugar flavoured water or soft drinks. Water is water, as pure as it can be. If you want to add flavour to the water, do it with herbs, fruits or vegetables, they do not harm the water but add value to it. 

It's possible to load the water with crystals. This means that it's possible to give the water that energy that crystals have. For example, you can drink your everyday water from elixir bottles that have crystals in it. It's very convenient to carry those bottles with you and they look very nice. You find different elixir bottles HERE. 

If you want to heal your Throat chakra as intensely as possible, add the Throat chakra healing crystals into the water jug, bottle or glass. 

The best crystals for Throat chakra healing are: 

Blue Aventurine, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Amazonite, Blue Chalcedony and Blue Lace Agate. 

If you want to heal your Throat chakra as effectively as possible, keep all of these polished crystals in water. These crystals carry your power into the water and you can drink crystal-powered water. This is how you will receive the healing for the Throat chakra in its highest form. You can read more about making the water elixir HERE

Water is freeing trapped emotions, pain-inducing feelings, and blocking energies. Drink more water and keep your Throat chakra healthy!