The world is full of stress-energy, people are filled with it, and emotional imbalance is a big problem. Stress, anxiety, bad distractions and the accompanying feeling of being unwell must be stopped as quickly as possible. They are not something that should be allowed to grow inside you and become chronic. If you do, then you just need to start acting. I share with you my thoughts on what can inspire you to break free of your own discomfort and make you enjoy life again. I send you strength, love and positivity!

Feeling unwell can arise from the environment in which you live or where you spend your time, from people around you, or from your own attitude. There are many reasons why a person can be stressed and that is why it is a huge problem in our society. What you can do is change yourself and your attitude. What is beyond your control, however, is that you cannot change other people's behaviour, instead, grow strong, resilient, and take full care of yourself in the middle of all that is trying to get you off your feet.

There is so much suffering in life that you cannot prevent. But what you can do is change your attitude, right now and now!

Stop beating yourself up!

I often see people beating themselves up mentally – talking badly about themselves or treating themselves worthlessly for one thing or another. If you did something that has caused derogatory, depreciatory, and criticizing dialogues inside yourself, you are only exacerbating your problem. By doing so, you are destroying your self-confidence, healthy energy, and spiritually destroying yourself. Instead of beating yourself up, find a solution to the situation and change yourself. If the cause was an act you regret, then change yourself and don't put yourself in the same position in the future. Change your attitude and, if possible, correct the act you beat yourself up for. If you make a mistake, the only next step must be to heal it and, within yourself, to repair the place that caused the result.

For example, I would feel guilty if I acted so meanly with myself. We are all valuable – don't forget it!

Stop holding onto the problem!

One of the biggest mistakes is holding onto a problem, a quarrel, a drama, or any negative situation. If something has happened, someone has done something bad to you, treated you unfairly, or has been in a situation that has caused you anxiety, let it go from your mind. The longer you stay in this negativity, the deeper you fall into it. Disputes, dramas, and situations like these are like whirlwinds that are hard to get away with – they swallow you up, stifle, harass, and take away your vital energy.

You can only get out of these situations by asking yourself, "What can I do to stop it," "What should I learn from it?", "What am I being told by it?” Find the signs and decipher them!

Sometimes these things happen to give you an idea of the people around you. Many people around us create drama because they themselves are unhealthy and have low spiritual energy. Analyze whether you caused it yourself or not. If the answer is "no" then move ahead and say to yourself, "I live in a colourful and unhealthy world!" However, if the answer is "yes" then find a solution to this situation. Fix it, change yourself, or learn. What you can't do, though, is to go along with it and lose yourself in the process.

I think over and over again that life is so short, here in this body that we have been given a home in this life that it is a sin to waste that life on the drama and the problems.

Stop caring about the opinions of others!

I wonder if I'm liked? Does he want to be friends with me? Do I act like I'm accepted? I guess I'm not as beautiful as her. I guess I'm not so talented and talented. Stop all these thoughts. Whenever such thought moves around in your head, stop it. You are unique and special. Don't lose yourself because of other people. Be independent, not controlled by others. If you want to be loved, in its purest form, love will find you when you are yourself – as original as you can be.

If I had to care if someone likes me, I would lose myself. Thanks to the courage to be myself, I have achieved all that I have dreamed of to this day. Bold steps also bring great results, be brave – be yourself!

Stop playing the victim and distinguish between situations!

Victim play occurs when you have mentally beat yourself up and downgraded yourself. There is a role of a victim where you can feel and sense that the whole world or someone specific has come against you. Stop being a victim, otherwise, you are that. Unpleasant situations and problems in life do not just come to harass you. There is also a reason for all of this to exist. When something physically happens to you or to people inside your circle, it is Karma. If the drama and the problems come from outside your inner circle, then it is the Karma of other people, you can immediately turn your back on it – you are just an eyewitness, nothing else.

The role of a victim robs all the energy that is in your Solar Plexus Chakra your channel of abundance and positivity. The energy that is already hard to grow and keep is not worth the waste.

Situations that have happened to you in physical form or drama within you are related to your own Karma. But what is Karma? In short, it is an act and a consequence. If you get sick, it is a consequence of the treatment you have given yourself. When you quarrel with someone you love, it can be about how you approach each other. It is all charmatic and comes in order to change your direction and attitude.

Situations that happen outside of you. For example, someone who speaks badly about you puts you down, and who is not really related to you, is his Karma, not yours. It shows how unhealthy this person is on the spiritual side and that his negativity no longer fits within him. It could be jealousy or some other low energy that he has and you are just chosen as a random target. Why? Consequently, you radiate something good and attractive. Don't worry, the jealousy of the other person won't hurt you unless you yourself take the role of victim. This is his Karma and this behaviour robs his own happiness and health.

I respect myself too much to let someone else's unhealthy behaviour catch my soul. No one else should control what you feel other than yourself. Decide for yourself what you let your soul visit and what not!

Bloom and shine!

Cultivate love in your soul, deal with it, make it your goal. Unlock the ability to unconditionally love that will help you first and foremost. By loving unconditionally, you do not hurt yourself with words, you quickly get out of the unfavourable situation and don't become the victim. Bloom and shine and be positive! If you are strong and firm, no storm can take you along. You have to work on it and get started today.

If you have fallen into a state of negativity, are in the midst of dramas and problems, then cleanse yourself with Sage and Black Pepper. Wear crystals to help you get out of it. Very useful crystals here are Lemurian Jade, Hematite, Black Obsidian, and Actinolite Quartz.

Always stand for the emotional and mental health of your soul, always be your own helper and healer!