The full moon supports the fulfilment of desires and dreams, so it is very useful to do different rituals and magic. Full moon energy quickly releases the energy inside you and directs it to where you want it to be sent. Full moon angel magic is for you if you want to establish and maintain good contact with your guardian angel or additional angel. It will help you connect better, create communication and understanding between you.

If you constantly see angel messages or combinations of numbers, it already indicates that your guardian or additional angel wants to communicate with you. Full moon angel magic connects you even more, help you to understand him better and to interpret all his messages and signs more clearly. If that's your wish, do the magic.

Full moon angel magic is most useful to do during the  Full Moon when the energy field is connected to the angel world. You can do this magic every full moon.


1. A Light Blue candle  
or Lavender candle
2. Matches
3. Heat resistant base for burning the candle
4. Iolite tumbled (1 pcs)
5. Celectite geode (1 pcs)
6. Blue Lace Agate tumbled (1 pcs)
7. Blue coloured bag
8. Lavender ritual plant
9. Lavender incense
Incense holder

* Full moon angel magic is most useful to do in your bedroom or in Feng Shui's North area, so choose the one that's right for you. Full moon angel magic is activated in these very places.

* This magic is done for at least a week in a row, so choose a place where you can burn a candle and incense for several days.

* The candle is not erased by blowing, but with a special candle remover or by briefly pushing the wick into the wax and lifting the wick out again. Be sure not to blow the candle, this is how you cancel the magic!

* The crystals in magic have the power to contact the Angels. Celestite creates an attraction between the Angels and you.

* In magic, use the new crystals, Iolite and Blue Lace Agate must be in tumbled form, and Celestite as a geode. Lavender incense must be clean Lavender, meaning the incense is not made with any other plant debris or oil.

* If you can't find a blue bag, an alternative is a purple bag. Choose a heat-resistant base and incense tray, use the ones you have at home, or buy a special incense tray for the future.

Let the magic begin!

* Place the candle on a base and sprinkle it with the crumbs of the Lavender ritual plant so that it is all around the candle. Then place all three crystals inside the lavender crumbs in front of the candle: Celestite geode, tumbled Iolite, and the tumbled Blue Lace Agate. Once you have placed the crystals inside the Lavender crumbs, place your fingers on the crystals and say the magic phrase, "I am connected to my angels".

* Now take the matches and light the candle, and at least THREE times in your head or loudly utter the magic phrase, "I am connected to my angels".

* Take the lavender incense and set it on from the candle flame, after a moment, shake it off to smoke. Once it has started to smoke, place the incense on the incense tray.

* The next step is to put your fingertips on the crystals again and say the magic phrase one time: "I am connected to my Angels".

* When this is done, take another Lavender incense, set it on from the candle flame and shake it off to smoke. Now keep the incense smoke close to your face and head (be careful not to hurt yourself at the same time, this is a hot and burning incense). Let the Lavender smoke open your upper Chakras. Meanwhile, sprinkle the ashes on the incense tray and continue the same procedure. You can make circles and move the incense near your face. If you feel that you do not want to do it anymore, this is a sign that it is enough. Then put out the incense smoking tip by gently inserting it into the candle wax and proceed with magic.

* Put your fingertips on the crystals again and say for the last time the magic phrase: "I am connected to my Angels". Then the magic is encoded, and it will fulfil your wish. Leave the candle to burn on that day for as long as possible. Let the Lavender incense that is attached to the incense base to smoke until its done.

* The next few days you have to burn a candle and incense every day. When you light a candle, utter the magic phrase once and put the Lavender incense, placed on the incense tray, to smoke from the same flame. Burn this incense every day to the end. Crystals and ritual plants must not be moved from their place until the last day of magic. Burn the candle for several days until only about 3-4 cm is left, then the magic is over. Until then, one must burn a candle and one Lavender incense daily.

* On the last day of magic, collect the Lavender crumbs and crystals and place them in a bag. Fill the bag with crystals first, then place as much lavender as it can fit. If lavender is left over, take the rest to nature. Place a magic bag under your bed, next to it, or on the angel crystal altar, if you have one. The magic bag is not opened, the magic crystals are not cleaned, they work as long as you keep the bag closed. I recommend that you tie the knot in the mouth of the bag and write in your magic book what purpose this magic is made for, so you know in the future, what magic it is.

As you do the Full moon angel magic, you may begin to feel an even more intense connection with your Angels. While the angel portal is open, you can have a very mysterious experience. Understanding of the angel numbers becomes clearer and the protection sent by the Angels may be strengthened. How effectively the magic works is up to you and your desire you did the magic with. The more you devoted yourself to magic, the more you gain from that magic.

Doing magic is the way we send out a signal and create energies around us that help us achieve our wishful dreams. The stronger you connect with the Angels, the stronger the protection!