A lot of people’s thoughts around us, and maybe yours too, are moving in the direction of negativity. You can feel your mood and emotions getting bitter and ruining even the sunniest day. Bad thoughts circling in the head are the foundation of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual decay. One bad idea in your head can make your body chemistry harmful to you. It's easy to say that you can replace bad thoughts with good ones, but it may not be that easy for anyone who is dealing with this problem. However, I have a bunch of inspiration to try to bring some positivity to this dark cloud.

I person who struggles with negative thoughts within himself usually sees evil in everything, including himself. This happens automatically and can lead to a great deal of sadness. This must be stopped. To step out of that vicious circle, all you need is yourself. You allow your own mind to allow such self-destructive behaviour. Yes, you are the one who allows that!

If you want to see it differently then let me explain it to you. Everything that your mind produces, feeds to you, and whatever life goes on in there, it's all you. It is not regulated by anyone else unless you let anyone do it. However, when you start guiding yourself and heading yourself on the right path - towards the light, your own mind is no longer your enemy. It can be the enemy if you let it do its own thing. This self-creation can be both good and bad - it all depends on the energy you contain. What counts is what you think about, what you believe in, what your principles are and what you have let inside you. By allowing one's mind to act on its own without directing it, it awakens all that has not yet been fully found within you, or where there are many questions and unanswered topics.

For example, if at one point in the past you let someone else's criticism reach your soul, you didn't take the time to analyse, understand and draw conclusions from that criticism, it will come back to you like a boomerang. After all, it is looking for a place within you, the right place. Disturbing, harassing, and mind-numbing thoughts appear before you to filter within you.

Take positive experiences with open arms, create something beautiful within them, and be inspired. This will automatically help you be more open to filtering and implementing positive experiences but the negative experiences, on the other hand, block at the right moment, otherwise, they will be spinning around in your soul, suddenly hitting you and destroying your mood. As long as you do not resolve your negative experiences within yourself, they are your mood offenders.

If your mood gets bad, sadness, anxiety and pain hits you, react now! Take control of this negative information and ask yourself, "What does this feeling, or knowledge tell me or teach me?", ask yourself a lot of questions that will help you explain the emergence of that emotion or memory.

Absolutely all the negative inside you can only be released if you heal it. There are many different ways to heal. One way is to take the sadness inside and translate it into something beautiful. If the pain of the past traumatizes you and ruins your day, look for the positive aspects of that pain. Try to explain to yourself that you have learned something through this pain, it has certainly helped you get to where you are today. Don't forget that everything that comes into our lives comes to tell us something. Another way is to motivate yourself when the mood becomes negative and any willpower disappears like a lightning bolt. In that case, tell yourself that you do not have time to waste your life. To convince yourself that you cannot afford a pessimistic attitude and a pause, you need to move on. Please be good, be the person in your life to help you along in this journey. Remember that you need to keep a positive attitude for yourself.

For anyone who is struggling with negative thoughts within themselves and who want to reduce the recession of positive energy into the dark, I recommend that they consistently do self-therapy. The aura field needs to be kept healthy and there are different ways to do it.

Every day you have to feed your soul with positive energy. For example, you can use essential oils. Apply them with carrier oils on your skin and fill your home air with their healing power. Black Pepper, Juniper, Eucalyptus and Ginger are the best choices for combating and healing negative thoughts. In addition, you van burn incense and regularly cleanse yourself with Sage. Of the mood-enhancing incense, I recommend the ones that contain cedarwood, cinnamon and sandalwood. In addition, I recommend burning a Reiki incense. The best crystals to wear in this case are the Sunstone with the Onyx.

Feed your soul with the right plant, bringing maca into your life. It is an exotic plant from Peru, and it has an enormous amount of healing properties, all of which help you to achieve emotional balance. Bring it to your menu and let it do wonders for you.

When you feel unwell and have a devastating flight of thoughts, remind yourself of everything you do when you have not let the harassing thoughts spoil your mood. Remind yourself of the motivation inside you before that. Bring it back, convince yourself that you really do not have time for the stupidity you are currently open to. Remember, you have to control yourself.

In order to release negative thoughts, remind yourself that you deserve a loving attitude. If you know you deserve it, then Karma’s law requires you to take the first step, and then the whole universe will respond to you.

Be kind, affectionate, loving, caring, protective, and motivating with yourself, and then the peace you have lost will come to you.