Do you feel emotionally exhausted? Burnt out? Are you constantly tired of everything, including your own feelings and thoughts? You do not have the strength to move yourself and mood swings often accompany you? Are you having trouble falling asleep or finding peace? These can be signs of depression or warnings about depression. If you answered at least half of the questions in the affirmative, the following is for you. Let me help you a little and we will find a solution together, because depression is a serious mental health problem, and it must be countered. But before I talk to you about healing, I will give you some of the typical habits that contribute to depression. If you feel some of them are about you, stop YOURSELF. Please, stay away from them, they may be your secret criminals.


1. The release of remorse and guilt


Repentance is very good; it helps us to correct our mistakes and change ourselves. Analysing your own mistakes helps to release the negative feelings we have. But it can also become extreme and very harmful. If you have made a mistake in life or have done too much harm to someone, then you may feel remorse, and if you allow it to constantly persecute you, you will open the door to depression.


Many are struggling with remorse. Those who are tormented by it know that at any moment, awful things come to mind, their mood is broken, and they feel anguish. You have to put an end to it because it drags you secretly and quietly into a black hole so that eventually you will never notice the beauty and charm in your life. How do you end it? If someone you have hurt is involved in your regret, apologize to that person. If at all possible, redeem yourself. Suppress your ego and be bold. If this cannot be done, do not repeat this behaviour to anyone else. If repentance is about you, apologize to yourself and change course, don't repeat the pattern of the past. Every time you feel anguish, apologize to yourself.


When repentance is torturing and does not allow to live, it is very useful to wear a Brecciated Jasper crystal. Brecciated Jasper crystal helps to bring the past to an end by helping to learn from mistakes, forgive yourself, make peace with others, and release the distressing emotions of your soul. Brecciated Jasper will heal your past and the mistakes you regret.


2. The gazes of others and paranoia


If you feel that someone is watching your activity, constantly analysing you and that it is related to your weakness, that may not be the case, it may be the fruit of imagination. Depression occurs when you begin to unconsciously feel that everyone is seeing your sadness, pain, weakness, and any of your personal concerns. There are many who perceive that somebody else can see how broken they are. However, the reality is that they cannot do it well. Don't be afraid of it!


When you feel other people see your weakness, analyze you, and constantly monitor your actions, it is a habit of your senses that can lead you to destruction. Depression can easily come about when you start imagining.


Depression is a cunning enemy; it exists in your head and causes paranoia. Paranoia occurs when the upper Chakras become ill, and they convey false vision and knowledge that has no basis. If you recognize yourself here, immediately start healing the top three Chakras. Your attention needs the Throat Chakra, The Third Eye and Crown Chakra. I recommend drinking daily tumbled crystal water-elixir, made of Blue Chalcedony, Sodalite and Amethyst or wearing all these crystal together. These are the healers of these Chakras.


3. Pleasing others


If it is important to you what others think of you, that you fit into their lives, that they are happy with you as a person, and that they definitely love you, then ... that's a big sign of danger!


Remember, true love is when you are loved as who you are. The rest of the love is ego-based, fake on one side or the other. Unconditional love does not require perfectionism, they do not go hand in hand. Free yourself, be yourself! Don't be a waitress and don't play a role-playing game. You must not act in love; it must be real and genuine. Whatever a human relationship is, it is only true if there are no conditions. Be it friendships or romantic relationships.


However, if you make a great effort to please someone and only consider his wishes, you will hurt yourself. It leads to or is the cause of depression.


4. Perfect you!


Ask yourself, are you chasing the perfect result? For example, in your own appearance? Pursuing cleanliness in your home? Are you feel tension if there is something lying around, or you didn't get a hairstyle in the morning that you think is perfect? If so, it can lead to depression. Perfectionism comes from astrological and numerological figures. It won't hurt everyone; it will rather help us achieve something we came here to do. However, any strength can become extreme. Unfortunately, if you are very anxious and stressed, your perfectionist side will contribute to depression. If you feel good and positive, then perfectionism will work in your favour at that moment. It's neither good nor bad, it all depends on how you feel. But if you lean toward negativity, let go. Let the hairstyle be a little more playful one day and let a cup of tea be on the table, do not be stressed. Tomorrow is a more beautiful day.


I've written an article called "10 STEPS OUT OF DEPRESSION", from the article you will find a lot of useful ways to fight depression and help you to improve your mood. Be sure to read this article and include some of these healing procedures in your daily routine. They will help you find positivity again and heal you.


Smile, you actually have a reason to smile about something every day - be it the sun, the sky, the air you can breathe, or someone to be grateful for. There's always a reason to be happy, find that reason!