Mercury retrograde is a cosmic period with powerful power that each of us could be aware of. You can find a general description of the Mercury retrograde HERE, but what makes it special is the constellation of the period under which the Mercury retrograde is located. The Mercury retrograde is several times a year and is affected by a different constellation each time, so these periods are slightly different from year to year. In this article, I will help you understand what it means that the Mercury retrograde is in Scorpio.

Mercury's retrograde in Scorpio causes mood swings from one extreme to another. During this period, one day you may feel extremely happy and the next day you may be in the greatest slump. Welcome to the retrograde of Scorpio and Mercury!

If you are more moody than usual during this period, just accept it. At the same time, do your best to reduce mood swings. I recommend drinking a soothing lemon balm tea, it always helps and is generally suitable for everyone. If the lemon balm tea remains weak (this can happen to those with constant mood swings), make a smoothie with baobab fruit powder. It is a southern plant that is good for your body and soul. It is especially good that baobab helps to calm the nerves because during this period you definitely need to cheer yourself up so that your health does not suffer after the Mercury retrograde. Baobab includes, for example, Your Super organic superfood Moon Balance, which you can find in the LA TENE selection. In addition, it contains maca, Shatavari, hibiscus, amla, and beet, which all help against mood swings. If you have a strong nervous system, your mood will be less affected, but that does not mean that you will be able to resist this energy completely. Remember that the planets and stars are stronger than us.

When Mercury's retrograde is in Scorpio, patience disappears. You want to get everything now and quickly. Especially the things that come to your mind during the same period. You are impatient and so are the other people around you. Understand yourself better, don't let your impatience grow over your head, calm yourself down, and say, "You don't need everything right away." Understand others, repeating to yourself, "It's retrograde, I understand the suffering of others."

At this time, manipulation does not work, but honesty and sincere intentions bring good results. Who is Scorpio? He is careful and knows people's motives. What is Mercury? Stubborn and skillful human reader. When the two meet, there is no room for insidiousness. Lies come out easily, as well as bad intentions.

During this period, find relaxing activities, go swimming regularly, even go on a holiday trip or walk in our beautiful places. In addition, the sun is always free, it is the greatest healer in the world. Even outside in cold weather, go outside and let yourself be healed by the sunlight.

Mercury's retrograde in Scorpio not only brings anxiety and intensification of energies, but it also brings out something very useful for all of us!

Mercury's retrograde in Scorpio opens your mind, heart, and voice. This is the period when you can heal your Heart chakra and Throat chakra at the same time. The retrograde in Scorpio provides favorable energy for this, it opens the two chakras. But what does that mean?

This period increases your need for sharing your emotions, talking about your feelings, solving past problems related to relationships, finding solved solutions that would allow the souls to share the burden, or share the main keywords in their thoughts. You feel like you just have to do it and you discovered yourself so much more in the second period. It is easier for you to do this because it is easy to put your feelings into words. Mercury's retrograde in Scorpio is extremely useful to all of us. The fact that it also causes anxiety is something to be reconciled with the retrograde. But let us look at the brighter side of the matter and we are grateful that we are fully allowed such a release period.

Mercury's retrograde in Scorpio should not be missed, it should be used completely consciously. I will share with you very good and effective activities that will help you heal your Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra during this period.

Heart chakra healing rituals:

1. Healing with essential oils

It is useful to burn the essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Pink Geranium, Palmarosa, Thyme, and Basil essential oils. All of these essential oils are associated with the amplification of love energy, the restoration of passion energy, and the healing of the Heart chakra.

Use Ylang Ylang on the skin as well as in the oil lamp/diffuser, if you want to attract love. Suitable for singles and those looking for a relationship of more intimacy and romance. I recommend Pink Geranium to those who want relief from heartache, want to reduce stress, and become more open about it. Palmarosa is useful for those who want to increase their attention or for those who are looking for contact with their partner or want to be more attractive for building a new relationship. Thyme helps to heal the Heart chakra, make peace with the past, forgive and awaken new hope in those who no longer believe in love. Of course, this oil also helps to increase the happiness of love. Basil is the second most necessary healer of the Heart chakra next to Thyme, which, like the Pink Quartz, can teach to love unconditionally and to receive love.

In addition to these oils, it is useful to use the Lover essential oil roll-on during the New Moon. It is a mixture of three different essential oils that increase the energy of love in your aura field and contribute to this New Year's celebration.

2. Carrying heart-healing crystals

Heart chakra crystals are what you need. During the Mercury retrograde, I recommend starting to wear a completely new Heart chakra crystal and coding it to do a specific task. It would be particularly useful to start crystal wearing as the retrograde intensity increases (see dates in the introduction).

Choose the Heart chakra crystal carefully, exactly the kind of effect you need. Here are some crystals that could help you - along with typical human problems. You can also carry multiple crystals at once, but before you do, encode your desire in each crystal. Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and insert a wish into it.

FUCHSITE - helps to get rid of loneliness, hopelessness associated with relationships and love. If you are frustrated and want a new breath to help you find a new relationship or restore faith in love, Fuchsite is the best healer of the Heart chakra. Fuchsite helps to strengthen the emotional body.

EMERALD QUARTZ - this is the opener of the Thymus chakra, it is the higher Heart chakra, during the opening of which you have the opportunity to meet your soulmate in this life or to improve communication with him if you have already found him. I recommend wearing emerald quartz for those who want to make such a contact.

EMERALD - helps to overcome pain and wounds from divorce or separation. In addition, it helps relieve heart pain in every way. Emerald is a powerful crystal with multifunctional Heart chakra healing skills. I recommend emeralds for those who want to reduce their pain.

- This is a crystal that helps the Heart chakra to open up and heal the problems in it. Ruby-Zoisite improves self-expression and is helpful for those who cannot express their feelings, rejoice in love, express love to their partner, and have become numb to the relationship. 

Before you start wearing crystals, I recommend that you make sure that you have an Apophilite geode or Apophilite point at home to charge your love crystals. In addition, I recommend cleaning the crystal with Jasmine or Rosemary incense before wearing the crystal.

Rituals of healing the Throat chakra:

1. Provide your body with water and drink healing water

The best healer for the Throat chakra is water, and during the Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, you have to supply yourself with special care. I recommend making healing water in a bottle or jug by adding mint or basil leaves, lime, or cucumber slices to the water. They contribute to the healing of both the Throat chakra and the Heart chakra.

2. Make a cleansing of the Throat chakra

Use Throat chakra incense or Sage incense for this. For example, burn Sage incense nearby every few days to heal the Throat chakra. It helps you express yourself better, solve problems, speed up analysis and also improve your concentration skills. Sage is multifunctional, it can also be used in this way.

The ritual of releasing karma in relationships:

When Mercury's retrograde is in Scorpio, everything revolves around relationships, so you have a unique opportunity to understand the karma of your relationships. Meditate with Karma incense and you will get visions related to the karma of your relationship. I have written at length about Karma incense, its effects, and how to use it. If you use it while Mercury`s retrograde in Scorpio, the main focus of meditation is on relationships, feelings, and love.

A general description of the Mercury retrograde can be found HERE. Be sure to read it, I have written a lot of useful information and explained what exactly this retrograde of Mercury is.