A cup or mug is something where you can store anything. When you dream of one of them, always explain to yourself what was inside. This will help you put together a bigger picture of your dream.

In a general sense, a cup in your dream symbolizes your personal feelings and emotions towards something. The cup symbolizes your attitude, personal opinion and communication.

The cup that was empty symbolizes the spiritual and emotional emptiness. If you saw such a dream, analyse where that cup was, who had it, and what happened to it. This is to understand in connection with which you feel emptiness or even hopelessness?

An empty cup in your dream can also have a positive meaning. This is the case when the dream was related to the need to fill a cup. It is a sign that you want to improve, heal, develop in some way and move forward.

A dream where the cup was broken symbolizes the breakdown of opportunities. A whole cup is definitely better, giving a little hope. A golden or very luxurious cup symbolizes good luck and opportunities. A black and dirty cup, however, for the loss and trouble.

A dream of having a drink from a cup symbolizes the uptake of knowledge at a certain level. Be sure to translate the meaning of this drink to yourself Was it coffee? If so, the explanation of this dream can be found HERE.

But if you gave someone a cup in your dream, you give them a chance or some knowledge of yourself. If you were given a cup, it means exactly the opposite. In that case, you are the one to whom the opportunity or knowledge is passed on.

A dream with a lot of cups or a big cup indicates something very important. Note that if any of the symbols in your dream are big, its meaning is also significant. In the case of a small cup, however, the opposite is true.

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