Meditation is a powerful ritual, that you can perform with yourself. Many do not realize how easy it is to meditate. Do many people wonder how to turn off to meditate? Don't be afraid, meditation is for you to find peace and balance, that's its purpose. If you feel that you cannot find peace in yourself, perform a meditation that has a balancing effect.

To meditate, find a place where you feel most comfortable. Meditate while sitting, in a yoga position, or be exactly how you feel good. It is important to find a very comfortable position for effective meditation. If your physical body feels good, then your soul has the opportunity to relax as well. If you wish, you can also meditate outside the home, for example in nature.

Getting a balance during meditation is achieved by adding the right plants and crystals to it, making meditation even more effective for you.

Use one of your favourite incense or essential oil to meditate. If you can't choose the right supporting energies for yourself, use the ones I recommend for you!

Physical and mental balance can be achieved during meditation...

1. Clary Sage essential oil

2. Rosemary essential oil
and incense

3. Lavender essential oil 
and incense

4. Lemongrass essential oil 
and incense

5. Scolecite, Blue Quartz
, Opalit or Angel Aura meditation crystals

If you use incense, you will need an incense holder and if you have oils, an oil lamp or diffuser. Using meditation crystals is also helpful, they help to change the energies of your Aura field. I also recommend burning candles, during meditation, as they have healing and cleansing effects.

To make the meditation more successful, you can also apply essential oils with carrier oils to your skin, then they will work many times faster and you will be able to reach the balance in a faster time. Meditation can also be done in the bath by dripping oils into the bathwater and burning incense in the bathroom. Do it the way you want to do it the most.

In addition, I recommend preparing a relaxing and healing drink for meditation. Lime, Lemon or grapefruit juice/water is well suited for this. These are plants that heal and cleanse the Aura field. If you want to drink tea, garden sage tea is a great fit for such a ritual.

However, meditating is very easy and relaxing!

Start meditating when you are all set – the incense is smoking, the aroma of the essential oils is in the air, the crystals are set around you and a good refreshing drink is ready.

Relax, get in a comfortable position and start meditating. Take a deep breath in and out and put your breathing rhythm in place. When you feel calm and lighter, start healing yourself.

Focus on feeling good, enjoying the moment. Try to make the most of this moment. Feel the smell of incense and oils, enjoy them. Once you have been able to start enjoying this moment, grab the crystals or the crystal into your hands. Close your eyes and wish for a balance within. If you use one of these crystals suggested above in meditation, they will work to balance you during the meditation.

Using crystals, you can send out prayers. For example, with Scolecite you can ask questions to see visions, with the  Angel Aura you can ask questions related to the guardian angel. With Blue Quartz and Opaliteyou can send prayers to find ultimate peace.

The energies of the crystals are transferred to your personal Aura field during the meditation, they heal you, helping your energy to change. You take over the power of the crystal and become like it. Crystal meditation is extremely useful, it helps you achieve what you dream of – in this case, balance!

Meditation is a breeze, it only requires enjoying the moment, getting into the right wave and, so to speak, being present by yourself. Regular meditation brings good results.

The purpose of meditation is not to stop one's thoughts, it is to guide oneself and one's own energies. You need to take the right steps to find a balance!