Do you feel bad in your own home? Or have you been constantly tired and powerless between your home walls? Your good mood will disappear when you step in the door? Do you have constant quarrels or negative thoughts at home? If you answered at least one question in the affirmative, it is obvious that your home does not have enough positive energy to make you feel good there. Healing home energy and staying positive is very important. In order for home energy to be beneficial to you, it must be made favourable. I will share with you three very good, useful and workable ways for you to make the energy of your home more positive.

Refresh the energy of your home!

Burning the right incense can do a great deal for your home and yourself. Incense is made from plants and has been used since ancient times. Plants are given to our planet for a reason, as well as the intuition that guides us to the plant kingdom. Plants and the spiritual artefacts made of them could be represented at home. For example, I burn incense almost every day, certainly when I'm home or working. I can say that they work very well.

However, each plant has its own power and effect. Based on these, I suggest you some incense that will help make the energy of your home more positive.

Burn at least one incense or essential oil mentioned below in your home every day until you are feeling well, or when you need a special positive charge. Essential oils can also do this job, you can combine them, for example, I do that.


1. Lemon incense or Lemon essential oil
2. Bergamot
3. Solar Plexus incense
4. Nag Champa incense
5. Sweetgrass and Cedarwood incense or Cedarwood essential oil
6. Lily of the Valley incense
7. Ylang Ylang essential oil

Occasionally, if you are feeling unwell or uncomfortable, take one of these incenses, smoke it and make an incense circle over your head You may feel lighter and feel better. But apply essential oils on your body with a carrier oil!

Bring the Earth's own positive energy into your home - let the crystals enhance the energy of your home!

Create a crystal set that brings positivity and joy to the most walkable space in your home. This is a very important set of crystals that could be found in any home. . I've never met anyone who says to me, "Tene, I have enough luck and positivity!" Honestly, that can't be enough, why not bring even more stimulating energies around you. Surely bring and create!

In fact, there are many different types of crystals that you can use to make your home more positive. I have a suggestion for you to create this set so that all these crystals will eventually find their place in your home. Begin creating the set with the most intense crystals, or the ones that are most important to you now and refine the content of the set created every once in a while. For example, bring new crystals to the set after a few months.

There is a lot of Orange Calcite crystal in my home for the same purpose and also in this kit where I have collected all the crystals that increase the energy of happiness.

I have Orange Calcite candle holders and around it, I have collected crystals of various shapes and tumbled and uncut. Citrine is definitely a crystal you want to keep there. For me, it is in a geode, point and tumbled form. Citrine and Orange Calcite both heal your home energy and create a very positive atmosphere in your home. In my home, they have been able to create it!

Mookaite is a solid crystal you want to have in abundance. First of all, Mookaite is so beautiful, its appearance is picturesque. Mookaite brings new breathing, promotes relaxation and creates a good mood. This crystal compliments the energy of your home.

Yellow Jasper, Yellow Calcite and Yellow Quartz should be next to these crystals to prevent the emergence of a negative thought. I would definitely recommend these three crystals to those who have trouble steering away from the distracting thoughts in their head. You know yourself, bring crystals to your home to help you.


Be sure not to forget Lemon Quartz and Rutilated Quartz, especially if you are a dreamer. These crystals help you fulfil your dreams, where you want to experience something good or bring some beautiful opportunity to your life. They encourage you to daydream and are beneficial in sending out the wishful thoughts.

However, all these crystals mentioned here are only a fraction of what you could have to improve the energy of your home. You are what the energy of your home is!

Keep these crystals on a base and clean them at least once a month with, for example, Lemon incense or another incense / essential oil I have outlined above. To do this, place the incense next to the crystals and let it burn completely. That's enough, very simple!

Let the real-life decorate your home

Live plants are very useful for your home. I know there are a lot of people who don't know how to deal with plants and decide not to have any living plants in their homes. A recommendation for all those who recognize themselves here - plants are living organisms, they need care and love, you need full commitment to handle them. Plants grow well where they are looked after, just like children or loved ones. I know that plants hear our thoughts. On several occasions, I have saved a dying plant by asking it to survive. For example, in my own home, there is a very large philodendron growing, which I purely rescued from wanting to remain with me. This plant was in a very bad state when I was on a long journey, it was nearly dying out, but today it is completely alive. It shows that plants have a telepathic bond with us and that they feed on our energy in addition to light and water. Certainly, many have the same experience of saving a plant as I do.

Philodendron itself, however, is a great bringer of luck, and I recommend keeping it at home. Climbing philodendron symbolizes happiness, joy, abundance and positivity. Find a suitable place for this plant in your home and set aside the above-mentioned positivity crystals next to this plant. This way you combine two very important positive energies.

In addition to philodendron, citrus trees and ferns, also have a positive effect, find a place for these plants in your home. Not only are these plants beautiful, but they also make your home a great place to live in. If you don't know what a philodendron looks like, then here is the picture above.

What your own home is like largely determines what energy field you are. To keep your energy positive, create a positivity temple from your own home!