A lot of people suffer from eating disorders. It is a mental condition that is very harmful to health. Eating disorder is about extremes - either the insane need to consume something beyond what is necessary, or, conversely, to stay away from food. A lot of people have approached me with this concern over the years and wanted help from me. There are those who want to get to the heart of the matter, to understand why they have such a mental problem and those who want to find solutions to control their appetites.


Your body is your temple and it must be taken care of. The more you take care of your body, the more grateful it will be to you. An eating disorder definitely needs to be addressed. If you are aware of your problem, you can take control. However, if someone close to you has this problem, please go to the rescue. This is my request to you. Let's help everyone whose problems we can see.


Eating disorders can occur for a wide variety of reasons. There is no black and white reason, everything is individual. There are problems that I cannot fully explain in a way that suits everyone. Eating disorders are one of them and I would be happy to assess it on a case by case basis so I can give the most accurate answer.


When people have come to me with such a problem, first of all, I open up to seeing my own visions and asking visions about why the person in front of me has such a problem. The visions have been very different. There have been those who have lacked support and love in childhood. Those I have identified in a previous life as an addict, who has now entered this life as such a version, that is, for example, overeating. It is overeating that has occurred a lot lately. I have also seen such visions that an eating disorder is caused by low self-confidence and dissatisfaction with life.


An eating disorder can result from low self-esteem, which leads to the idea of being too fat or ugly. This, in turn, can lead to overeating and thus uncontrollable appetites, or, conversely, starvation.


Eating disorders are a disease caused by a lack of connection between the Solar Plexus and the Crown chakra. This means that for some reason these chakras do not cooperate with each other. It can be healed with crystals, the right food choices and essential oils.


This topic has become more and more interesting to me, and I always have a desire to find solutions for the people who have come to ask me for help. I have come up with different solutions that I recommend to work together. Still, in order to provide a strong response to an eating disorder and to heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, they need to be healed together to be completely free from anything.


With overeating, foods that are known to make it impossible to control your appetite should be consciously avoided. The very first step is to avoid acquiring them. Foods that promote overeating are usually high in fat (harmful fats) and high in sugar, salt or carbohydrates. They do not provide the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and other vital substances; in general, these foods are harmful junk food or fast food. The body feels that it does not receive nutrients through this food and maintains hunger after eating them.


If you have trouble with overeating, stay away from these products and do not eat with others in places where they are offered. In the case of overeating, one cannot discipline oneself and this is one of the unlearned tasks in the book of destiny. I can say that this is the case for everyone. The book of destiny is what I look at in my private sessions, and through it I find things that a person has not done, that is, unlearned traits. In the case of overeating, they do not know how to discipline themselves, it should be learned. You can do this by realizing that you need to stay away from foods that arouse insane appetites.


I highly recommend using Wintergreen essential oil, as it is the number one oil in the fight against eating disorders. Wintergreen can reduce appetite and can be used to control your mind. Peppermint essential oil together with Wintergreen helps to curb crazy unhealthy appetites even more. Burn these oils in an oil lamp or diffuser and do it constantly, especially in the evening when estrogen levels are rising in our bodies - this is linked to an increase in appetite. You know this feeling when the sun goes down and the appetites rise immediately. This is a sign that your body has too much estrogen. I believe many do not know this.


However, if the problem is a lack of eating, it is useful to burn only Peppermint essential oil. Peppermint regulates appetites. For those who do not want to eat, this oil makes them crave appetite, and for those who tend to overeat, it suppresses appetites.


In addition to the use of essential oils, I recommend wearing these crystals for a long time: ​Apatite, White Howlite, Iolite, Picasso Jasper and Black Obsidian.


It is best to have all these crystals and carry them together. Another option is to keep these crystals in your refrigerator and kitchen. These are crystals that heal nutritional problems on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Wintergreen essential oil with Peppermint helps physically and emotionally. If you take all these crystals and essential oils into use, you will have a strong setback for this disease.


Iolite is what helps to curb overeating and discipline oneself not to eat those foods that are addictive. Picasso Jasper helps you control your weight, and by wearing it, it helps you keep track of what you eat and what you don't. It helps to control appetite. Black Obsidian, Apatite and White Howlite are universal healers of eating disorders.


I also recommend bringing certain foods to the menu and eating them regularly. Remember that if you want help and get rid of a problem, eat them weekly, so that at least some of them are on your menu every day. These are the foods that regulate your appetites.


Be good and buy such foods and add them to your meals: chia seeds, avocado, orange, grapefruit, flax seeds, mango, lemon water, lime water, blueberries, raspberries, kiwis and hemp seeds.


Make sure the food you buy is eco-friendly. This is so that they are not grown with pesticides and herbicides that carry excess estrogen in your body. In addition, avoid animal products, meat and dairy products.


All the plants I recommend you eat are either high in vitamin C or high in fibre or have beneficial fatty acids. They help to regulate and improve your appetite, making it healthier.


If you are struggling with this problem, I will send you a lot of strength and energy to heal.