Self-defence is very important and many need to protect themselves from something or someone. Self-defence ritual will help strengthen your Aura field's defence mechanism, which in turn will help to block misfortune or protect you from people who wish evil and their evil intentions. Self-defence ritual increases self-confidence, improves the energies in the Aura field and leaves right amount of protective power in the aura field. Do a self-defence ritual when you want to increase your defences or when you are facing a problem that you want to get rid of.

A self-defence ritual is especially useful when you have recently been chased by unhappiness, you find yourself in various disadvantages and you feel that something is going downhill in your life. Another great reason to do a self-defence ritual is when a particular person has taken over you and started wishing or doing bad to you. If there is someone for whom your misfortune is important or damage to your reputation is beneficial, be sure to perform a self-defence ritual.

When is the right time to perform a self-defence ritual?

You can perform this ritual at any time, no matter what the phase of the Moon is. The best time, of course, is when the cosmic energies are conducive to performing such ritual. For example, when it is the right time to increase one's defence, or the cosmic energy takes away protection. In these times, increasing protection is especially important, and with this ritual it is possible. You can read about my cosmic energies in my horoscope HERE.

Where to do it?

Always choose the most convenient place to perform rituals. In general, it is most convenient to perform various rituals in your home. Where you do this is not important in this ritual.

The ritual must be performed with special ritual objects, with their energies you can make your Aura field stronger.


1. Wintergreen essential oil

2. Karma incense or Frankincense incense

3. Agate geode

4. Bay leaves

5. Sea salt

6. Incense holder

7. Oil lamp 
(or diffuser)

8. Matches

9. Tray or plate

10. Tea light candle 
(if you use a diffuser, the candle is not needed)

Start by performing the ritual and create a strong self-defence mechanism for your Aura field!

1. First, use Wintergreen essential oil by dripping at least 20 drops of the essential oil into the water bowl of the oil lamp or in the diffuser. If you are using an oil lamp, light the candle in the oil lamp, if the diffuser, turn it on.

Wintergreen is an essential oil that has a healing effect on unhappiness and stress. Wintergreen creates a strong defence and releases a force of curse from the Aura field. Especially useful if someone has wished you bad and weakened the protection of your Aura field.

Inhale the aroma of Wintergreen, be as close to it as possible so that it can begin to restore, heal and strengthen your Aura field. Wintergreen works wonders while performing the ritual to be in the immediate vicinity of this essential oil.

2. In the next step, place one Karma incense on the incense holder. Light it and while making it smoke, close your eyes and say the ritual sentence for the first time: RELEASE THE MISFORTUNE, STRENGTHEN THE AURA FIELD. Once the Karma incense is smoking, stand or sit for a while near the aroma of incense and essential oil. If desired, close your eyes and be in a comfortable position as possible. Breathe in and out calmly and focus on becoming more powerful. If there is someone specific who is doing harm to you, focus on him no longer having power over you. If there is a specific topic where there is constant misfortune in your life, focus on ending this vicious cycle. After a while, move on to performing the ritual.

3. Now take the tray/plate and sprinkle it with sea salt so that the entire bottom of the plate is covered. Then place a handful of bay leaves on the salt. Immediately on top of the bay leaves to put the Agate geode (the geode must be new, not previously used). Place the tray as close to the Karma incense and oil lamp as possible. Then place both your hands on the Agate Geode. If the hands are on the geode, say the ritual sentence a second time: RELEASE THE MISFORTUNE, STRENGTHEN THE AURA FIELD.

Karma incense helps to release harmful energy from your Aura field and turn Karma to work for you. If someone wishes you harm, it will put Karma to work justly. Bay leaves and salt help to activate the Agate geode. Agate geode is what records a ritual and makes its effects active for you.

4. Proceed with the ritual and take the smoking Karma incense from the incense tray. If there is ash on it, shake it on the incense tray first. Circle around yourself with the Karma incense, be creative and move with the smoking incense in front of your face, over your shoulders and at the same time focus on becoming stronger and more powerful. In the meantime, you can shake the ash onto the incense tray and then move it around you again. After a few moments, place the Karma incense back on the incense tray again and at the same time recite the ritual sentence for the third time: RELEASE THE MISFORTUNE, STRENGTHEN THE AURA FIELD.

5. Immediately afterwards, place your hands on the Agate Geode and recite the ritual sentence exactly three times in a row: RELEASE THE MISFORTUNE, STRENGTHEN THE AURA FIELD. Keep your hand on the geode for a while longer, keep your eyes closed and focus on wanting to become more capable and get rid of some misfortune or some person's malice towards you. If at one point you feel that you have received your desire to convey the Agate to a geode and you are focused enough on everything, open your eyes. The ritual is performed.

6. Place a plate or base with salt, bay leaves and Agate geode near the front door of your home. Keep them there for exactly 7 nights. After 7 nights, take the salt and bay leaves away from your home. Let the Agate geode remain near the front door of the home. If there are crystals for your home or for your own protection, you can add an Agate geode to them. If not, the geode may be alone at the front door of your home. If you ever move, place this geode at the front door of your new home.

7. Agate geode is loaded with information that sends signals to your Aura field. During the ritual, Wintergreen essential oil and Karma incense cleansed, restored and strengthened your Aura Field for a while. For the ritual to be sustainable, it is useful to burn Karma incense and Wintergreen essential oil near you at least once a month. If not burned monthly, then at least a couple of times in half a year, it ensures the activity of the ritual and a strong effect.

A self-defence ritual will help improve your Aura's defences against misfortune, stress and malicious people. It provides protection to help get rid of the unhappy energy you carry with you unknowingly.