We cannot expect to be surrounded only by happy, healthy and optimistic people. This can be expected, but it is difficult to get a result. Rather, the idea that we are surrounded by diverse people must be accepted. There are those who are happy, sad, motivated, lazy, active, malicious, or even depressed. People are different and it makes sense to make peace with it.


A peaceful, cheerful and good environment is, of course, the basis of your good health, but we cannot always choose who we work with or who gets in our way for a while. Not everything is our own to regulate. So there may be a situation where you come across someone very unhappy or your own family member is in such an emotional state. If the person who is unhappy should be your co-worker, don't take it as a reason to change jobs for him or her, or if it's a family member, don't make the mistake of leaving him or her out of your life. In the midst of unhappy people, you have to learn to cope so that you don't become unhappy yourself.


It can be quite a challenge for some of you to be with someone whose mood is constantly down. You may not know what may be causing it and even if you do, you can't always help them. But what you can do is keep yourself healthy, and for that, you need to do the right thing.


I will share with you tips on how to cope and shine in the midst of unhappy people and bring a little light into their lives with your shine. Positive energy and an optimistic outlook on life are contagious, so are sadness and pessimism contagious. So try to be strong and not get sad and be positive, filling another person's mind with much more useful energy.


Be a good example to yourself and others!


The most important thing that you understand is that you must not break mentally and emotionally. Consider yourself important and don't get caught in negative thoughts. Stop immediately when someone's unhappy attitude to life makes your life's view unhappy. Don't be affected! In order not to be affected, you have to talk to yourself. When negativity begins to take over your mind, focus on pushing it out of your mind. If you find it difficult to curb harmful thoughts, I recommend wearing an Onyx or Cat's Eye crystal as a talisman around your neck or as earrings. These crystals help to slow down thoughts that are harmful to you and upset your mood. If you can be convincing for yourself, then of course work with yourself. However, I recommend these crystals, they will help you become even stronger.


It is very important that you do not try to persuade or re-educate an unhappy person if you do not see the result for a long time. You can always try and it's good if you do. However, you have to step out of it in time if it doesn't work. Appreciate yourself and step out of the place where the person does not want to move along with you. This is not self-centred behaviour, this is self-sustaining behaviour. If you tried and did your best and he didn't come with you, then you did your best and it's the right thing to stop giving help. But if you see his progress, don't stop and move on with him.


If you are with an unhappy person, try to turn the topics of conversation onto positive and nice things. If your companion, friend, acquaintance, or whoever is a killjoy because of their sadness, turn the conversation topics to much happier things. Talk about what's good, what you like, what you see as good in some situations, and don't let negativity control conversation topics.


It takes a lot of good humour and constant joking. The mood is maintained by joking and do not deny yourself the experience of it, even if someone else's mood is not open to joking. You still find jokes and laughter about something. It can also inspire that unhappy soul to go along with your jokes.


Be sure not to believe everything that an unhappy soul has to tell you. For example, if he sees evil in a neighbour or companion, this may not always be the case. When a person is in a slump, he may not see everything clearly. Talk to him with common sense, try to feel if he is telling you the truth or there is a bit of drama that is not intentionally caused. Be as impartial as possible.


Also, from time to time, find time for yourself where you can do something that would not have to be done together with someone else. It will help your soul and mind to rest. Do this especially if you are surrounded by unhappy people in different environments. All the more reason to take time for yourself. Take a walk every day, visit your favourite places, do a workout or do your hobby if you have it. Relax yourself to be a good companion and source of inspiration for those who need your brilliance and charm.


Share your joy with them!


Benevolence and helping someone is a great gift you can make. Give the unhappy person a little joy, it can be inspiring. Smile and say beautiful compliments or point to something good when you are near an unhappy soul. This goodness may be the only thing he has experienced that day. Being good to someone does not take anything away from you, on the contrary, it makes your soul more valuable.


A colleague or someone who is sad, make tea for him or make him a smoothie for lunch. Making gifts makes a lot of people happy. For example, treat your loved ones with crystals that create positivity, optimism and good mood. Very good gift choices are Orange Calcite, Champagne Aura, Sunstone, Mookaite or, for example, Citrine. Essential oils that help to improve the mood and make the mood more positive are Mandarin, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass and Bergamot or ”Joy” roll-on.


If you see that the person next to you is upset, help him do something. Support him in his activities. This will reduce the burden and give hope to his soul.


Shine so that others who need it will find inspiration from your happiness and joy!