Being healthy is very good, even so good that many forget its value. When we get sick, we remember how valuable our strong resistance to disease is and how good it is to be in full health. However, getting sick goes with life, but it is possible to speed up your healing process and you can do it yourself. It is not good to be sick, so the disease must be resisted.

The flu season comes and goes, but how can you be ready for it? Influenza is most common from December to February. You can prevent it or alternatively heal yourself. Alternative self-healing should always be the first step. This way you can strengthen your immune system and thus your body has a chance to heal.

I will share with you good and effective ways to heal yourself at home with alternative techniques.

The flu attacks your nose, throat and lungs. It is a virus that causes sore throats, colds, inflammation in the body and fever.

1. Ginger, Nutmeg and Eucalyptus essential oils save your health

Essential oils
work great miracles, they are compact medicines created by nature itself. These three essential oils should be available between the walls of your home if you are afraid of getting the flu or know that you can catch this viral disease. If you are ill, take these three essential oils quick into use.

These are essential oils that help your body fight, overcome, reduce the symptoms and eliminate the flu. These essential oils even help prevent being infected with flu.

How to use them? It is very easy, burn these three essential oils together in a diffuser or oil lamp throughout the illness. If you are not ill, then for prophylaxis reason burn them from time to time in your home. If someone is ill at home, be sure to burn these oils so that they can prevent other family members from getting sick.

Drop these oils into a dark towel and, if you become ill, keep the towel close to you so that you can inhale these essential oils.

They are excellent medicines for colds, help speed up the way out of a cough and prevent the virus from having a devastating effect. If you (an adult) have a fever, apply with a carrier oil (preferably Jojoba) Ginger essential oil to your skin. This speeds up the reduction of fever.

Burning essential oils inside a diffuser or an oil lamp also heals children. Children should not apply essential oils on their bodies.

2. Make sure your body is not dehydrated

If your body is dehydrated during the flu, it is not good and should be avoided by drinking water constantly. I recommend drinking water made of lemon, lime or grapefruit. Chop these citruses into a jug of water, let it stand and drink a little water every now and then. Water helps the body to recover and draws the virus out of the body. Citrus fruits are sources of vitamin C and vitamin C helps the body to recover.

If the throat is very painful and you have difficulty drinking, make yourself a ginger tea. Drinking ginger tea is not as sore in the throat as drinking another drink and it significantly speeds up the throat's healing. Make a jug of ginger tea and drink it (not hot) constantly in small quantities. Ginger tea releases ginger essential oil from its flesh when you make tea from fresh ginger – this is the most beneficial way to consume ginger during the flu season.

3. Place ginger, onion and garlic near you

These plants have the ability to catch viruses when you have cut them fresh and placed them on a plate around you. Cut the ginger, onion and garlic into slices, place as close to you as possible when you are ill and let them stand there for several hours. They catch a virus in the air. This will prevent other family members from getting sick and at the same time clean the home air with them. After a few hours, throw the plants away as they are filled with the virus.

4. Make yourself a healing bath

A bath is one good thing to use when you need to heal. If you have a bath at home, you are one lucky person during the flu season. You can use it to your advantage. Make a bath with a few tablespoons of Grapeseed oil and up to 10 drops of Lemon essential oil. Be sure to bring water to the bath, which you can drink at the same time. Take a bath for at least ten minutes so that Lemon essential oil, water vapour and relaxing water can heal you. If you want to be more in the bath, make sure you feel good, and if you feel worse, get out of the bath. Repeat the lemon bath daily. It is best to do this in the morning.

5. Don't forget to feed yourself properly!

Let the right foods be on the table during illness. Avoid meat and dairy products, they are difficult to digest and provide a breeding ground for the virus to live inside you. Bring soups to your menu, they are warm and have a lot of liquid in them. You get a lot of vitamins and fluids from vegetables, which your body really needs during the flu. Prepare oatmeal with oat milk, add berries and mango. Oatmeal is soft, well-nourishing, the berries provide a lot of immune-boosting vitamins, and mango fills you with vitamin C. In case of high fever, eat potatoes, it has an antipyretic effect. Cooked or mashed potatoes are best for the flu. Avoid fried potatoes, it can do too much harm to the throat. If you want to make vegan mashed potatoes, use oat milk and vegetable fat instead of regular butter and milk. The taste should be the same, but many times healthier than doing it with cow's milk products. In addition to them, bring a lot of vegetables and fruits to your menu. First of all, I recommend baking them in the oven to make them soft and to make it easier for you to eat them with a sore throat.

6. Clean your home properly

If the flu is in the house, the home must be cleaned properly to silence the virus and prevent other family members from getting sick. Clean your toilet, bathroom/shower, ceramic tiles with Basil essential oil. Basil can be used on ceramic surfaces, not on plastic. Basil kills viruses and is extremely effective in counteracting the flu. Continuous operation of diffuser and oil lamps is also very efficient. In addition to Basil, use Tea tree, Lemongrass and Rosemary. It is very useful to keep different essential oils at home, you may need them and if you do, you will have them ready at home.

I wish you strong health. Find herbal remedies and let nature make you stronger!