Failure can cause you to lack motivation, ruin your mood, and rob you of all confidence. Is all this necessary? No, that's the answer. The people around me inspire me to write about life and everything that concerns us. Failure breaks many legs, and I wish that was not the case. I am constantly meeting people to help and guide them on the right path. Many have fears that prevent them from moving forward and being motivated. Many fears have started from some or even many failures. You have to step out of all this and be full of hope, which will help you move forward in life. I motivate you to make your failure a success!

What is failure really? I'll help you understand that better. Failure is when you learn nothing from a situation. And if you don't learn, it really was a failure. But when you learn, you turn a seemingly seeming failure into a success. To learn in this life, to become smarter, stronger, braver, more skilful and more intelligent, it all requires the wrong pushes, which in turn can bring good words of instruction into your life. The person who seeks the word of instruction in the event of failure is the winner. If you couldn't do what you wanted to do, please take a moment and analyse why it didn't work out. Be sure to stop pointing the finger and blaming yourself. Sincerely ask yourself, "What could I have done better?" or "Was it really good that it didn't work?", "What do I need to change in my attitude, can there be something that won't let me succeed?"

If you fail, make it your own success, so you become smarter and more skilled. Don't give up right away unless the universe is on your side for the first time. He's on your side when you do the right thing but doing the right thing doesn't always mean you get a gold medal the first time. Don't you know that good athletes have done a lot of work to reach the top, they have moments when they are shocked, but they have not given up hope. If you give up on the first failure, you are not worth what you want. This is where the Law of Karma comes into play. A person who shows that he dares to take risks and overcome his fears, for that person doors will be opened - but only if fate favours the fulfilment of your wish. If you're afraid of failing again, ask yourself a question and answer it quite honestly, "Do I really want to give it up?" If you don't really want to give it up, get up and try again, but learn from the previous procedure.

To succeed on some level in life, you have to accept the knowledge that success and failure often go hand in hand. To succeed and be brilliant in something, you have to take a risk, and you can't always guarantee a 100% result. If you dare to take risks, the chances of you succeeding are very high, if you do not dare to take risks, then the chances are low. If you want to do something big, don't be afraid to take risks.

Failure can be shaped into success if you allow yourself to both fail and succeed. When you ignore failure, it is the biggest obstacle to reaching your goal. When you tell yourself that you absolutely have to succeed, it makes it very difficult. We must allow ourselves to make mistakes and learn from them, but hope must not be buried. No person who has done something great will allow himself to be devastated by failure. This is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Which do you want to be? If you want to be successful, learn to lose and rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

I believe that most people who read my mind recognize themselves here. There have been times in life where you have let your beam of hope and motivation bury you in failure. There are also those of you who have come together and tried to achieve something important for you again. All people face it at one point or another in life. My wish is to push you from behind, get up from the couch and make your move in the right direction.

The crystals carry with them the energy that we can use to heal our Aura field. Our Aura fields determine how we view life, how we see it, and how we respond to it. Crystals can make us stronger, more ambitious and happier. There are three crystals that will help you prevent failures in life, get out of them quickly and bring more success to your life. Wear these crystals or keep them together close to you.

Tangerine Aura is a very useful crystal for you if any of your heart's desires have been left behind because you have once failed. Tangerine Aura helps you move forward in life and work for your dreams, no matter how difficult the journey has been so far. Keep this crystal in your life to find the motivation to try again.

I recommend that you take the Hawk's Eye with you the moment when you want to succeed and keep good luck and prosperous energies around you. Hawk's Eye is associated with protection, good luck and intuition. These three properties make this crystal a great helper when you need to make the right decisions and keep yourself as resilient as possible. Hawk's Eye increases your personal strength and ability.

Chalcopyrite injects the right amount of confidence into you. Chalcopyrite is especially useful for you if you do not dare to take risks and therefore your many dreams will not come true. Chalcopyrite helps to overcome one's fears, it motivates to believe in oneself and increases hope. Chalcopyrite is a powerful protective crystal that protects against failures, and when they do, Chalcopyrite teaches you to learn from them.

Let the crystals help you. I know that they will give you more strength, and I also know that you will get a lot of help from them. In addition to wearing crystals and collecting their power, please do not set very high expectations for yourself. Rather, your expectations should be a little lower than you actually want to achieve. When there is a fall, it is less painful, and if there is a success, it is even greater without high hopes. Being successful doesn't mean you set the maximum. To be successful means that you always give yourself the opportunity to get more or less. High expectations are only good if you meet them. But they will ruin you if you can't meet them, so set your expectations a little lower. This way you can make yourself stronger and move on from setbacks more easily. In this way, you gradually become worthy of the first place. First the bronze medal, then the silver and only then you go for the gold!

You can succeed if you allow yourself to make mistakes. You can succeed if you turn failure into words of instruction!