The relationship topic is one of the most fragile topics of all, because relationships are important to people, as is romantic love. Love is complicated, but at the same time, true, and sincere love can be what makes your life happy and beautiful. On the subject of relationships, I am approached very often and with very different questions. People explore whether they are with the right person, whether their partner can be trusted, whether love is destined for them in this life, or they want to know what connects two lovers. There are many questions and people want to be confident in their relationships. Still so as not to get hurt and disappointed. I can see the connection between the two people and whether fate allows them to be together for longer or not.

The journey to finding your soulmate and creating a deep and meaningful relationship can be fast or adventurous. It is not always the first person to fall in love with, who is your soulmate as an agreement between souls. Companion soulmates, guides, healing soulmates, karmic soulmates and many different types of souls can come together before finding a way to this most right soulmate.

In general, the charming aspects of a companion are seen in the phase of falling in love, and it is difficult to realistically assess the situation. This sometimes leads to frustration when one becomes attached to someone with whom destiny has not determined a long relationship.

On this journey, you may find yourself in a relationship with someone who doesn't really fit in with your personality, who has nothing to share with you, maybe one or two teachings, and who isn't meant to stay longer in your life. There are, in fact, early signs of whether you and your partner are meant to stay together. I will help you understand how to understand that a relationship is not meant to last long. There are danger signs in this regard that may not be very easy to spot. If you are fresh in a new relationship, the thoughts I have written can help you the most. Analyse what your fresh relationship is and how is your getting along with each other.

I will share with you tips to help you understand whether it makes sense to make the most of a relationship, or rather let that relationship prove itself before you give away your heart.


If your partner is interested in you more than temporarily, or if he has already decided in his mind that he wants to strive for a deeper connection with you, he will talk to you about the future.

However, if you have been together for some time but have not yet communicated about the future, this may be one of the danger signs. This may be a sign that he is not focusing on you as a long-term partner. He may still doubt in himself or in you.

Try to talk to him about the future, to find out what his life views are, where he wants to move in life, whether he wants to start a family. Highlight all the topics that are important to you. If he does not want to talk about the future or he wiggles out of it, it is a danger sign.


Hiding or remaining silent about one's feelings, experiences, desires, ideas and knowledge is another major warning sign. This may indicate that the relationship is not at a level from which it can move into a long-term relationship. This is a sign that the other party is not trusting you, either consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes there is a lack of trust due to previous experience. At the same time, it inhibits the success of the relationship and does not really allow the relationship to become strong. If you want to overcome the mistrust caused by, for example, what you have experienced pain in the past, I recommend wearing a Rhodonite crystal with Apache tear. The combination of these two crystals helps to overcome the pain caused by life itself. Eilat crystal also helps to build trust, it is worth wearing around the neck so that it heals the heart chakra and helps to enjoy the relationship to the maximum.


Compassion is very important in a long-term relationship, which keeps two people emotionally strong together. Analyse whether your partner is sympathetic to you or not. For example, if you find yourself in a situation where you feel you have been wronged (by someone else, not your partner). You are sad, you have a hard time dealing with your emotions and you need support to deal with the situation. In that case, compassion manifests, or it doesn't. Does your partner help you find solutions to get you out of this situation as healthy as possible? Is he trying to understand your feelings or pain? Does he show care or is he somehow distant? Having compassion is a sign that he wants to be close to you. In a long-term relationship, it is important to protect each other, it goes hand in hand with love and friendship. But if he can't understand why you're making a fuss and dramatizing the situation (even though you feel and see things differently), it's a warning sign.


At first glance, it seems a little silly that the absence of quarrels suggests that the relationship may not last long. However, there is a point here that may indicate a short duration of the relationship, but this is not always guaranteed. Let me explain to you what I'm trying to say.

Everything in a relationship can seem perfect, the couple gets along well with each other, problems don't exist, and it gives you the courage to feel that you are with him at the right time and in the right place. That would be exactly what you should chase and achieve, right?

Fighting is one of the ways of communication, of course, neither the most beautiful nor the most pleasant. However, the fact that quarrelling leads to compromises and the settlement of disagreements cannot be ignored. Disputes in a long-term relationship create compromises if handled properly and try to reach a consensus. If there is no fight, people don't want to resolve certain conflicts. This may indicate subconscious behaviour, the secret message of which is that "I don't want to stay here long, so there is no need to resolve differences".

But all of you who are in a long-term relationship and have occasional quarrels about your relationship, receive them more positively. Resolve situations quickly, make compromises, explain yourself without taking a defensive position, and your relationship will become stronger and clearer. However, if the quarrels do not end or you do not know how to handle them properly, keep Smoky Quartz with Serpentine Jade in the west corner of the home (where the family passage is located). One of these crystals resolves awkward misunderstandings and the other prevents the relationship from falling apart. In this case, it is very useful to burn  Rosemary incense or essential oil.


Passion is what brings most relationships together. This is necessary for an intimate connection to take place between people at all, on a physical and mental level. However, not all relationships move from physical passion to the spiritual level.

If passion is what you both enjoy, ask, have you connected also on another level? Or is only physical attractiveness connecting you? A long-term relationship needs more than that, a long-term relationship needs a connection where not only your body but also your soul and your whole life are shared. If you are in a relationship where connection in other areas does not strengthen, then this is a warning sign. This suggests that this relationship is not intended to last long.


You may not notice at the beginning of the relationship that you do not have the right to decide on the small steps you could take together. You may not notice that your wishes and suggested ideas will not be sold. For a lasting relationship, it is necessary to compromise and accept the other person's interests and go along with the other's wishes. If your partner wants to control everything himself, it is a sign that he does not care about your opinion or your needs. This, in turn, is a sign that this relationship may not be the most ideal for a lasting relationship.

If two people want a meaningful relationship where they both care about each other and have the goal of creating a lasting relationship from that relationship, then their partner's opinion is important to both. Both parties, not just one, must have the right to decide.

I wish you all the best!

I don't want this article to encourage you to give up your relationship if there are these warning signs. I want you to keep your eyes open, it will help you get less hurt if your relationship doesn't develop deep. If you want to stimulate a relationship, contribute more to it, because you can change the path of your relationship.

By reading this article, you can only analyse the relationship from your own position, try to understand whether you are committed to your partner or whether you subconsciously do not want a lasting relationship with him. It is not always the other party who has no commitment.

Remember – true and lasting love needs an unconditional and warm attitude. You deserve the best!