Have you looked at the clock at exactly 14:44 and has it somehow fascinated you, taken your attention or just stopped you for a while? If you randomly look at the clock and the time is exactly 14:44, your thought will be stopped, then this message was sent to you by the Angel next to you. It is mystical to notice such number on the clock, and if it is accompanied by an emotion that suggests that it is not just an ordinary time, that emotion was given to you by the same Angel who was next to you at the same time, and of course this message.

I have talked a great deal before that the Angels are trying to contact us, and the stronger your connection with the Angelic world, the more spiritual you are, the more Angelic crystals there are in your life, the more the Angels will contact you. Angels send you combinations of numbers so that you can read out a message that you need to know at that very moment from their secret language. I remind you again and again that the Angel messages must be translated immediately so that they are not lost in the translation. It is very difficult to try to understand them later.

I will help you understand what 14:44 means in the world of angels, and its meaning only applies to this combination. The meaning of 14:44 also applies simply to the number 1444 if it appears in another context in your life.

The first option

Angel number 14:44 or 1444 may appear before you when there are material worries, stress, or excessive obligation. This is an Angel message that reminds you to always be motivated and happy when working because worrying does not bring the desired solution in financial matters. The angels want the right attitude on your part so that the energies of abundance can be active and good fortune can follow you.

An angel message 14:44 may appear before you as a time or in some other form if the Angels around you notice your excessive stress. This may be due to your busy life. Angels will signal to you not to lose your optimistic mind when there is a lot of work. Be positive and motivated - this is how the prosperous energy grows around you.

One of the reasons why Angel message 1444 may manifest in your life on time or in some other form may be due to your fear. 1444 symbolizes fear of financial matters. For example, if the Angels are sending on your way through time from day to day 14:44, they want you not to worry so much. The abundant law of attraction requires that you do not be afraid or worry too much. It prevents the growth of prosperous energies in your life. So, if this number has started chasing you, ask yourself, "What have you been worried about lately?", "Are you afraid to manage financially or is there a material problem in your life?". Angels want you to calm your senses and do something to alleviate these worries.

In the case, where the Angel message brings you a request to alleviate your worries, I suggest you perform prosperous rituals. Through them, you can bring good luck into your life and make them grow in your life. Burn Patchouli incense or essential oil, bring home new prosperity crystals, like Green Aventurine and Epidote. Be more optimistic, more positive and don't lose hope.

The second option

If the Angel message 1444 does not appear in your life at a time when you are worried about money or work, it may have a completely different meaning. If you are motivated, hardworking and optimistic at the time you see this Angel message, it will bring great good news. Angels announce that you have earned one great reward for your attitude and diligence. Abundant energies have become active and good luck is about to hit you. The world of angels will send you a good opportunity, a reward or a material reward. Continue on the same path, be hardworking and you will soon reach your reward.

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