A toxic relationship can turn your mental health upside down, it can be like living hell. Love can come from a person who at first glance looks like your ideal companion, a prince on a white horse, or the most beautiful woman in the world. But not all people have such happiness that their first love is immediate with a soulmate. Companions of fate are easy to find in search of love, and so many companions of fate can make a relationship extremely toxic.

What is a toxic relationship? It is a relationship based on mental, emotional, spiritual or physical harm. All four aspects do not have to be represented, there can be mental harm, for example, without the physical side.

If you are in any doubt about whether your relationship is unhealthy, then this article is just for you. I'll help you answer that question.

Sometimes you have to get into such a relationship on your path to destiny in order to learn something important from it, or it is a netting of the Karma of your past (this or your previous life). Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand the content of the relationship in order to understand why the two of you are together and whether it is good for both of you at all. If you are in a toxic relationship, you will recognize yourself in at least half of the signs below. Before you start reading these signs, try to go into your relationship in your mind and honestly ask yourself if such things are happening to you. Ask yourself, is he doing this to you, or are you doing it to him? If the relationship is toxic, find a lesson in that relationship - if you make the relationship toxic yourself, change yourself as a matter of urgency.

But for all those who do not recognize their relationship on the basis of these 17 signs, I am very happy - you value him and he values you!

Let the red alarm clock go off in your soul if this is your relationship ... (try to analyse yourself with the same signs from the point of view of your partner)

1. Your wishes are not as important as his

You constantly feel how your ideas, dreams, desires and even needs are not accepted. For example, if he needs time for himself, wants to do sports or goes out (without you), you do not have the same right. He makes an excuse or gets angry at the things you want to do alone and for yourself.

2. He does not support you in your activities or responsibilities

Let's say you have a common home and household that needs to be taken care of. You are the one who has to do all the homework alone after work. He doesn't care if you're tired, need help or support. This has become your responsibility over time, and if you want help, he will refuse. He may even let you know that it is your responsibility, not his. This is one example of how a toxic relationship works, as can be the case with other topics than just the home.

3. He cannot be completely trusted

He doesn't care what he has agreed with you in advance. For example, he doesn't care that he has promised to spend the evening with you, instead, he finds an opportunity to do something that can actually be postponed and that is not very urgent. You may feel betrayed so often. Betraying little things that could be elementary to a relationship - you've caught him lying or hiding the truth (which isn't done for a good cause), and so on.

4. Strange contempt

There is a strange contempt between you and him. When you say something, he rolls his eyes, makes faces, or comments what you say strangely. He uses a lot of sarcasm with you, which hurts you. Even if you signal to him that it will hurt you, he will continue to do so.

5. You are obligated to sexuality, it is not your free will

One of the most prominent signs of a toxic relationship is if you are not happy with your sexuality. For example, he constantly hints at how little you are with him intimately, constantly commenting or rebuking. These things can also move outside of your relationship, where your sexuality is discussed with other loved ones. There is always too little and not enough of what you can offer. Whatever the reason, the sexual side should never be forced on a relationship. This is natural in a healthy relationship, and if a partner has some kind of problem with this, it should be understood and the partner should be helped (advised) on this.

6. Next to him, your confidence decreases, not increases

In a healthy relationship, companions help to overcome each other's fears and weaknesses. However, in an unhealthy or toxic relationship, they get worse and even more. You feel worthless in a toxic relationship, you feel that he is almost over you and that feeling grows over time. He doesn't help make you a confident man or woman, he points out your insecurities - he can hint at your weight, which he is not happy with, he can hint at your appearance in general and comment on something that is wrong with you for him. However, this is not the case in a healthy relationship.

7. Justification of bad behaviour

He constantly justifies his bad behaviour. He sees that he behaved correctly when he told you badly or even hit you. He always sees right where he harms you. He doesn't want to understand your feelings and he may get upset if you start crying or become sad. In a toxic relationship, you may even feel that you are not allowed to cry and express sad emotions. If you do, he will leave you alone, justifying himself that you have to calm down. In a healthy relationship, he should come to comfort you, and his empathy should come out, not the other way around.

8. Highlighting financial inequalities

If you are in a toxic relationship, he will tell you how little you earn, or he will be insanely disturbed that you earn more than him. His ego comes out when he is not with your with his heart when it is important for him to be above someone (in this case you). If he earns a better salary, it is a pleasure for him, if less, it is against his honour. The second version is one where he rubs under your nose how much money you spend (his money, not your money).

In reality, however, in a healthy relationship, money is not the determinant of love and relationship. In a healthy relationship, money is earned that belongs to both, and this kind of equality is not pursued.

9. Spiritual regression, not advancement

If you are in a healthy relationship, you should become a smarter, more loving and better person every month or year (depending on the speed of your development). In a toxic relationship, however, there is a spiritual decline. Over time, you will develop worse traits (those that you have not had before), you will be able to express more negative emotions than positive ones. You don't see progress!

10. He can bring out the worst in you!

Instead of helping you become better and stronger, he helps you become worse and weaker. He can make you do things that you never thought you could do with his story or mental manipulation, making you jealous (even if you have never been before), more nervous, and constantly bringing out anger in you (stimulating your weaknesses).

11. You are not his equal companion, sometimes you are in the role of his mother or father

He can create situations where he manipulates you to take care of him, letting you know how weak he is, forcing you to take care of him. He can manipulate you to do less himself and keep you more active - that's his need to control you. He constantly accuses you of hurting him, and because you do, you have a responsibility to take care of him. He puts you in the role of his mother or father, playing a great child. It is normal in a healthy relationship for one to help the other and for care to be natural. In a toxic relationship, however, the martyr and the victim are played and forced to take care of it. This is far from a sincere need for intimacy and wanting help.

12. Drama-drama-drama 

You feel that you can no longer spend free time with him because at any moment something can be triggered and ruin the mood of both of you. Great dramas keep coming from empty spaces. He forbids you to talk to certain people, and if you do, there is drama. Or she instead sees how you fold your clothes the wrong way in the closet, and right away there is drama. You feel that everything can trigger drama, it doesn't even matter what the action, it always accompanies the drama.

13. You walk on thin ice

You constantly feel that you have to control everything you say, how you sit down, how you eat, how you laugh, and so on. You feel that you can irritate him at any moment and he may explode cause of you. You're constantly walking on thin ice because you never know what you'll do again.

14. He wants you to listen to him, but not the other way around

His opinion is very important. His feelings are important and everything he is interested in is worth talking about. Your opinion is not so important, it can be heard, but not with the soul. Your feelings seem to be important, he doesn't really want to go into them much. You can feel how all your feelings are distant for him and he does not listen to them with his soul. If at all listens.

15. You have to agree!

No matter what the situation or topic, you have an obligation to agree with it - or else it will cause drama! You constantly feel like you have no choice but to nod and accept everything that comes from him.

16. Exploitation

Exploitation can be both physical and emotional. You pay all the bills, you pay for the trip, you always buy food in the grocery store, he doesn't want to open his wallet for you (if he has the opportunity). Or you're in a situation where you have to do for him what he could actually do for himself. You have to give more of yourself than he shares with you.

17. All mistakes are always clearly remembered

He constantly reminds you of everything you have done wrong. He remembers your mistakes in detail, rubbing them properly under your nose. He must, so to speak, account for how equal this relationship is, highlighting what he has to offer in this relationship and what you do not offer. He focuses too much on your mistakes, not on your quality aspects.

If a relationship has become toxic and you still want to try to save it (or you want to prevent such problems), conduct an energy healing in your home and bring home love crystals to improve the energy of your relationship!

To heal the relationship so that the toxicity disappears, keep crystals of healing love in your home Garnet brings back the passion, Larimar sincere love Rhodochrosite mutual understanding and helps you show more care. In addition to these crystals, keep Mango Calcite, with the love crystals, which will help you get along better, Red Jasper, which will bring justice and balance to the relationship.

Constantly clean your home with Vetiver essential oil. I recommend mixing Vetiver with Niaouli and Rosewood essential oils because these three powers help to get rid of the mentally debilitating situation that exists. The most important thing, however, is to use Vetiver here, which helps to overcome the great relationship stress.

Clean your home constantly with a Sage smudge stick and, when done, immediately burn  Rose incense in different rooms. The combined power of these fumes helps to improve the quality of the relationship and arouse (in a more toxic companion) a desire to improve and change oneself.

Don't stick to a toxic relationship! Change the nature of this relationship, learn the teachings of this relationship to live life to the fullest!