Conjunction, between different planets, is one of the strongest aspects. This brings along harmony or alarming times. I’m telling you about the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto, which is cold, that is it brings along anxiety.

Jupiter conjunction with Pluto encourages everyone to express themselves, to get what they want and fulfil their wishes. The conjunction between these two planets is not fully negative. It makes people live and stand up for themselves.

Why it involves agitation? When someone claims their right, wants something and needs affirmation, then some may not like it. Agitation can come from misunderstanding or the feeling that the other is too strong - a person, governments or, for example, an organisation.

This conjunction makes you feel like something big needs to be done in this world!

Jupiter and Pluto contribute to the feeling that something needs to be done at this very moment. Of course, people use this conjunction differently, it depends on your interests, what you’re doing and what’s your mission in life.

At that moment, when Jupiter is conjoined with Pluto, changes in the law may happen or someone with the power to change our everyday lives can make great changes happen. This conjunction reminds me of Aries because when Aries wants something it’s hard to change his mind.


In 2020, this conjunction took place THREE TIMES (April 4, June 30, and November 12), and then again in thirteen years, in the year 2033. But what it meant to us? In 2020 big changes globally and in us took place. I think changes are necessary, I hope people will take the right path and not go astray. Jupiter conjunction with Pluto could make drastic, wrong, and harmful changes, therefore you have to be extremely careful.

This is how it works - on the day of the conjunction an energy exchange will take place in a person who agitates to make changes. This is the moment when a so-called seed is planted and from that moment on people will start to create changes quite quickly.


This conjunction will bring forward impulsive, ambitious, determined, impetuous and polar behaviour. These characteristics will bring along a 50/50 chance for success or doom.

On the day of conjunction, there will be an insane need for new things. This may make you yearn for innovation. You can get a sudden urge to give up something or you’ll see your life in a completely new light. You may have thirst for action, the wish to change something quickly, make things clear or solve something, give up on something.

As the power between Jupiter and Pluto is extreme it would be best to be cautious. You should not give up on something important that easily, you should think before you act. If you’re afraid that this conjunction could direct you into making the wrong decisions then from the day of the conjunction for the next 14 days carry a Smoky Quartz crystal with you. Smoky Quartz helps to strengthen your intuition, understand your feelings, wishes, ambitions and the true nature of these feelings. This is the crystal that helps to keep illusions away and see things clearly. Very good crystal for overall intuition sharpening.

On the day of the conjunction, it is very important to cleanse your whole Aura field. There is a very important reason for this. Aura cleansing will help the Jupiter conjunction with Pluto bring you good, necessary, useful and prosperous changes. Aura cleansing removes the disturbing energy in your Aura that could lead you astray. I recommend Aura cleansing with a Sage and Lavender smudge stick or Sage and Lavender incense. Incense simply works slower and needs more persistency. Do the cleansing like this: set the smudge stick to smoke and move around yourself with the stick. Start from the head and move up to your legs. Do this as long as you feel you need it. Sage and Lavender smudge stick helps to release illusions, misunderstanding and leads the person to the right path.

For many, the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto may be a lucky event!

The courage these two planets inject us with can change quite a few lives drastically and bring a lot of luck. There is something everyone can do for conjunction to bring them luck or misfortune. Fill these points correctly.

From that day on for the next 14 days observe the way you think, your purpose and attitude.

Push yourself to think good thoughts, try to analyse your thoughts and find out whether your dreams can hurt anyone. If so, try to not hurt anyone during the process. Constant self-analysing and action could get you on track.
< br>When your life starts to go uphill after conjunction then don’t’ take it for granted. Be thankful when things start going in a good direction for you. Send your gratitude to your guardian angel. The more gratitude in your life, the bigger was the power you had to bring good luck into your life, this is the law of attraction.

The worst things that could happen to you at this time

Jupiter conjunction with Pluto will bring along opportunities, but it also has its darker side. This could make people self-centred, selfish, arrogant, angry, brutal and, also, very insolent. Try keeping away from these feelings, because conjunction will make you that way for a long time as this is not a planetary motion for short term changes. These are long term energy waves that can implement bad character traits into your soul for a longer period.

Smoky Quartz is a crystal that helps to protect your character from becoming negative and protects your soul from bad influences. Wearing Smoky Quartz helps to improve negative character traits you already have.

The worst things that could happen to you is that you could become worse. Don’t allow this to happen and fill the world with kindness on the day of conjunction and the following 14 days.

The effect of planets on our soul is big. When you understand it, the world will look a whole lot different!