Have you ever felt how you become nervous at home, you get bad thoughts, laziness, relationship problems, but outside the home you’re like a completely different person? Outside of your home, you’re happy, understand good humour, get along with your partner and family members and feel motivated? If so, then this is an alarming sign referring to the fact that there is bad energy at your home.

Anyone can find out whether their home energy needs to be cleansed or not - analyse yourself, your family members and the way you feel at home. Home is our fortress, we have to feel good there. Your home may look beautiful, but there is something disturbing you, something smothering yours there. If this is how you feel, then it’s the right time to do proper cleaning in your home. It is time to release all the energies that can create a bad environment. After the cleansing, you may feel a lot better. But, if nervousness and other problems have been existing for a long time, then you have to repeat the ritual for as long as you finally feel better.

When is the right time for the ultimate home cleansing?

Any time, actually. You don’t have to follow Moon phases, although there are certain Moon phases that are good for this type of cleansing ritual.

Full Moon is always good for something like this. Last Quarter of Moon is good for people who wish to get rid of long term stress energy. New Moon should be followed for new things and refreshment. First Quarter of Moon is good for follow up, that is this is the time for the cleansing if you have done the ritual already in previous Moon phases as this moon phase supports the process.

What is the purpose of this ritual?

The purpose is to create good energy into your home that makes the whole family get along better and create a stress-free environment. A home with good energy can attract good luck, love, fortune and health. In an environment like this different rituals and magic will work more efficiently.

How often should I do a cleansing like this?

Even if you do this cleansing at least once a month it will help to prevent bad energy. When you do the cleansing ritual for the first time, then on the following days or on the next couple of weeks it would be good to repeat this ritual for a few times. This for home energy to change and old energy to be efficiently removed.


To fully cleanse the house you need ritual plants, essential oils and specific crystals. First, get everything you need and then begin with the cleansing.

Have time for the cleansing. To this when you’re feeling good because your mood is very important. Remember - what you feel, you’ll radiate! I firstly recommend doing something that makes you happy. You can listen to music during the cleansing as it may help to relax you and improve the way you feel.

Of the necessary items for each ultimate cleansing ritual at least half of the incenses, essential oils should be present and definitely all of the crystals. For different cleansing rituals, you can use different oils and incense.

Each item plays a role. Choose the items which power you will need.

1. Clary Sage or Sage essential oil, Sage incense or Sage ritual plant - plants for cleansing Aura fields. Sage is the most important item, this is something I recommend never leaving out. You can also use loose Sage, in which case you also need a ritual bowl or some other type of heat resistant base.

2. Lavender essential oil, Lavender incense or Sage and Lavender smudge stick - this is a plant that cleanses home’s stress-energy. If nervousness and stress is something you wish to get rid of during the cleansing ritual, then surely use lavender.

3. Sandalwood essential oil or Sandalwood incense - cleans out the fights, quarrels and energies attracting misfortune, that is it helps to get rid of the energy caused by fighting and worries.

4. Rosemary essential oil or Rosemary incense - helps to get rid of heartache and stress which has a bad effect on relationships and emotional well-being. Rosemary cleanses the energies which don’t allow love luck to exist.

5. Lemon essential oil or Lemon incense - lemon is also good to be used as a preventive measure, it helps to bring luck energy when other plants are contributing to the cleansing. It is not reasonable to use lemon alone, it would be best to use it with other plants.

6. Seven Chakra incense - incense that has plants in it that helps to create harmony and balance in different aspects. Very useful for the ultimate cleansing.

7. Bensoe incense, Opium or Myrrh incense - will release bad, stressful, unfortunate, evil, demonic and nightmarish energy. Be sure to use when, when yours or your family members mental health is bad or family has been struck by misfortune.

8. Amethyst geodes and Rock Crystal geodes - these two geodes are important for the home cleansing as without them the ritual won’t be effective. There should be a geode for each room and at least one of each crystal, one Amethyst and one Rock Crystal for a room. Geodes need to be placed in each room to increase good energy and for bad energy to leave. Geodes can be left in their place and they can be used again in the next ritual 

You can also use Amethyst or Rock Crystal incense holders, this way you’ll have an incense holder and geode in one object.

Burn incenses on incense holders, oils in oil lamps/diffusers, ritual plant on a heat resistant base.

Begin with the ritual ...

First, clean everything that is dirty or messy. Clean up your home so you can be satisfied with it. Put things laying around back to their place, on shelves and fix everything. You can begin with this part days before. When the house is cleaned, start cleansing energies and do this:

* Place geodes in each of the rooms, find them a place where you can leave them. It is important to keep geodes in every room for energies to be filtrated. You can later change their location, but it is important to have them in every room during the cleansing ritual.

* Then, set one incense of your choosing to smoke or essential oils into oil lamps/diffusers by each of the geodes. When you don’t have enough incense holders and oil lamps, then every now and then place them around to different rooms so plant smokes or essential oil fumes could keep cleansing home energy. Make sure a window or windows are open so fresh air and come in and incense smoke could go out.

* When you’re done with incense and oils, then take a smudge stick (Sage or Lavender) and cleanse the whole home with it. Pass through each of the rooms with the smudge stick. It is especially important to go by the geodes with the smudge stick because this will join the energies of the geodes and open up the ultimate cleansing. If you walk through the home with a smoking smudge stick, then you will wish at the same time for disturbing energies to be released from your home and good energy to replace it. Be positive and send your good thoughts to your home.

* When you’re done cleansing, leave the incense and oils to do your work. Allow the incense to burn until the end or add more when you wish so. Allow the oils to burn for at least a couple of hours so they could pass their effect.

Ultimate home cleansing is done when you’ve finished all the previous activities. Monitor the way you feel because this way you’ll get a lot of good information about you.

You can have two kinds of feelings. If you feel satisfied, relaxed and positive then this is a sign about the fact that you got rid of all the bad energy and good energy began to grow thanks to your complete cleansing ritual. Second option is that you’ll start to feel tired, got and headache or a felt bad. This is a sign that there is a lot of bad energy in your home and your home's energy needs some extra support to get rid of it. In that case, I recommend bringing crystals that enhance positive energy. For example Yellow Jasper, Yellow Calcite and Orange Calcite. You can also keep these crystals by the geodes. With a feeling like this, it would also be good to cleanse your home some more with Palo Santo on the following days because Palo Santo creates positive energy and it is always a good thing to be used after cleansing.

Your home is your fortress - make this into a wonderful place to live so your soul and body could rest and recover!