It is inevitable that people who bring along stress, worries and problems, but never happiness and positivity gather around us throughout life. People who bring us nothing good but obliviously only hollow our soul must be paid attention to. For us to have a full, positive and balanced life we have to keep our distance from people like this. I’m sharing my thoughts about people who can be the cause of your ill feeling, low self-esteem and stress.

The thing with life is that we are born to evolve and fulfil our mission. We are all souls with very different ages and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Vindictiveness, cynicism, selfishness and other unpleasant character traits exist in many people because they still need to rid of these traits. The purpose we all have is the same - to go higher and make us into better people. But some can have a character that won’t let you evolve in this life. I have pointed out 4 types of people, you need to avoid because this may improve your life quality and improve your personal development.

These four character traits may all be present in one person!


A drama king or queen, a moody person, is someone who takes all the attention to herself and will always find a way for it. The worst part is that it’s very easy to get used to this person, but it's actually very harmful to have this type of person in your life.

This person knows well how to make connections, there are usually a lot of people she knows or talks to. She often knows everything about everyone, she somehow finds that information or thinks about stuff herself.

This is a person who comes to you first when something "awful", "non-moral" or "abnormal" has happened. Usually, this is when a big problem appears and cursing and gossiping are guaranteed. She has quite strong energy vampire qualities and she can momentarily make everything positive into negative.

It’s not easy to get rid of this person, because she is also kind of exciting. She offers entertainment, spices the routine life or makes you think about things differently (in a negative sense). But, despite this, this person is very harmful to you personally as she makes you like her, into a negative persona and gives you a headache.


A motivation killer is a hard one. You may not see the danger in that person at first, because she is like a chameleon. A motivation killer is someone who deep down doesn’t want you to achieve something and for you to not be successful. At first, she seems like a nice person who can easily show her friendlier side, but when things come to you, your actions, wishes, thoughts, ideas and plans, then things will be different.

A motivation killer is someone who doesn’t like when someone is more successful than her, smarter or better. But, at the same time, she won’t show it, it only comes out when you talk about your dreams and plans.

For example, when your friends with this type of person and start to talk about how you wish to open your own business. What a motivation killer does? She will immediately find a reason why you shouldn’t do it. She will point out your weaknesses, how it’s hard to achieve all of this - she will be a true killjoy. Do you know any? You probably do.

A motivation killer will always find the biggest downfalls in things that inspire you. She will work until you have buried your ideas. This is the alarm you should listen to!

How to deal with someone like this? Don’t talk about your plans and dreams, just do, because otherwise, you won’t achieve anything in your life, because there is always someone who keeps repeating how weak, incompetent and unprofessional you are You deserve people who pour you over with motivation, not those who rob you of it.

You can pull a break with a motivation killer when you show that you won’t hesitate. Work on yourself and become stronger.


Everyone knows at least one manipulator in their life. If there isn’t one in your life right now, then maybe there was a friend from school or a former co-worker. A manipulator is like a motivation killer whose insidious and bad side you won’t notice at first. A manipulator is the toughest of these four, it’s very difficult to keep away from that person.

A manipulator is the one who always has to have her way and who uses everyone for her own good. She has very good persuasion skills, she is intense and confident. Manipulators are often respected and that’s why people do what they say. She’s a person who can convince you to do everything for her, you simply can’t say no to her, because it’s just that difficult!

A manipulator not only uses you as her maid but she can also change your beliefs, For example, when you have always believed that the right thing is to save money for harder times and you are very conscious about what you spend on and whatnot, then she can be the one who makes you spend on things you would otherwise have never bought. She can make you act the way you normally would never act. For example, she can make someone you have respected and loved look like a very bad person in your eyes. She can twist everything! Now think, is there a manipulator in your life who uses you like a marionette? If so, then be nice and do the biggest favour of this year for yourself - let go of this person and lead your own life.

A manipulator can easily make you feel guilty. Her goal is to make you feel guilty when you won’t do as she says. Be good and don’t blame yourself, don’t bother to always please someone.


This fourth type is often a person from your family or inner circle who has known you for a long time. A stubborn character changer is a person who can’t cope with your evolution and wish to think on your own.

It’s a person who doesn’t like when you change yourself. She works too hard to make you change your mind about something. Here’s an example. You have changed your habits and understood that a plant-based diet is better for you. You’re on a journey where you wish to change your diet, for example, to give up on eating meat. You’re motivated and inspired. Now, this stubborn person comes to the picture, finds out your plan and she doesn’t like it. She works too hard to change your mind, fights with you or argues with you about your personal choices. She will bring it out as often as possible, that what you’re doing is wrong and you should eat meat. She points out absurd things, on how you’ll become sick when you don’t eat meat and how you will regret it. This is only one of the examples of how a stubborn character changer can bring a lot of stress and discomfort into your life.

As this person often comes from a close circle of friends or family, it’s not that easy to turn your back to her. The most reasonable thing is to not talk to her about your changes and developments. This way you can avoid situations that are an eyesore for her. A stubborn character changer will always find a way to get mad at things that are not the way she wants them to be. When she is not a vegan, then you’re not a vegan, understand? When she is, then you can be too. This is how these people work.

The art of letting go or how to be free from these four types of people who can cause you stress or use you

It can be hard to stay away from these people. This can be because you can’t say no. Or you’re afraid of their reaction when you don’t want to communicate with them anymore. The cause may also be the pressure of society or people close to you or the fear of what other people think of you when you want to block someone from your life.

These people often want a quick reaction and answer from you. One way to stay away from them is to prolong the time it takes to answer them. For example, when one of the four messages you, don’t answer immediately. 

The most important thing is what you need and feel. When someone is hard to digest then it may be smart to let that person go. Not everyone will bring along love and kindness, there are those who will bring us lessons. This person could be your teacher, teaching you to say no, helping to let go of what other people think or increase your courage. They are not there without a reason, everything happens for a reason. But a smart person gives up when there is too much of something. The same goes for friendships. When your acquaintance or a friend is mentally exhausting, then this is a higher sign that this relationship has passed its due date.

My purpose with this article is not to break people apart, my mission is to give a push to people who need some courage to let go of people who harm them. Life is too short to waste it on stress and let someone suffocate them.

The purpose of these four types of people is to get strength from the weakness of other people. They feed on human energy and are energy vampires. Red Tiger’s Eye and Nuummite crystals help to protect you from people like this. Both work wonders but a bit differently. Red Tiger’s Eye is more directed towards female energy, that is towards women who are in the hands of women like these and Nuummite works better with men, as it helps to protect from men like these four types. When you want to move away from harmful people, then I recommend keeping one of these crystals with you daily or at least when you have to spend time with the manipulator or others. These crystals will create a barrier between you, by helping to protect you as the victim.

When some of these people ruin your mood, brings stress and arguments into your home, then it’s a good idea to cleanse your home energetically. Bensoe incense and Rosemary incense or Rosemary essential oil will help you with that, both of them work with fights, arguments and cleanse uncomfortable conversations. What also helps is to bring a Smoky Quartz geode into your home, as it helps to silence conflict energies and release stress it has caused. These things are good for keeping home energy clean and healthy. Always producing and creating stress-energy and doing so for a long time eventually makes the home a place where you don’t feel good anymore.

Find the courage in you to say no to people who want you to dance to their tune. Find the courage in yourself to stay away from people who are not wholeheartedly present for you!